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Apple iPhone SE 16GB
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worst phone

40000 for 4 inches apple dont go BlackBerry.. battery is way too small i mean we get 4000 mah battery less than 9k and screen dont offer good tooo only 301 pi apple should prize this less than 5k . it like apple version of freedom 251 i mean apple have better phone less than 40000 with much better specs ..... total disappointment

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Worst Pricing Do Not Buy if you have brains

World's Worst Pricing.

Apple will win a place in genius Book of World Records for having one of the most ridiculous pricing.

Why does Apple hate India?

Please if people have 1 bit of common sense in this world, they will not buy this phone.

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Wait for some time and this phone will be sold in less than 30K.
Dont relate MRP with actual will be down in 1-2 months!

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Great power in small size

All people who are criticising this phone for its size need to understand that not everyone wants a huge phone with big screen. Some of us want a small phone with powerful specs and for us this phone makes a lot of sense. Because before this phone came to market we the few compact phone lovers were just left out by all manufacturers and we had to adjust with phones which lacked powerful hardware. But things have changed with this phone.
It has the same processor and rear camera as 6S, has 4K recording ability like 6S, speed tests have clearly shown that it is faster than bigger phones like Galaxy S7 Edge, benchmarks scores are slightly better than 6S. And other than that it's battery life is better than 6S.
So in short it has nearly all the specs of 6S (Except 3D touch, 5MP front camera and the 2nd generation fingerprint sensor) and its cost is way lower than 6S too. Compared to the hefty price tag of 60K for the 64GB model of 6S the 64GB model of SE costs just 49K. And truth be told in terms of speed it clearly beats much pricier and bigger phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5.
About it being cheaper in USA, well it may be cheaper in USA but rest assured its price isn't high only in India, it's high in UK too, in fact price of this phone in India and European countries is almost same. It's not Apple's fault, it's the taxation policy of our Government which is to blame.
This phone is hands down like a dream come true for people who wanted a powerful phone but didn't want to carry around a large and cumbersome deice. This whole big phone craze was created by Android manufacturers in order to cram bigger batteries into their phones because unlike iOS and Windows Phone powered devices Android has a really bad power manager and other than that Android phones need huge amount of RAM and bigger the RAM more is the power consumption. So the Android manufacturers need to put a big battery in order to keep their phones running.

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Wait for some time and this phone will be sold in less than 30K.
Dont relate MRP with actual will be down in 1-2 months!

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