Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML (2GB RAM, Full HD, 16GB, 1.8GHz)
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Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML (2GB RAM, Full HD, 16GB, 1.8GHz)
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awesome phone (424)
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value for money (57)
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BUYERS BEWARE I bought an asus zenfone-2 couple of months back, from the first day it was having several issues like call drops, recurrent freezing, reboot on its own. One day the phone suddenly stopped getting charged so I decided to go to asus repair centre… Though I was busy that day I was forced to stay back because they wanted to make sure there is no customer induced damage and they told me it was supposed to be done in front of customer, so they removed the back cover, opened up the back panel in front of me and had an extensive examination in front of me, and then they said that since there is no customer induced damage it is covered under warranty, then they took out a printed charge sheet wrote their inspection and diagnosis and signed it and gave it to me,(RMA NO – INYM580128) and I was promised it will be repaired soon. For one week the phone was in their custody and after one week they suddenly called me up and told me phone has suffered water damage, so warranty will not be given, I was dumbstruck to hear this and then I went to the repair centre and they opened the back panel again and the inside was splashed with water, seems like something done purposefully, and when I told him this was not the condition when you opened it in front of me at the time of submission. The guy got angry and retorted “ I don’t know anything, just take away your phone from here, I don’t have any responsibility ” I was taken aback by the reply and to be frank I was a bit scared. I just ran away from there called up the customer service and explained everything in detail, but even they are not ready to acknowledge their mistake and was telling me to pay up. WHAT ABOUT THE CHARGESHEET GIVEN TO ME AFTER OPENING AND EXAMINING THE BACK PANEL AND BACK COVER RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, IT WAS GIVEN AFTER THOROUGH EXAMINATION AND THERE WAS NO TRACE OF ANY WATER DAMAGE, AND AFTER ONE WEEK IN THEIR CUSTODY THE INSIDE HAS BEEN SPLASHED WITH WATER. IF THEY COULD AT LEAST GIVE THE PHONE BACK IN THE CONDITION IN WHICH I GAVE THEM I WOULD HAVE REPAIRED IT FROM OTHER CENTRE BUT I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH THAT PHONE, THE INSIDE HAS BEEN SPLASHED WITH WATER, I DON’T KNOW WHETHER IT IS PURPOSEFUL OR ACCIDENTAL. ANYWAY I LOST MY MONEY AND MY PHONE AND DEFINITELY I DON’T TRUST THESE ASUS PEOPLE ANY MORE. I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE ELSE WILL FALL PREY TO THIS COMPANY’S PRODUCTS AND IRRESPONSIBLE SERVICE.

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Good Looks But Very Troublesome....Do NOT buy as of now

I am using this phone for 7 days some very critical issues which take away its good look features. First, very high call drops, in my case its 95%. Call would drop within 2-3 mnutes….in few cases where call could go to 15-20 minutes call quality would deteriorate very badly…. intermittently voice from other side is NOT clearly audible. Background disturbance. There is NO network issue as same sim is working fine with my previous I-phone 4s. The 2nd issue is heating. The phone is heating up significantly, though not burning ….but you can feel it…it heats on charging, using internet, Even for 30 minutes 3rd...As many other reviewers have pointed out…you cannot use internet on 2nd sim slot…its purely a call base sim slot. 4th Takes very long time to charge. Overall considering price of Rs15000; these very serious problems on this phone and that’s bad if it happens from a company like ASUS. I would recommended to buy this phone once these issues are resolved.

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Best Smartfone ever with top performance.

HI friends i know lots off ppl have diff thoughts about these fone. here is my review & personnel experience as i have using the same fro last 15 days. Pros: 1. Full HD Screen equal to Samsung S5, resulation & color are natural and very brilliant. 2. Good size 5.5 inches with very sleek arc design feels with very very comfortable 3. 2.3 ghz procssor with 4 gb ram... believe me its fast and smooth with no lag in till 15 days of heavy usage.. i hve dowload wwe immortals appx more then 2gb game & asphalt 8 appx 1.5 gb game and my fone running in like very smooth no lagging while playings games. 4.Dont read fake reviews just usd the awsome device it just in 20k as we all know we have spent more then 40k in samsng & iphone and while resale we all know the price. quality is above exepatations. 6. front camera with so many new fetures and picture quality of both front & back are excellent no doubt complete class in this range. 7. battery back up is good it will run whole day like 10 to 8 with good usage. 8. Expandable memory as i hv use 32 gb memory with no lag. 9. online asus chat with asus online service centres. Cons: 1.Its heated up while charging but i have recived a recent update after that battery back up & heating issue is solve. highly recommned for youngters for my side.

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fake offers

Pls dont believe the offers provided for Zenfone2. They are cheating the people, ones the mobile is purchased the filpkart not at all care about the offers and will tell stupid reasons to escape. on Case&covers they gave 50% off and they gave one week time to purchase which is out of stock through out that week, and now they say that the offer is

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Amazing Phone

I am very pleased with the phone quality after using this for three days. For those who complain about rear camera here is what i did: (i) update system (155MB) (ii) update pixel master software through play store (11MB) (iii) Go to camera settings and change resolution to 13M from 10M (default). (iv) Change flickering speed to 50Hz (v) Chage picture quality to fine from standard. What you will see now will be awesome pic quality without any dots. It worked for me.

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