Blackberry Bold Touch 9900
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Rs 7,500
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Blackberry Bold Touch 9900
Expected Price
₹ 7,500
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BlackBerry 9700

Aap sabhi logo se request h ki mostkart se koi phone mat lena ye sale sab purana phone ko naya banakar bechta h sab abhi kuch din pehle maine phone liya he 3 din me hi Mic kharab LCD kharab keypad kharab .

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Worst Phone in the Market

This is the worst phone in the market in 30K plus price range. Reasons:
1. The battery sucks: doesn't last more than 4hours on continuous use after a full charge.
2. Creepy OS: Blackberry OS 7 is a 'biiig' flop. It's highly user unfriendly with even simplest controls hidden in layers.
3. Not a smartphone at all: Doesn't suggest last called numbers as u punch numbers in. No 'select all' feature for deleting
media files and documents.My 6000 bucks Samsung star is hell lot smarter than this blackberry crap.
4. No support for Flash: So no online games for you. Time RIM come out of illusion that they are Apple
5. Pathetic Blackberry store: No themes available. NO advance music player is there. No E books exist for this phone.
And for games, Only dinosaur's age Arcade games are there.
6. Erratic trackball (tested that on 4 models)

Verdict: If this phone was priced rs 10K,it'd been a market killer. But at 32K it's the buyer's murderer and plunderer.
I was fool enough to buy this junk, but strongly suggest you to stay away from it. Go for iPhone 4, HTC sensation,
Galaxy S2, -heck even for Nokia, but avoid this trash.

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Definitely packs a punch and a kick too!!

Note-In my family of 4 there is an HTC Desire S, LG optimus black, I-phone 4 n i use a BB bold 9780 along with an ipad-1 n i touch 4th gen.

The point is that I have thouroughly used the best of what each of the top 3 OS out in the market offer.

And i wouldn't sat that BB beats all, but if u remove the usage of game apps from all, then BB humiliates all. Hence I personally use cheaper apple alternatives (i-touch) for all the app drama n also save on a lot of battery which neither android nor ios offers.

Coming to bold 4, it is by far the smartest and the fastest BB in use. Please do not go for older BB bolds any more, as there are lags n pauses which tend to irritate the user.

This beauty offers everything, I wouldn't say camera is top notch, but then again it's a phone and camera is a secondary feature.(PS-it is good enough for putting up DP's all around)

e-mail and security are as good as ever, touch is brilliant and display is excellent, probably coz of the smaller screen size. Pinch & zoom is awesome, not that it's a new thing, but does make it feel smooth. Battery life is a good 14hrs easy and then it'll be down to some 30%, which is another 3-4hrs depending on usage.

I feel a keyboard makes life much easier and Bold 4 keyboard is creamy. Also the lights around the trackpad is nice addition, adding to the glamour quotient. And as a whole the phone is extremely comfortable to hold and operate.

I would give this phone a 4.5/5, only coz of the weak camera and probably a bit expensive by around 5000rs.

And finally guys BlackBerry is a fashion n style statement, if kept on the table besides u, will tend to attract attention. And then there is the evergreen BBM, without which life is impossible.

With this u will surely love what u do and do what u love!!

Go buy it!! ;)

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i ordered blackberry bold 4 in white colour from flipkart and i m very much disappointed... i got the phone and it was looking like a used phone and when i booted up the phone there was one whatsapp notification already before inserting the sim card... and there was no blackberry leather pouch given with it nor the polishing cloth was given with it... and the headphones was also of some cheap quality and not of blackberry...i m very much disappointed by flipkart and i m not going to buy anything from it again... shame on you flipkart... and konicaimpex seller..

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worst product

bought this product 2 days ago... unlocked Chinese phone.. detected sim and working fine.. but the battery seal is removed, doesnt charge with original cable... battery doesnt last even a half day. flipkart needs to be honest with its customers. no complete info about phone in description. phone was working fine and thats the only reason i didnt go to consumer court. and seller is trying to cheat people with this kind of products.

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