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Blackberry Z10
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First Phone With Blackberry 10 OS

if you want to buy this @low price so visit on you will find many deals First time Blackberry lunches the Touchscreen phone with Z10 Os, it is and special brand new phone from blackberry with 4.2 inches screen, 8MP Camera and 1.5 GHz Processor,


smooth tuch, 10 OS


no negative point

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excellent design

Hey guys now I'm using BlackBerry z10 device it's very good for me. This mobile is very important for all don't miss future life now buy this mobile thank you


Camera clarity is excellent and BlackBerry Hub is also very excellent...etc...


Battery backup level is low but not sure.....

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Extremely Overpriced

What was blackberry thinking ... They have lost their corporate market share in a big way .... most of the customers using Blackberry now a days in India are college students ... for BBM ... I doubt they will be spending that kind of money .. Blackberry will have to bring in a few lower priced phones soon to retain that market ... Further more ... the OS being new there are not many apps for it .... Forget apps .. even Whatsapp is not yet available for it and with BBM being available at a cost which is more than 40K I doubt many will be interested in BBM ... Having said that ... The OS is pretty good and I am sure more apps will be available in the future ... but even then this is a very overpriced phone .. and I think their Target is HNI's ... Frankly its priced almost as much as a Honda Activa ... Flipkart Time for you to take a cue and start selling motorcycles as well

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Blackberry Z 10 just awesome but Flipkart.....

I was regular customer of Flipkart but this time my experience was bitter. I tried to buy BB Z10 from this site but flipkart continuously changing the price. earlier it was 32K then 27999 then it changed to 26000 then again it changed to 23000 and then it changed to 17999 and when i tried to place the order it immediately changed to 23000. They are just making the fool to customer. Now this site is not trust worthy at all.

Very upset this time. Hope flipkart will not cheat their valuable customer

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Good product

I understand the low ratings for this product is coz of the price. However, it is important for us to concentrate on the product as well. There are definitely a few benefits:

1). The OS is very intuitive and is an exciting alternative for people who are either bored of android and iphone or are stuck to BBM.

2). The screen size is 4.2 inches. Only the iphone and galaxy s2 are decent competitors in this range. People are looking for phones that aren't very bulky.

3). The specs are decent for a blackberry. This is full touch and the keyboard has years of BB experience into it.

There are however a few concerns:

1). This is a new OS. A person will take some getting used to (watch some videos and ul understand what im saying).

2). A lot of apps arent there. Android and apple have taken a lot of time to reach where they are. BB will need at least another year to compete.

3). The price is exorbitant. This is the premium charged for BBM and the email client. But what if BB10 does not work and the company licenses the software? They havent denied the possibility.

Decide carefully.

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