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Gionee Pioneer P2M
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Good battery&performance at the same pricerange phones, RS 5500

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1 4 inch screen so for all those who don't want to feel like they are holding a brick to their ear each ...

Pros: 1) 4 inch screen so for all those who don't want to feel like they are holding a brick to their ear each time they call, this size is ideal!
2) Par excellent battery life
3) Overall specs for the price are good; has Android Lollipop in it.

1) Someone mentioned in another review the the Call App crashed each time the loudspeaker option is turned on. I faced the same issue; was told to take it to their store to get it fixed. I just chose to upgrade the application while connected on Wifi and that seemed to solve my problem. But it is strange that such an error should come up in the first place. Shows that the UI is not thoroughly tested!

2) Worst problem I am facing is that each time I am browsing an app like Gmail or LinkedIn or say browsing the news on Economic Times, the particular app just reboots and goes off the page I am currently on. While the phone does not reboot, the app itself goes back to a previous page for no rhyme or reason. Has resulted in me having to keep hitting the save draft button each time I am keying in an email. Will try to see if this problem goes away after trying another upgrade.

3) Front camera is horrible... equivalent camera in my earlier Panasonic T11 phone had much better clarity.

4) Sound quality could have been better.

5) Data connectivity is sketchy.

6) The power on/off button on the right side tends to be depressed while speaking and has resulted in calls getting disconnected a few times. Should have been on the top of the phone. Perhaps there is a way to set such that call does not get disconnected even if the button is pressed, but then maybe I have not figured it out yet.

7) SARS value is also quite high for the phone, hence better to use earphone than holding it close to the ear.

8) Weight of the phone is higher.

Overall, just an OK low cost phone, which seems to have high specs but which does not deliver as expected..

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good compact phone

good mobile with some features that I wished to have in my current mobile too like taking snapshot, android 5.1, 16gb storage, camera is not blurry even if you shake while taking images then also it takes still photos.
The problem i found in mobile was:
1. No inbuilt support for speed dial. You need a 3rd party app for it
2. placing loudspeaker on whilecall makes application to crash
3. Didn't liked the ui a lot
1. camera is good, front camera too works fine in low light
2. sound is loud and clear as compared the music sound with android one micromax
3. nice alarm app ui
4. alarm stop gester
5. hotknot : tap 2 mobiles and take data
6. call voice is clear
7. awesome battery : when fully charged with low activity battery works for nearly 20 hrs
8. nice processor
9. 1 gb ram
10. 16gb inbuilt memory
its a good phone, value for money

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One Star

not god

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Gionee P2M The best budget phone.

I bought this phone from Gionee Store as it was cheaper there as compared to Flipkart.
This is the best budget smart phone with just no lag and fantastic battery backup.
Close your eyes and just go for it.
The build quality is superb.

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