Google Nexus 5X 32GB
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Rs 25,590
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Google Nexus 5X 32GB
Expected Price
₹ 25,590
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very nice phone

Performs outstanding I used from Nov 2015 All accessories use like otg data cable nfc selfistick Google cardboard 3d screen Bluetooth speaker best use for nexus 5x Also camera and 360 vedios are outstanding I And Mobile update easily today use android 6.0.1 Best phone

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Mobile is very good and comfortable

Mobile is very good and comfortable. I am satisfied with this product touch and photo clarity is very good and performance of the mobile is good.if your looking for LG Google Nexus 5x go for it

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Nexus 5x vs Nexus 6P Guide to choose right mobile

I bought Nexus 5x from eBay as it was selling cheaper during diwali offer.This review is for those who are confused to choose between Nexus 5x and 6P.
Earlier i have used Nexus 5/ Moto X Play/ One Plus Two. But When i started using the Nexus 5x i am completely surprised. The experience is so much amazing that i have decided never to use a non-nexus device in future.
1. Camera: If you are a camera lover, (especially low light photography)please buy this phone. This is by far the best camera(both in low light and day light) experience i have. It is better than OP2 and Moto xPlay's 21MP camera.NEXUS 5x and 6P has same camera performance.
2. Fingerprint Scanner(FS): The best/perfect FS out in the market right now. It takes only 6 touch to configure and works every time. So it is better than OP2 which is good but not as fast as Nexus 5x. NEXUS 5x and 6PP has similar FS experience.
3. Light weight: I do lots of surfing and watch videos. Both OP2 and Moto X play are good mobiles but they are too heavy(with silicon back case applied). After 10 minutes i feel like holding bricks in my hand. But with Nexus 5x i am so happy as it is very lightweight. 5/5 again. NEXUS 6P is much heavier than 5x.
4. Smaller size: Again after using bigger mobiles like OP2 and Moto X Play when i touched Nexus 5x, it was very pleasant experience. 5.2 inch screen is perfect for me. Neither too big not too small for watching videos and surfing. Nexus 6P is again much bigger.
5. Android M and future updates: I am a kind of person who cannot wait for future android updates.With Nexus 5x now i don't have to worry about future updates. Considering the track of Nexus 5(released in 2013 and received updates till 2015), Nexus 5x will receive all android updates till 2017. It means i can use it till late 2018 with updated software all the time.But such a promise cannot be expected from companies like Motorola and One Plus. So NOW I AM TENSION FREE FOR 3 YEARS AS FAR AS UPDATES ARE CONCERNED. NEXUS 5x and 6P both will get same set of updates.
6. Earphone provided with the mobile is very very good. Many times better than what Motorola provides. NEXUS 5x and 6P have similar earphones.
7 Gaming performance: Though i am not a serious gamer but i decided to test its gaming performance. I played games like Asphalt, San Andreas, Mortal Combat. GAMING PERFORMANCE is really good on NEXUS 5x. BUT NEXUS 6P IS MUCH BETTER FOR GAMING. SO GAMERS CHOSE NEXUS 6P.
8. Battery: Now this is a tricky comparison. Nexus 5x has 2700mah which takes around 90 minutes to completely charge itself with usb type c adaptor. for heavy use it lasts 12 hours on average. But my Moto x play which has 3630 mah battery does not have fast charger and with the charger provided it takes around 3 hours to completely charge the mobile and on heavy usage it lasts for 24 hours only. So considering the time it takes to charge the mobile i think Nexus 5x beats Moto x play and OP2(it takes around 150mins to completely charge itself). So unless and untill you do lots of travelling without power banks Nexus 5x battery will not disappoint you. AGAIN NEXUS 6P HAS MUCH BETTER BATTERY. SO IF BATTERY IS YOUR FIRST priority BUY NEXUS 6P.
Some features of Nexus 5x which did not impress me:
1. Single sim: i usually prefer double sim mobiles Except Nexus 5, all the mobiles i use are double sim. But i already have a good secondary mobile like redmi 2 prime at low cost to solve this issue.
2. Usb type c charger: I had to purchase a type c to micro usb adaptor separately.
3. Storage: I would love to have micro sd card slot on Nexus 5x. But as 32 GB model has 25GB free space. So it is not bad. BUT NEXUS 6P HAS 64GB MODEL TOO. IF YOU ARE BUYING NEXUS 5X PLEASE NEVER BUY 16GB MODEL.
4. Plastic back cover: Many people might get disappointed by non-metal finish. SO NEXUS 6P IS THE REAL PREMIUM NEXUS OF 2015.
5. 2GB RAM: In my daily experience i did not feel any lag with 2 GB RAM provided. But considering other manufacturer offer atleast 3GB RAM in 30K price range i think it is a con. 2GB RAM OF NEXUS 5X IS NOT GOOD FOR MULTITASKING. WE GET ONLY 600-700MB FREE OUT OF 2GB.
6. battery: it drains like water. heavy users will not like it. NEXUS 6P IS MUCH BETTER IN TERMS OF BATTERY.
Who should choose Nexus 5x:
1. If you like small screen and light weight mobile.
2. Medium and light users of mobile.
3. Casual gamers.
4. Have power banks or can recharge mobile anytime during the day.
5. Non-geeks.
6. Cannot afford NEXUS 6P.
7. Those who do not do MULTITASKING .
Who should buy NEXUS 6P:
1. Heavy/power users
2. If you do lots of MULTITASKING.
3. Like phablets and comfortable with heavy weight
4. Better battery requirement.
5. Geeks who want best processor in the market and can afford it.
6. Need more storage like 64GB.

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More heating

The phone have heating issues while watching videos, while in camera, while charging, while playing games for more than 5 minutes. Battery temperature reaches around 45 - 50 degree Celsius within those 5 minutes. I used to keep my phone inside a refrigerator in order to make my phone cool...

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Five Stars

Suprise gift from my hubbi.. Just loving it

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