HTC Desire
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Rs 18,863
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HTC Desire
Expected Price
₹ 18,863
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Don't think, Just Go For It !!

I am an avid HTC Fan and I have used HTC One and HTC One M8 and I must say that HTC makes great smartphones. Here I ll give pros and cons. nnFEATURES::nnPROCESSOR:: This is an octa core device clocked at 1.5 GHz (4 cores), 1 GHz (4 cores) and which makes the phone really smooth to use.nnDESIGN ::Design is again a plus point. No one designs phones like HTC , period. The white color looks stunning with double tone colors.. (Look at samsung devices, they are pathetic)nnCAMERA :: Desire 820 sports an 8MP camera which takes great pictures. There are some software features which make it stand out from others. nnSOFTWARE :: HTC sense is the smoothest bloat UI in market, dont belive me ? Google the reviews..I have been using their smartphoens for 3 years now and They are super fast without any lags.nnDISPLAY :: Display is not full HD (They have to cut the costs somewhere) but its good. It has 5.5 inch sceen which is great to watch movies.nnSOUND :: BoomSound, need I say more?? for those who do not know, BOOMSOUND is absolutely killer and the best sound system you will find on any smartphone. They are loud, crisp and the lows, mids and highs are perfect.nnCONNECTIVITY:: 4G at this price?? unbelievable for an HTC device. It supports all other connectivity options like WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth etcnnBATTERY :: 2600 mAh seems small but M8 has the same battery with full HD screen and lasts for more than 1 day. So this device will give you good backup as it has only 720P screen.nnRAM :: 2GB RAM is great. good for multitasking.nnPROS:: BoomSound, Sense 6 UI, Design, Performance, 4GnCONS :: 720P screen (but they have to cut the costs)nnSo go for it, without even thinking anything. If you are one of those guys who compare Xiaomi, Huawei to HTC then this might not be the phone for you. Its costly but hey,its HTC. HTC is a better brand than these brands, they are with us since 1997 (they made the first android smartphone, first Microsoft powered phone, first windows 3G phone, first 4G android phone, first nexus phone, first FB phone and the list goes on) so dont do that please.. Go and buy it and support a brand which is struggling even after making the best devices.

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reply to rahul

well... mobile geek a lot of research and have used quiet a few mobiles... so yeahhh an unbiased and honest review..n HTC here, the name is enough i believe :P :P ... and rahul....really?? bro..u wanna know why htc??? seriously?? ill give u many reasons.... namely-n1.. beats audio--heaven, people u have to experience it ( xloud is also good but this is just awesome)n2. htc blinkfeed- there aint anything like this in the market...( samsung and sony and lg still scratching their heads )n3. sense 5 UI- this is cherry on top of the cake-- its just beat all others just with their UI for one reason!!!nnsoo about the phone now --- DesIre 500!! an awesome phone for many reasons again--n1. processor(1.2ghz quad core(4 cores) processor, no lags, very fast and ultimate performance)( it certainly behaves like a 1.4 ghz)n2. sense UI-just awesome!!! with led flash ( reallly fantastic with superb low light images) 1.6 mp front cam reallly good!!n4. gpu-adreno 203- not amazing , but good enough... dont require much gaming when u have this beauty ;)n5. memory-4gb internal and 64 gb expandable... this is one thing which cold have been better but with the preloaded apps like facebook,twitter and sounhound for music, i dont think its a problemn6.people keep over viewing the fact that it is a dual sim!!! appreciate it people! n7.resolution is nice, 4.3 inch touchscreen looks and feels amazing with crisp viewing anglesn8. build quality is amazing and feels really good in the handn9. in call quality and mic quality is just awesome!!! everything is crystal clearn10.battery life-9/10.... lasts a day easily... on heavy usage 16 hours on avergae( well with such specs its amazing, come on guys we dont expect it to have 10/10 like the htc pico :P )n11. wifi and internet signals are pretty good and covers long distances toon12. 720p hd recording with slow motion video option-awesome experience!!!n13. 1 gb ram-- delightful ,speedy and no lags whatsoever :) :)n14. audio quaity with beats audio-just awesome!!!n15. Htc blinkfEEd- ruling the world :P reallly amazing feature..thank u htc!!nnsoo for something as awesome as this -- 1.2 ghz quad with an amazing camera, front camera, beats audio, blinkfeed and htc sense 5 with dual sim .. i wont mind spending 2-2.5k more ... well quality comes with price u htc ...(R.I.P samsung,sony,lg(nexus roxx),xolo,micromax etc) i hope my review helps...... i strongly recommend this phone!

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Simplicity acquired

I began my plunge in to android with an HTC, years ago, and I remember being mesmerised by Sense. I owned three HTC devices, after which HTC lost their way, and I switched to Samsung. The last phone I owned was a Samsung Note 2, rooted to behave like a note 3. I loved the phone until I had to part with it, rather unwillingly. Story aside, this review will draw comparisons between the two phones. nnI had capped my budget at 25k, and was waiting anxiously for the one plus one and the Mi4. Unfortunately, the note gave in, and desperation kicked in. The one plus one didn't seem like it would make itself available before the end of December, and even then, reports pointed to the difficultly one would face while acquiring one. Similar story with the Mi4. I had bought my mother an Mi3, and while the phone is great value for money, audio sucks, it didn't look extraordinary, and I hated the UI. nnI was bored of Samsung, and looked at my old partner, HTC. The newly launched Desire 820 seemed to have all but one spec: screen resolution. Fortunately, I managed to spend a good amount of time with the phone before buying it, and picked it up finally for 24k. nnPros:nLarge screen, nVivid enough, nBrilliant UI, nBattery life of more than a day, nDual SIM, and supports 4g in India - I am waiting for a 4g sim from Airtel, nInsanely quick, nUnparalleled audio quality, nGood enough camera, front and back, n64 Bit should help when lollipop comes around nnCons:nScreen PPI could have been highernnThe thing with Samsung devices is that they throw a host of crazy features at you, which make the first fifteen days very exciting, after which they annoy you, and you switch them. But I missed that, because the HTC is only about functionality and simplicity, and an easy albeit beautiful integrated experience. The only thing i miss from the note is the S - Pen, which too I never found immensely useful. Nonetheless, it was a great gadget. nnThe Desire is quick, and allows for a good level of multi tasking. There's no default split window option like the note, but i'm certain that can be acquired from the market. There's a mild level of heating in the first few days, during the time the phone is setting up, but I haven't found it to be bothersome, or anywhere near problematic. This happens on most newer phones. nnThe processor is brilliantly tuned, and there's negligible battery drain when the phone is sleeping. Unlike the Note 2, this thing is brilliantly calibrated, and there's never any lag. The eight cores with 64 bit do an excellent job, and I can't wait to see what lollipop feels like. nnThe camera is excellent. Both front and back. There's also loads of customisation options here to play with and enjoy. nnSound quality is truly unparalleled. Both, on speaker and on headphones. More than the camera, this really excites me. Everytime I play a track, I feel the advancement on offer. nnComing to the software, Sense is a charm, and is my favourite rendition of Android. Stable, simple and straighforward, while giving android much needed beautification. I particularly love highlights which allows you to access a gamut of information whenever you want. In the week that I have had the phone, I've thrown ever possible thing at it, and there's been not a moment of lag, and no crashes. nnDual Sim management is excellent. There's 4g support on both SIM cards, and as many options as possible. Switching between SIM cards is quick and easy. In India, I imagine many people see this as a necessary requirement. nnThe Display is sharp, and although not the best, I find it to be a lot sharper than the Note 2, and pleasant enough for me not to complain. Of course, it cannot be compared to the mighty 400+ PPI's on offer. nnI immensely missed built quality on Samsung devices, and am proud to say that the Desire feels solid. Even though it's fully plastic, the Desire is a well built device, and very light for a 5.5inch screen. nnComing to memory, I find 16gb enough, and HTC has been generous enough to offer a MicroSD slot for those of you who want to expand. I tried a 128gb card, and it worked flawlessly. nnWell. That's about it. I hope I help some of you. Do write in with questions.

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htc not learning any lesson??

this i a good item until i heard about its price, i was expecting price range of 15k - 17k, because sony xperia m and galaxy core have the same specs with price range of 13k. its well known that htc tend to priced their product a tad high than other company but 20k is not what i expect, at all. if price is reduced to around 16k, i will still choose over xperia m or galaxy core, but i am not gonna buy desire 500 for 20k, not worth the price. if you are ready to shell out 21k, then consider lumia 820, xperia sp, xperia v, xperia c, galaxy grand, galaxy mega. if money is not an issue for me, than i would def buy this or wait for desrie 601 to be released, around 5k more than desire 500. ncomeon htc, when will i ever gonna get one of your smartphone?? i have been following this smartphone for a month and the pricing of the product dissapoints me. good luck though, u gonna need it,

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SATISFYING to the core! GO FOR IT!

( *Edited after actually buying the phone =D )nnTired of seeing reviews comparing HTC phones to other companies's devices solely based on the specification on its cover. HTC might not provide the greatest spec in the given price range, but the hands on user experience, that's an entirely different story!nnBought it few months back from a local retailer. Awesome phone indeed! The first thing you'd notice when you hold this phone is its weight. This has to be the LIGHTEST phone in its category. Then the UI, Sense 5 _/\_ . Smooth, minimalistic and makes you wonder whether it actually is an android phone. Battery backup was a tad disappointing to start with. But it seems better now. Easily lasts a day with moderate usage. And this probably is among the last set of phones with Beats Audio. nWould I recommend it? I definitely would if you're not a hard core gamer. For the moderate user, this won't disappoint you!nn ( for the reviewers :If you can't judge a book by its cover, don't judge an HTC by its spec.)

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