Honor X1
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Rs 19,995
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Honor X1
Expected Price
₹ 19,995
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Worth every penny

Totally worth for anything less than 20 grand.


*Attractive price of 300$
*Great design,and by far quite smaller than other 7'' tabs
*1200p display,in the World's thinnest tab


The processor is a new one in the market,so not sure if it could support a 1200p display during heavy gaming

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Deteriorate means X1....

I brought this 2nd Dec' 2014 after used 2days i found their was a lag in video playing continuously i checked with all video format finally i got system hanging while in and out calling.
I try to refund but FPK executives suggested me go for replacement (there is no other option than replacement for 1st time order)
From the replaced one, i found severe hanging problem from the 1st minute onwards.
(FPK delivery person also find the issue......)

These time FPK executives told me to get support from Huawei service center and register with their (Huawei) complaint cell. But Huawei service center rejected my request, they told they can support 1month after the date of purchase. from the 1st month of service claim can get only through FLIPKART....
After some frequent calls FPK agree for refund.
Guys be aware....

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Very good buy. Happy with it...

1. Very good display quality (9 out of 10). Brightness awesome. Contrast ratio are also good (not the best). Colour reproduction perfect.
2. Build quality is one of the best. Aluminium build feels awesome in hands.
3. Weight and size of the device makes it absolutely fun to use.
4. Battery life is unmatched. Best feature of this device. It's been 2 day with average usage and it still have 60% battery left.
5. Software: although I'm not a fan of custom build of android from device manufacturers, and build which came with the device "4.2.2 - emui 2.2" was laggy, but after manual update to "4.4.2 - emui 2.3", I started to feel good about with emui. There are several helpful utilities. and also emui 3.0 in itself is awesome. so device is going to be more awesome with time.
6. Camera quality OK. Outdoor photos come very crisp, indoor pics are average though.

1. Volume and power buttons placement should have been moved to at-least 1 inch above. these are susceptible to accidental press. Not a major issue though.

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Best tablet from factor


1.Best tablet within 20k.
2.Build quality awesome.
3.Awesome display.
3.Battery just i say _/\_
4.I already used nexus 7, bt these is a simply beast .
5.Sound quality great.
6.Camera quality average,bt much better than nexus 7 , good shutter speed, burst mode is awesome. front camera also average,not good not bad.
7. Looks better than ipad mini 2. and weight owwww !! only 230 gms.
8. Best notification LED
9.Not over heated on game play,overheating is the main issue on ipad mini 2 and nexus 7


One issue I mention that is not updated to android kitkat till now. its old jellybean !!! in huawei global site I find the 4.4.2 updated rom, bt indian version rom not released yet .

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100 percent honest review
Buying date 24/11/2014
Cracked the Screen in February (crap happens)
Trying from last three months for my phone to get repaired even i am ready to pay damage charges
1: No customer support
2: Service centers are crappy and misbehaving
3: They only care to sell not to provide service
4: Finally they quoted 10250 (ten thousand two hundred and fifty for replacing my screen)
you can buy any decent phone in 10000 now a days
I bought it for 19999
Honestly i Loved the phone but once you face any problem with it, you have no place to go. mailed them talked them requested them threatened them at last....buying new phone and damaged phone is resting in its box.
Everything is good about this phone but this thing ruined it all....
my revenge is to atleast make them sell 100 pieces less because of my honest review.

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