IBall Aasaan
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IBall Aasaan
Expected Price
₹ 2,801
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One of the worst Phine

If you want o make a call, its not less than thrice you have to press calling button. in order to end a call, it takes atleast two attempts to disconnect. Suppose you want to redial a previous dialled number, can anyone just imagine that, user needs to press the key to atleast six times to go through different options on each click and then select the dialled number


Numbers are clearly visible and hence suits best for elders.


Number of clicks on Buttons to make a call is too much.

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Good Mobile but price is little high.

Cost should be little less. Senior citizens will use it properly if iball include 99 speed dial location instead of only 9 speed location. Orange display color is not looking good.


Big Fonts, Big Buttons, Large Battery Life and SOS Button


Only 9 Speed Dial

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Worst phone to buy!

Lured by the idea of a simple and easy to use phone for senior citizens, I bought this phone off Flipkart.com for my mother. Flipkart did a good job of delivering the phone on time. So here are things I hated about this phone

1. Horrible packing. A big cube box with little or no way to easily open it.
2. The phone has a a weird navigation scheme, you are unsure of whether or not to use the i button, the up/down arrows or the answer/hang-up buttons to get to a feature.
3. The WORST part of this phone is the battery life. It just doesnt seem to hold the charge for more than a few hours. This happens despite it being a simple phone (None of the jazz of Android or multimedia or bluetooth). I do not know how the manufacturer can make products like this with such a poor battery life.

Now I am running from pole to post to get the item fixed or returned as it is pretty much unusable.


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Expensively a piece of white brick with tiny little screen with bad monster keypad.

Stupid I-Ball didn't realise that Senior Citizens need help not only seeing keypad but also the display which more important than the keypad.

Display - VERY SMALL. Just 1/4inch by 1/2 inch. Amber background lighting is even more pathetic. The dumb manufacturers should have common sense of providing white bright light.

Menu Navigation - VERY IRRITATING AND UNFRIENDLY. It is not possible to come to home screen with one touch of a button. For example if you have navigated to Menu > Messages > inbox, in other phones if you press red button, the screen directly comes to home screen. But here you need to keep pressing back button all the way you took while came in.

Keypad - Yes, it would be good if buttons are a little big so that senior citizens can see them easily without wearing specs. That doesn't mean you fill the entire phone with number keys. Moreover, how many times would we dial a number these days. Numbers once stored in contact, you would use the screen to navigate through contacts and select. So purpose defeated as the display is small and pathetic.

All in all, I request buyers not be lured by other lunatic good reviews and stay away from this junk product.

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Great Phone for a Senior in the home

I bought this phone for my mom who is 65 years old. She used to use a Nokia phone but always complained about the text size on the screen and the button size. So I got her the iBall Aasaan. The phone was delivered the next day by Flipkart. I agree with some reviews that the navigation is not as simple for example if you start a radio, it doesn't exit to the home screen in a single please of the Call End button. But then my mom rarely uses radio. The large buttons are quite easy for her to dial the numbers she wants. The contacts list is available at a single press of the button. There is a sliding button on the right for locking the keypad (which avoids moments where you spend time just to figure out how to unlock) and a seperate on/off button for a powerful LED torch. Seperate button to start the radio and a button for volume. All these have satisfied my mom as well as myself. Highly recommended.

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