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InFocus M680
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metal finish (1)
selfie (16)
wide angle (1)
screen protection (1)
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fantastic phone

The phone is superb, I am a user of this infocus.
The screen and resolution is very much good as compare to any branded phone.
Camera is only one word ' fantastic'

Drowbacks but is is very minor things, I request to company or the god's that first increase the battery min it should be 3000 mah.
2. Please give dual flash, your one flash is not sufficient enough.
3. Please change your home buttons , because it is not working after getting applying tempered glass

Plz work on this

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welcome to new brand

camera, ram, memory, display and all are so equal to other brands. but price is less than to others. thank you.

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Awesome no words to say

This is very nice phone and best camera quality 13megapixel with lowest price no heating problem tottly paisa wasool

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This phone can't play highend game

I'm using Infocus M810 which is ultimate for high-end games coz it's Snapdragon 810 which have 2.5 Ghz clock speed with adreno 410 graphics. So this mobile is good for me.
Now talking about m610. It's proccesor speed is too slow. It's 1.2 ghz, I mean plz wake up. Proccesor speed from 1.2 to 1.7 is a basic, under which era u are. Now is era for above 2.0 ghz proccessor. Only some good game can play with low graphics under 1.2 to 1.5 ghz and at medium graphic from 1.7 to 1.8. So plz don't tell anyone of you bro that this mobile can play high-end game otherwise for u high-end means game like subway surfer, temple run, thor, Marvel contest etc.... yeah ashpalt, nova and all game like this also can play but it's on low graphic and with glitch and when u play online a microseconds also matters otherwise you will gona loose. Game like GTA will hang this mobile
So this mobile is for normal user who wanna use mobile with normal games and it's feature like Uncles not for a boys. And this is best for uncles. And a thing more plz increase battery power to 3000mah atleast. Coz it's a era for high mobile use.
And yeah camera is also pretty in this mobile. So who wanna camera and normal usage of mobile, they can go on. It' best mobile under this price for them.
And if any hardware part of mobile have to change then service center take a month to change even they can take a 1.5 month

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Best at this price

Best at this price point.
13mp front and back.. Whoa.. Though to be honest it performs okay types only. Zippy with very few rare lags. Battery backup not great because full hd display eats a lot. Good phone. Compared to others in this price segment. And some dumb guy said it is costly. Lol

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