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Intex Aqua Wonder
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Awesome phone ... you will get 80 Galaxy S3 in its 30 price

Everything is good about this phone. Way better than any Micromax or other cheap Indian brands.Surprised on how Intex came out with this piece of marvel. nn1. Shape size looks - (4.5/5) brilliant.White body also adds up the beauty.n2. Screen Display - (4.5/5).Good sharp and bright color production.less reflective,screen viewable from angles.Only gorilla glass is missing,they provide a screen guard.n4.5' inch 245 ppi.n3.Performance - (4.5/5).Nice smooth performance on Jelly bean no lag at all.n4.A/V - (4.5/5).Good sound and video quality.Iphone type earphones.. no in-ear.n5.Camera-(4.5/5). Both 8 and 1.3 clicks nice pics... Pics are as per the config.. not disappointing.n6.Battery -(4/5). Good as comparedto other Android OS phones.Could have been bit better.nnOverall - (4.5/5) .Its a steal. nnAs usual Flipkart service is fast and reliable.They message/call you if you are not at home and delivers the product again on the next day.

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Super duper ke bhi upar ka phone hai people !!!

What can I say ?!! The design is simply eye catching...nThe phone is slim, sleek, elegant, light and most importantly SMART !!nDisplay is crystal clear...nTouch and performance is super smooth...nAudio output i.e. jack and speaker(neither too loud nor low) are excellent. Also, the headsets provided are excellent....nThis phone comes with a notification led as well...nnAn amazing feature- 'Face unlock' i.e. your phone gets unlocked only by you or worst case would be your look alike :-PnAgain, there's a feature called 'liveness check'. This feature, after your face has been detected, asks you to blink your eyes. Failing to do so keeps it in unlocked state. The bottom line is your phone will remain secure even after you are dead. Heck of a loyalty !!! :-PnnThere is this 'Scheduled on & off' in settings which will shut down and boot again at fed in time...nnAlso it supports hd, avi, mkv, mp4 video formats... Streaming is great as well(1080p n 720p)......nn1 thing i couldn't find is white and black list feature...if anyone has pls lemme know through ur review....nnThey have been miser in providing RAM but this one is better than any other phone with same features....nnThis is just a summary, a part, the specs mentioned shall speak for the phone...nAfter getting this I've found this the BEST and forgotten the REST....Trust me, u won't regret buying this phone !!! The ball is in your court now......nnFlipkart, as usual, thanks for in-time delivery of a quality service and product... !! Kudos !!!

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Value For Money

I got this phone mid- March and its worth every penny of mine spent. Of course its worth recalling that I spent only 9.5k and not 21k on some brand for a 10k worth of machine. This is one of the good points of this handset. The screen does not look like a tablet/phablet and its easy to grip, more over the aesthetic look adds up glamour. Its lighter than 95% of similar handsets. Apps one at a time run smooth, but sometimes you do feel that the RAM of 512 is lagging. Jelly Bean implementation goes well and this is a nice bargain for Flipkart customers.nnI am not an ardent fan of gaming, but the pre-installed Temple Run app crashed and did not manage to put up. Sometimes (once/twice in a month) I note no signal in one SIM 1, which gets fixed on restart.nnAs in today's market you also have a quad-core variant of this machine and hence that looks more value for money in the sub 10k domain. Also nowadays there are many chinese brands flooding their handsets in the Indian Market and hence its quite likely that you might get better deals at competitive prices from now on.

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Awesome Phone at Wonderful price

After using this phone for a week, I think it was good that my previous purchase of Byond phone (B65) got replaced with this (INTEX AQUA WONDER).nnThe screen and touch is really good. Tested the speed with few basic games like Angry bird and Temple Run (not an ardent fan of High end games) and was great experience playing on such screen.nnI bought this phone for reading books and uploaded all my 3 GB books on the 4 GB card shipped with it. Tried every book in 2-3 book reader and checked TTS Service and worked perfectly. Using it to read/hear the books everyday and great experience.nnPROS n====nScreen size : 10/10nTouch : 9/10nProcessor : 9/10nRAM : 9/10nBattery : 9/10nDimensions : 9/10 (sleek)nPrice : 9/10 (good value for money)nService Centers : 8/10 (in 500 cities as claimed by Intex)nnCONSn====nEarphone Quality : 6/10 (doesn't fit well in ears !)nPhone Cover : 7/10 (is a bit loose, trust Intex made it for Flash and use it for Wonder too)nSet heats up a little when charged for long (more than 4-5 hours)nDefault Application : Few applications pre installed cannot be removed but can be disabled (this occupies few MB of Phone space).

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Thinking to Buy or Not!

This phone is certainly an eye catcher and eye candy @ that rate. Recent rumours that the price may slide down a little bit considering the competitors are offering the in the same price segment. But i am also a very choosy buyer and also an open-source developer. Let me try to answer amit's question first. Amit the chipset is MTK6589, its an Cortex-A7 quad-core and samsung galaxy is Cortex-A9 or A15 i am not sure of that. google might help. Now why is this important? See the cpu is not measured here as Mhz but MIPS rather DMIPS to be precise. so more the DMIPS more the processing speed. and Processing speed is always measured per core than the whole unit. So per core basis its definitely slower than A9 or A15, you will not get that gawd aweful awesome per core performance. but yes better. But when you asked for the games? I am not too sure, but i think it will support those games, the GPU is powerful PowerVR™ Series5XT GPU from Imagination Technologiesnbut the only thing is RAM, ram is only 512 MB or MiB, which means you are trying to squeeze a giant inside a matchbox. not really excellent. Unless you know soldering and a developer and willing to open up the device and pull the ram chip which is soldered onboard and do some R&D and look up many websites and try to get yourself a 2 GB or 2 GiB ram and bga solder them back? If i understood your question its a mission impossible job for you (no offense from your question i will assume you are an end user and not a developer). If you can do it? then i am sure this will work like a charm. But the thing is going with 2 GiB RAM, you need to even pass arguements and parameters to the bootloader, which happens to be u-boot. Since i been working with openwrt and i successfully ported openwrt to lava w150 pocket mobile router and hardware modifications (i know i void the warranty) but worth the hassle for a techie geeky fun. but again unless you wish to mess up your nights dream dont mess with the hardware. nnow some more info about the graphics card, this is way advanced, so i guess fps will be great if not excellent/outstanding. if you are willing to beef it up a little bit then you might wish to tinker a little with the hardware. *WARNING* tinkering will void warranty but at the same time will help you jail break limitations. choice is yours. you will definitely need a jtag or some sort of debugger. if you got all these, and dare devil attitude and willing to take high risk for high reward and void the warranty and beat against all odds then this phone is worth your money *Considering you are going to to cheesy beef up your machine* else you are spending your money on weak cores and less ram which may not be nice and memorable in the long run. wait for other processors like nvidia tegra or snapdragon krait etc etc or even mediatek to release cortex-a15 or cortex-a9 quad core and enjoy the benefits. i am holding my money and breathe on the beefed up quadcore 64 bit arm arch. since i am also into development i guess its worth the wait and in the meanwhile read some materials and increase my knowledge.nhth (hope this helps)nthanksn-paul

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