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LG G3 32GB
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Just the perfect phone LG G3 D855 32gb

I guess i have the korean version. Anyways, Have been using this phone for like 9 months now. It has nvr disappointed me.

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Just the perfect phone LG G3 D855 32gb

I guess i have the korean version. Anyways, Have been using this phone for like 9 months now. It has nvr disappointed me. Pros: Awesome camera. Laser Image stabilization works like a charm. Clip tray is another added feature which can store multiple copy text in cache, allows u to select from those texts every time u try to paste . LG smart assists on various occasions on keeping your phone fast enough. So not required to install 3rd party apps to do the job. Plus point less bloatware. Multiple users feature helps alot. Especially wen u need to configure your whatsapp for multiple nos. Interms of performance. Highly dependable. Cons: Once memory starts piling up. Camera shows a lag while taking pics Default camera app doesnt provide much functionality to take picture. Screen brightness is a little issue. Which has been overcome in g4

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PROS: LG is the best brand in india and the last years LG G2 was Indias phone of the year 2013 because LG dosent cheat its customers like shamesung (samsung) and show ney (sony) do. Samsung cheats us Indians by selling us cheap octacore exynos processors and plastic bodies found in micromax and other chineese phones. Samsung sells its good 'Snapdragon' processors in european countries like the us, uk etc cos the people there cant be fooled. SONY phones have mother board complaints i suffered this. LG g3 is way better than HTC M8's only 4 ultra pixel camera. ultra pixel cameras are good but 4 ultra pixel is not good when Zooming, cropping & when comparing to LG G3's 13mp camera. My friend just send his HTC ONE X to banglore a few weeks back because the phone is not accepting the sim.HTC dont have MORE servicing centeres like LG. So HTC has downsides too. The LG G3 and it offers the best processor in the world now snapdragon 801 with 2.5ghZ speed & display in the indian market now. its guest mode is just awesome because we can choose what a guest user can view in our phone including the apps, files etc and the best part is we can create anew viewing mode for them we can hide anything we want from anyone.the super sharp 2K 1440p piexl screen is the best we can get and G3 has the most ppi ie 538ppi . so the screen will be more better. The phone has screen in 90% of its body so no almost bezels its so beautiful with metal finish & its only big as a 5 inch phone but has 5.5 inches of screen.. The camera is very very fast& clear becos of laser focus, OIS & can record ULTRA HD videos by pausing& continuing also & is good in night.its android Kitkat.. the Speaker has in built amplifier & has 1 watt power. The key board is adjustable in any height, 128GB sd support, removable battery.Talktime upto 21hours. G3 Is very future proof. Easy to hold design, good headset, good build, NFC support,power saving mode, we can take a selfie by showing our hand to the screen and when the G3 dectects the hand we can take a selfie photo, good smart multitasking, no lags, 4G LTE, adreno 330 graphics, smart notification we can read the full notification when using internet or videos, notification Led, more screen customisations like we can select our home screens, screen siZe etc. Loud ear speaker for calls, good range for wifi & sim provider, Infra red for using as remote.. the case is good we can know time, notifictions etc. lg g3 is BETTER Than any phones available till date now................ LG even brought a flexible phone to India the LG G FLEX.. its screen, body etc is flexible, the screen does not break due to impact due to the curved body. So guys LG is the future. If you guys dont believe this Just go to LG G2 comments & samsung note3 & S5 comments you can see 100% positive feed back on LG g2 & g3 & only 20% positive feedback on these samsung phones. My 10 year old LG RELIaNCE PHONE IS IN GOOD WORKING EVEN NOW BUT MY 2 YEaR OLG SaMSUNG PHONE GOT MaNY MaJOR COMPLaINTS. nokia is also a good phone if u love windows os . People who bought these samsung phones are now crying due to their mistake . CONS: ONLY 5 MIN 4K Ultra hd recording like S5 or Xperia. but we can record again in LG G3. , Have to use a case or pouch in case of doubt of accidental falling because of the 90% of screen there is no body part to absorb the impact if the phone falls sideways or screen facing down. Conclusion: Guys you can buy the G3 with your eyes closed ith the best phone money can buy when you are in india. Dont get mislead by others guys. thank you im from KERALA, TRIVANDRUM, PAPPANAMCODE. 1

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Worst camera and heating issues

Its camera is not worst camera that i have seen as compared to other phones and the pictures that are clicked are not able to be compared with 2 mp camera. And this device gets beated up abnormally with a mild usage plz dont waste money to lg go for sony m5 or htc m8

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Amazing phone, with a few quirks.

I read a lot of reviews on this phone, and also considered the HTC One M8. I decided to go for this one, as it seemed to be the clear winner in every department. However, the phone is not perfect. there are a couple of issues with the device that may be nothing to some, but really cumbersome for others.

1) Excellent display: The display on this phone is a 2K display, which is better than the 1080P display's which come on most phones. The clarity is just amazing.
2) Great camera: The camera on this phone is 13 Megapixel. It's amazing for daylight photography and video recording (4K), but it's not the best at low light photography. Also, I found the camera to be a bit slow compared to others. This is easily fixable with a third party application, like Google Camera.
3) Build quality, though not the most premium, feels really good in the hand. The phone is really light, and does not feel like the 5.5" phablet that it is.
4) Rear-firing 1W speaker: The speaker on the LG G3 is really good, though it is rear firing. Although I prefer speakers that face you (Like on the One M8), this pleasantly surprised me, as the sound quality is really good.

1) Laggy interface: The LG skin on top of Android 5.0 (Yes, the update is out!) is pretty heavy (At least in my opinion) and creates a laggy environment. This can be reduced with some tweaks (Reducing animations and so on) but this is slightly cumbersome for me.
2) Display is a bit dimmer than I'd have preferred in direct sunlight. The auto-brightness doesn't do a good job, but I mostly control the brightness manually anyway.
3) AUDIO ISSUE WITH 3.5MM JACK: This is the MAIN issue I have with my LG G3. When I connect my headphones to the jack, I can hear a background noise when I use the touchscreen on my phone. This is really annoying. However, this is not the case when using Bluetooth speakers/Headphones. This is not limited to my unit, and there are lots of posts about it on XDA.
4) Slightly creaky back: The plastic back on my LG G3 creaks a little bit near the camera port. This issue goes away when I put on the quick-circle case, but is persistent on the normal back plate LG Provides.

Overall, I would give this phone 4/5. One star is knocked off because of the Audio issue, but, like I said, if you use Bluetooth headphones and speakers, this will not bother you in the slightest. I would recommend this phone even with this issue, as there are a whole lot of features to play around with, and the specs are top of the line.

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