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Optimus C660

Folks, this is a bad phone.
I feel the hardware is an old one that cannot handle Android 2.3.

First, the deivce is very sluggish. Responses to inputs goes thru
a dark screen, a long wait, and often nothing happens. Only hitting the "home" key gets you out.

Second, WiFi does not work. There is something about its constant scanning feature that gets it kicked out from a registered AP.
Must be something it does to discover AP. There is no setting to turn of peridic scanning.

Please do not buy tis phone. I got burnt by this buy.
My next venture on phones will be to stick to Samsung and Apple.

Optimus C660 will be a bad device down history. This is certainly
a shame for a compnay like LG - who cares about its reputation in
such a brutal mobile market. There must be something wrong for
sure that has caused such a poor product to show up!

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Great Phone!

The only few negatives:
1. Resolution: QVGA, 240 x 320 Pixels. It is known that web browsing on this resolution is not a great experience.
2. There is no front camera for video calling.
3. Battery life is not that great.
4. Internal memory is only 150MB.
5. There is no Document Editor.

For those who are not heavily into those features which I mentioned above can go ahead and buy this mind blowing phone. This gadget is simply irresistible. LG Optimus range is really good. I give it 4.5 out of 5. Good buy!

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Not a Good Phone...

Very Poor Performance Phone...

Bought 2 months back and came to know it's drawbacks...

1 > H/W is of very low config - When you will go for some good apps, then this phone will not support - Juniper - junos is not sporting due to h/w limitation

2 > RAM is just 186 MB, out of which 140 MB is used by phone itself. You just do some browsing and phone will go in low memory. If you compare with Samasung Galaxy PoP, memory available is more then 100MB.

3 > I am using Lotus Mail Client (Some how installed) and phone is going for toss....getting hanged...Lotus is using some 10MB of phone memory (rest of data card - 8GB installed).

4 > CPU is suppose to be 800Mhz, but very low response. Without any application (fresh phone) is still using 140 MB memory & 40% CPU.

5 > Go for the internet and look for h/w of this phone. very badly designed.

Final > Suggest to check Motorola Fire which is low in CPU but very well managed as well as very high availability of RAM.

Motorola is also very good for business phone.

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its an 'ok' product...

Flipkart's service is currently unmatched in Indian market, got it delivered in 2 days post ordering.

I am a long time user of Blackberry devices...my last phone was a Bold9700. I have also had the Motorola Milestone running Android2.2 as a personal device since a year.

This phone is not comparable to either of my current devices.

The Good: The interface is good and works fine. Light weight.
The Bad : The Image. Keyboard too small & useless for manly fingers. Screen becomes unresponsive once in a while...has no dedicated call/disconnect/mute/camera buttons....GPS takes forever to get a satellite fix. The internet connectivity speed is very slow for GPRS and EDGE...haven't yet tried 3G on this handset.

Also having a tough time finding a screen guard/film and a pouch for this phone.

Overall the phone is 'ok' if you can live with the above...considering this as a interim solution till the new BBs or iPhone4 becomes more affordable.

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This phone is absolutely a worthless wastage of cash.. the qwerty keypad has issues, some the keys dont work properly and have to be pressed more harder..and sometimes my fingers aches.. this phone has a battery problem doesnt last very long infact i would have to carry the charger with me to college and lastly the device is very slow..it is very annoying as it would frequenly get stuck in the middle of something and i would have to press the homescreen button to get out...
I would never recommend this phone to anyone..
I've heard many lg phone users complain..
LG is not good at making samrtphones or any phone!!!
service stations are not customer friendly as i have experienced...

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