Lava Iris 458Q
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Rs 7,789
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Lava Iris 458Q
Expected Price
₹ 7,789
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Best budget phone

I had bought this phone nearly 4 months back and I found it the best phone I have used till date. It is fast & impressive.


Fast, good battery, good ppi, 3g


The only con I could get is that we can't transfer games to memory card.

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Best budget phone

I had bought Lava 458q nearly 5 months ago. The phone is very fast and has all the latest features. Its best features are Android 4.2, good graphics, fast processor, avg camera among others.


Its best features are Android 4.2, good graphics, fast processor, avg camera among others.


It has average camera, 512 ram which could be 768 but being a budget phone, it seems OK.

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Read This If you are going to buy this caution

I also bought this phone as i found it to be quad core .. and though it as the most powerful budget quad core device any one can get .. but i was so in to trouble .. ..
guys better go for some well reputed brands like samsung .. don't waste your money on this ..
it just got a 512 mb of ram and 4gb of internal storage ... so out of 4gb you can only use about 1.5 gb .. that means you can't install high end game ... i have tested nfs most wanted and even asphalt 6 ... but unfortunatly none of them work .. only game which is play able is nfs shift... which you know is a 3 year old game for android ... games like dead trigger lags like hell ...
if you are looking for gaming this is not the phone for you ....
bought this phone with lot of expectation ... failed to deliver every thing ....
even after opening about 5 apps like flip board , fb and few the device lags because of 512 mb of ram .. also THE PROCESSOR IS A MEDIATEK LOW END PROCESSOR WHICH IS USED IN XOLO A500 ...
think again and again before buying this shit ...
i suggest you to wait for some time and go for GALAXY ACE 3
even the sing core processor from samsung galaxy s beats this ...
regretting after buying ....
DON'T BELIEVE IN OTHER COMMENTS ... THEY MIGHT BE FROM THE LAVA GUYS OR THOSE PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW HOW TO JUDGE AN ANDROID PHONE . ... <br> please beware ... all those false promotion ... don't fall for it .. its running jelly bean 4.2.1 but it don't have photo sphere features ... i think lava might have edited the build promt and info ... it might be just jb 4.1 ....
please think again.... buy some branded product ... regretting after buying it ... a lot

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awesome phone at this price

1. Battery drains fast while doing internet, but this is applicable to all phones!.
2. Camera is 8MP but gives output like 5MP in low light. So is the flash. But in sufficient light it stands the price.

1. Very high specs at low price. 512MB RAM @ Rs. ~7-8K is ok.
2. Fluid performance, nice design.
3. I am doing net more than 30minutes @3G and writing this review and the phone is cool. No noticeable heat all over the phone.
4. Android - Jelly bean 4.2, supporting Miracast / wireless display. ( )
5. Battery backup for normal use without heavy screen and network (3g net,wifi) usage is very good.

I charged phone up to 100% then enabled both SIMs and did 3G internet. Battery discharged like hell in 5 - 10 minutes by 15%. This was hell. May be due to i did some system changes and killed some system apps. I did factory reset. Backup now normal.

case 2: Battery was 79%.
1. Started playing Nintendo SNES SPC Music via headphone. using Modo player. This is actually emulation of sound chip which consumes high CPU power.
2. Surfed internet for more than 30 minutes.
3. Quit both and started ePSXe playstation emulator and completed Tekken 3.
4. back to music.

Total time invested was 75-80 minutes. Battery reached 60%. Means ~3-4 hours of usage for gaming( cpu/gpu ) Or heavy internet usage.

Using AnTuTu benchmark it stands near/little below Samsung Galaxy S3.
Beats Nexus 10, Galaxy Note easily.

Total score:
Iris 458Q = 13943, Galaxy S3 = 16301

AnTuTu bar chart:
S4 > HTC One > Xperia Z > Nexus 4 > Note 2 > S3 > Lava iris 458Q > Nexus 10 > Nexus 7 ...

Tech details:
It has Chipset MediaTek MT6589 which is lower version of this base chipset. Difference is its GPU is half speed of MT6589T ( used in Canvas A116 HD ).

1. I had dual SIM aircel-3g, Docomo-2g. Still it gave good backup in such heavy usage.
2. The battery eaters in this phone are network and screen. Do not worry about CPU/GPU draining the battery. Rest all is perfectly fine.
3. Even 1GHz processor cannot run ePSXe at full speed 60FPS. This phone is quad-core and handles such apps easily.

Brand is big mark for technical illiterates only. They claim this or that, almost all phones i have seen made by Indian companies are SAR-TICK. Means radiation safe.

And about MediaTeck chipset, it beats Qualcomm MSM8225Q Snapdragon quad core chipset used in Titanium S5. MediaTek is very experienced and old manufacturer of Taiwan. People marking MediaTek as low end chipset are immature.

I can write more but this much information is enough to come out of brand sickness, just look at the warranty offered by company. No one in this world can stop us from getting full after sale support!, with some patience using customer support we can even claim brand new phone from them in case of worst service. I have done it with ASUS.

If you have some other phone catching your eyes in same budget, try to know its battery backup. if its same i will suggest Iris 458Q.

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Mind Blowing Iris 458q

Dear All, this is my second Lava androd mobile in last 3 months. First one was IRIS 501 brought in month of March and working well wothout any problems. The way my child is using 501 for his gamming passion and the way he used it, i was worried that this indian mobile will stop working in one month, but surprisely it's perfome excellent and i decided to buy 4.5 inch size 458q for my routin work. First thanks to Flipkart to delivered it in 2 days and feel unfortunate as second day of my order Flipkart offer addiitnal 5% discount.

Any way IRIS 458q is excellent in all area and when my BRAND addicted friends used this phone they was surpirsed how this Rs.8000 product perform equilly to well named samsung and HTC.

look - 4.8/5
Display- 4.6/5
Touch experince - 5/5
Ram - 4.2/5
Battery - 4.7/5
Gamming experince- 4.5/5
Net surfing - 4.8/5
Hardware & OS - 4.6/5

Overall 5/5 and happy to buy.

Dears all new technology obscolate very soon in current secaniro and buying 25 K to 35K just to BRAND is not worth, recommnded to go for IRIS 458q and if love to big screen go to IRIS 501

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