Lava KKT 40 Plus
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Rs 1,999
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Lava KKT 40 Plus
Expected Price
₹ 1,999
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Not Good Mobile

this mobile feature is very poor and hand set is very Heavy and screen is so said





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A Good Mobile

This mobile is very good for those using Voice, Text and Listening Audio Songs. The Battery life is much good. Lasts for more than 15 days. I am using this mobile for 21/2 years without any problem.


Battery life. Voice clarity.


GPRS is of no use. A little bit weight

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Review of LAVA KKT40

It got a five star first and later I have demoted the phone to a 1 star..

First update

a)AWESOME battery life:
For the matter of fact, before I purchased this mobile, I e-mailed Flipkart customer support to help me choose a secondary phone with the maximum battery life(in the market) in the range of ~INR 2K. Low range Samsung phones come with battery of 800 mAH. This one beats that by almost 4 times. SAMSUNG Power Guru(Defunct) had 2000 mAH battery but 3000 mAH is simply mind blowing.

b)DUAL SIM. I havent checked if it is dual standby or dual active though! That wasn't necessarily my reason for choosing this phone.

d) FREEBIES: Watch Priyanka Chopra dance "DESI-GIRL" or watch "JNMD", the phone is packed with dozens of movies and songs loaded in the 4GB micro memory card that comes with the box.
[ Hmm... I hope the movies are not pirated ones though;) ]

e) CAMERA: Just about fine, better than the Samsung E-2322, I used though!

f) DISPLAY/SCREEN: Nice. Comes with a thin cover for the entire mobile.

a) Text messaging is a bit of a pain. I used T9 and am very particular about cases. This one has a difficult text editor.

b) The earphone that comes along is similar to the one Nokia had for the 1100 series. Its a pain. Use an alternative earpiece instead.

c) The earphone plug point is at the base. I would have liked it at the top.

a) I would like to call it a "Jasoos" phone. You can record every call that you make even without the other end aware of the conversation. It gets saved in your Audio folder.
- I hope the "Sting operatives" are listening ;-)
I had seen voice recorder on other phones but that would beep periodically and you had to manually start recording. This one does automatically.

b) LAVA KKT 40 is more expensive and comes with less battery capacity. It differs only in the torch. I wonder why??

I hope I helped in your decision to BUY or NOT!

** This is the second repost of my review because Flipkart didnt want to propogate my website on their site ** LOL

Second update
Five reason why you shouldn't buy Lava, Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon mobiles?
a) Lava is great but what about is SAR value?

< 1.6 is not a figure. Why isn't there a clarity on the values?

Micromax's have their ratings but I dont think it's been ever ratified.

Even Nokia 1280(INR 999) has a SAR-TICK sticker at the back.
None of Karbonn, Lava or Micromax's is listed in the site.

Here are the manufacturers on the list:

Sony Ericsson

-All oldies :)

b) Value for money but is it worth it?

So I own Lava KKT 40+ (Note that I was the first to review and give a 5 stars on
Now, after 6 months of usage, the phone has started emanating a "circuit smell"(circuit burning/wire burning) if I remove the battery.
Flipkart, you folks are innocent. But, I haven't heard anything from Lava yet inspite of my complaints.

Yes, in India, a recall is very rarely heard of.

c) How can a phone be so cheap? All low end chinese boards?

In the battle between the big fish and the small fish, I am amazed to see how much of "extra" the small ones are offering.
It totally baffles me on why Samsung Galaxy Duos would cost 12 K and something that has configurations equivalent to Galaxy S3 (Lava Iris 501)
would cost just 9499 with goodies like Bluetooth headset and 4 GB card.
Forget about the ad-factor that contributes to the pricing, Micromax too sponsors IPL and cricket tourneys along with Karbonn.

d) Sales and support

There are only three to four service centers listed for a place like Bangalore in the Lava Support list.
And they were in areas equivalent to Siberia in terms of "I know the place exists but where the heck is it?"

So, when I had a screen crack on Lava KKT 40+, I took it to a local repair shop & it costed me about 600 INR to get replacement.
He swore to me that it took him 5 hours to find the part in SP Road Bangalore.
And 600 INR though a small amount(?), is 30% of the Cost prize.
Imagine, if it was a 10 K phone.

I asked the man on which of these new brands have good after sales and support. He just told me that it was tough and Micromax was just a little better than the rest.

e) Lava, Micromax, Nokia, Samsung

Which one would you carry? Yes, it is just the name that matters atleast for 90% of us

But, the final choice is yours, my friend!

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Buy it only for its battery backup

Apart from this, there is not much to this phone., you can use it for basic calls. sentence typing is a pain, its predictive input is poor.

Average camera quality.
I couldn't browse internet on this mobile, and all the apps for this mobile are of the .mrp format in china mobiles, so you can find only games in that format. jar files wont play.
reg games, you have very few maybe 2-3 free games, the rest you need to pay and register for 9 rupees. there is a way around this through by using 0 balance and then accepting to pay ;)

the phone will recognize ONLY mp3 format for music.

the designers for this mobile havent done their homework properly and its very badly designed. the microsd card can be inserted or removed only after removing the 2 sims, and in case the memory card gets in the sim slot.. its a trouble getting it out!
the vibration on the phone makes more noise than vibrations, you can easily tell the difference if you compare with basic nokia mobiles..
too low phone book memory

well, i can go on complaining, and maybe even ask why the fuss is all about at a device that costs 2000 rupees, but when companies make devices, they must ensure that they do basic justice for a product and focus on quality rather than simply copy chinese mobiles.

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Decent Mobile

I'd rate this as a basic mobile, not a wide variety of features, except for the "houseold" types like torch, average camera ( has that exposure lvl control), auto call recording facility without beep, and a 3000 mAh battery, looks to stay long, but there is not much of features in this mobile to drain so much battery. It doesn't have games, and i couldn't even find the phone listed on the lava mobile site. The 4GB data card is filled with movies and a few video songs, i would be deleting them soon enough as im not a fan of watching movies on a 2.6 inch screen. music player has a mediocre interface, but has a loud sound to offer, use any standard earphones from Sony or Creative, and you'll get hours long music.

It can support only mp3 files, no wma, no midi files.
i could connect the data cable and there was an option to use it as a web-camera!!.. strangely enough, i couldnt get it working with my PC.

A bit of disappointment with the Gprs as well, i couldn't even browse a single page past the google homescreen, as a message with "Insufficient memory" would crop up.

The buttons do look cheap, esp the central navigation key.. looks and feels like a china toy.
For a Price at around 2000 rupees, i personally felt that the samsung guru had a better feel to it, But with the target user at someone who would want a longggg battery life, this should work.

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