Lava Magnum X604
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Lava Magnum X604
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LAVA Magnum X604 A good deal

Latest Android OS KitKat, Amazing rear camera of 8 MP, 2 MP secondary camera, 1.2 Ghz Quad core processor, 1 GB RAM



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Good Phone but Slow Performance

Price is Good. But Performance is very slow


Good Feature


Slow Refresh Rate
Sound Is very slow

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Lava Magnum X604 awesome looking phone

HD Screen, 8 mp camera, design, flipcover, fast processor


none that i can see

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Laggy, and no space for apps

You can find detailed reviews of this product on youtube, but i just want to give a couple of pointers.

The back cover is fairly flimsy and does not fit well, i think one of the clips is loose and so the battery cover has some give which is annoying.

The phone is pretty laggy, especially the stock launcher, i installed nova and is a bit better, but the lag is still visible and can get a bit annoying.

The biggest gripe i have though is the space for apps. The phone is rated at 8GB (which is fine), user available space is only around 5.5GB (which is also fine), but what they dont tell you is only 800MB available for apps (not fine) and out of that 450MB is already taken by system apps and bloatware, which gives you only about 350MB for personal apps (not fine at all). Out of that, facebook and google plus take about 150MB, which leaves you with almost nothing for other apps. Considering it a smart phone, i would like my social apps, my games, my office apps everything to be able to install on the phone, leave alone how they run. Please consider this before you buy. Mind you, i tried everything, i put a 32GB card, installed APP2SD, nothing moves the apps to SD card, even though i have an empty SD card, it says cannot move apps to SD card.

I requested a return because 200MB for apps just makes the phone unuseable. Plus it does not let me move apps to SD. Flipkart says they are not responsible for the description and if space is low and i cant move apps to SD card, i have to contact the lava customer service center. What is the point of buying a new phone, if within a couple of days i have to go looking for a customer service center? Very disappointed in the phone, and flipkart's service

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Slow Performance

Device configuration is very attractive and good but touch performance is slow, personaly i'm not satisfied.

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