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LeEco Le Max 128GB
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The BEAST has arrived. True Flagship KILLER!!. 5STR


Before starting my review would like to give a lil bit background as why i choose LeTv Le Max over other smartphones. I am a lover of big screen phones due to my usability and day-to-day routine ( Playing HD games like Modern Combat 5, Nova 3, Asphalt 8, Fifa 16, Dead trigger, and many more and watching blu ray movies on device, also lots of net surfing and other media consumption) I had purchased 3 years back sony xperia z ultra in spite of note 3 which was launched on the slimier period, simply bcoz i love big screen for gaming, movies, and videos and other content hence i wanted a big screen to stream those and sony arrived at the same time.

After 2 year accidentally i broke my sony and started searching for an alternative. There were lots of phones but they were 5 to 6 inch and when i used to check them out at various stores they used to feel like small as i had a habit of my Z ultra 6.44 inch screen. by the way i have one more phone which is One plus two, which i use only for office calls and activities.

From past 2 months i was waiting for an upgrade of my phone with better spects and better quality than sony, finally i found LETV Le Max, initially i doubted on the manufacturer but than since i had ONE PLUS TWO so had a good experience with one Chinese brand so thought give it a chance. I had also seen approx 30 youtube videos no only in english but in chinese, spanish, and others lol.. i also gone through various web reviews to find - ves of this phone and found nothing much serious... which gave me a boost to buy.

Review :

Feel and Build:

This is a complete Metal Built smartphone which makes this phone like a very high end smartphone. Phone fells very sturdy and solid and offers great feedback.


The 6.3 Quad HD display which is pretty high in terms of Pixel Density and it will also deliver very good viewing angles. The color productions are very very clear and punchy and it does have different kind of color tones as per your preference you can set the color tones. The overall visibility in sunlight is very nice and one of the best visibility is there on this device.

This phone is having very crisp and clear for watching 1080p, 4k, Blu ray movies.
Playing HD and high graphics games on 2k display is a bliss. the more you see the more you will love this phone. better than many 2k display device launched this year. I have compared it to nexus 6, moto x style, note 4, xperia z series, and even one plus 2.
I enjoy watching lots of 4k content with out frame drop or lag.


This is build for gamers. Plays all hd and high graphic games butter smooth. not found any lag or problem.


it becomes bit warm after 30-40 minutes of gaming or video streaming from internet. but heating is normal and temperature remains in acceptable conditions. like any other device including i iphone 6s and note 5.

the more you listen the more u fall in love. I would say it beats sony in sound quality with le hifi on and if you have better music player it will give you all wows and whistle. Sound quality is very high definition when you connect to any speakers. Better than SONY, I think i dont miss my sony.

Finger print: Very fast and accurate.

Battery life: Good, if not great, it is very good for a 2k display and 6.33 inch device. little more MAH would have been better but suffice all need and will get 1 full day of heavy use.

Super cool 21MP and 4 UP very clear images: in some case better than note 5. Please check on youtube comparison between LE max and note 5. both side camera has various options and beauty mode with 5 levels which is very essential for day to day life, selfies, group party images as well as travelers photography. I am very happy since i had 8 mp camera in my previous sony xperia z ulta.

Storage: you will get 110GB free storage in 128gb model.

WI HD: you can stream/ mirror/cast up to 1080p resolution video with out lag. which is more than enough.

Sum up +ves

Outstanding Uni-body Metallic ergonomic Design
Reliable and fast Fingerprint Scanner
Bezel Less Crisp,Vibrant and Vivid display
Good Primary Camera
Fair Selfie Camera
4K Video Recording
Almost all types of sensors are available
Infrared Blaster
Great User Interface Customization
Powerful Processor and RAM
Flawless Performance
Great Multi-tasking
Butter Smooth Gaming Experience
No Heating Issues
Decent Battery Life
Fast Charging Support
Clear and Punchy Sound
NFC Supported

Sum up - ves

No Expandable Memory
No Water Resistant

if you are looking for high end device with value for money proposition. STOP YOUR SEARCH HERE.

I hope you like my review. I shall keep on updating it.

Mradul Verma

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Proud and happy owner of Lemax Gold

The phone is great. You have to experience the Stunning Visual display to believe it. Larger screen will be the order of the day, but it can be comfortably held. Battery life and heating is not a problem as discussed. Speed is fantastic. Looks good. Highly Recommendable. Gaming and video viewing is a great experience.
Draw backs: Hardware is good but Software there is scope for refinement. Syncing does not have all the options. It does not sync with out look.
No radio.
No dedicated Ear phone with the set.
No Expandable memory Slot.
Depends for soft ware support from Yahoo.
Certain text in few places appears in Chinese with which we are not familiar and can be changed to English. This is not in the main programs but occasionally in a the peripheral ones.

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poor quality mobile phone

display quality is very low...screen breaks very soon.
cannot even bear pressure of your denim pants when placed your handset in jeans pocket..
37 k paid but now i have realised "china brands pay less but for short time use".
no customer care team to attend concerns of users

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GOOD PHONE with some issues.

I got my phone on 26th Feb.and have been using it since then.Thought of writing this review a bit late after using the phone for a longer period. The phone is good for large screen lovers.
Build quality.
Hardware and memory.
Screen resolution.

Battery life-For this spec and size it should be at least 5000 Mah.
Slight heating issues-not serious.
EUI is lousy.Requires immediate update.
No headphones in box nor available as yet on flipcart.Reasons for delay not known.
No decent leather flip cover available.
Not able to use fingerprint scanner.
Bit heavy for long talks- Bluetooth hands free could be provided with the phone in addition to a wired headphone for this price..
No user manual in box.
Le eco customer care not able to clarify queries.
Service center has still not received even a demo handset and are illiterate of the phone.
Spare USB not available at service center.I lost mine.
Software crashed on 2 occasions.

Did not get the 1500 cash back on using AXIS BANK card.
Did not get any information on the lucky draw prizes.
The Pre sale hype and advertising was too much,without even setting up the foundation strong.
Le max pro was launched in China on 25th Feb.Making this phone outdated.
Le eco should have an upgrade offer in place as and when new models land in the Indian market.
Being a large phone and expensive and insurance could be bundled with the purchase.As chances of loosing the phone is more.

Flipcart and Le eco could think of improving on the above concerns.

The Phone can cut across sales of other major players,if some of the above are taken care off initially before it is too late.


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Le Max Wonderful, power packed phone

This is a great phone until now.

Phone is running for almost 2 days after first charging and still 23% left.

Superb design, colour and smooth operation,

Must buy phone.

They should have included ear phones as well.

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