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Lenovo A690
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lenovo ideaphone a690

well guys to be very honest i purchased this phone for a mere 6k( saholic ) which i feel is an amazing price tag for the device which was delivered earlier than the promised date.Though running on gingerbread the touch and overall operation is pretty smooth and well worth the price.battery easily lasts one full day with medium usage.has WiFi and usb tethering :). The only flip side being the relatively lower internal memory and after sales service not being up-to the mark(haven't had the need to look into it till now)basically the device is good enough for someone who is looking for a phone for its dual Sim (3G+G) capabilities and basic android smartphone functionality.its like the jack of all trades and master of none.my advice to an entry level buyer would be if the issues mentioned do not bother you,simply go ahead and give it a try.The days of the feature phones are so over!!.ndo post comments or questions if any.shall be glad to answer them.

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Camera seems not even 1 MP quality

I purchased this mobile by reading review of Mr. Daipayan Hati i.e. camera quality is equal to 8 MP quality...but my experience about camera is very bad...i will say not to go for it...

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Insufficient Storage Available

"Insufficient Storage Available" error




"Insufficient Storage Available"

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Display Issues

I do not recommend it to any other, as the one I got was a defective one and in spite of several follow ups with Flipkart, it has not yet been replaced

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Pathetic performance

This is a pathetic product. I had good expectations but the trouble started from the first week itself due to low internal memory. I am unable to install any apps on this. Wats the use of smartfone if u cant load apps on it

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