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Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114
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180 out of 180 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
Brilliant Device

I bought this phone from local market for 10,600 on 26th march and I waited for 3 weeks before giving review so that I can give an appropriate one

So lets start with pros:-
1.) The best thing about this phone is performence. It has a 1.3 GHz mediatek mt6582m quad core chipset with mali-400mp. It's antutu( a benchmarking platform) score is over 17000 which is higher than all other micromax devices and even better than phones like HTC one x, Samsung s3,nexus4.

2.)The 5" screen is amazing Although it is not having hd resolution but still the colour reproduction is amazing and natural plus the viewing angles are also great.

3.)looks-- although micromax is not very famous for looks but I find this one looking better than other micromax phones.
A word of advice if you buy off internet by the white one because you may think that the black one may look better because that is what I thought but when the shopkeeper showed me both I chose the white one as it looked better.

4.)form factor-- this phone has a great form factor it is built in such a way that it is very handy. This is by far the most handy 5 inch phone that I have used.

5.)camera-- only idiots say things like 8mp micromax Camera equals 5mp Samsung camera. This is absolute Bullshit I have used both 8mp Camera phones and picture quality is equal and hence you can only not like camera if you want 12-13mp for which you have to shell more money

Neither pros nor cons:-
1.) battery on all android phone socks off you have an android phone you will have to charge it everyday so this can't be counted as this device's con

2.)540p resolution I don't consider this as a con because there is no noticeable difference with a 720p screen

The only con--when you charge your phone it won't go beyond 99% no matter what but if you switch the phone after some time say about leaving it on charge for 20 minutes after it shows 99% then on disconnecting it will show it is charged. There is no problem with the battery it is just a software issue and can be ignored

So my verdict is that grab the phone a as soon as you can and don't forget to rate my review as useful if you found it so

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81 out of 81 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
A Super Awesome Smartphone Within The Budget Sweetspot !!!

Hey guys, I bought this set on Christmas (not from flipkart but I got from the local store at Rs 11,400/-). Believe me guys, this is an awesome set. It has got a super slim design. I chose the black color handset and I would suggest you all to go for the black color if you are looking to buy this set since it gives a very nice premium look to the device.

1) Regarding the features, it gives a qHD screen with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. I was thinking about this before buying but believe me, in the daily use, you won't be feeling the difference as compared to HD resolution. In the black color handset, the three capacitive touch control buttons hide completely when not glowing hence, giving it a very shiny black look which looks very nice.

2) I am not a real tech junkie but I found this set to be having either similar or even better specs as compared to Micromax Canvas HD A116.

3) All the games are running perfectly. The mediocre games like Temple run 2 and Subway surfer run very smoothly in the highest settings. Other games like Asphalt 7 ran perfectly in the medium settings (I haven't tried to play with the highest settings).

4) Regarding the O.S, this device has Android 4.2.2 Jellybean and it runs perfectly making the use of this device even better.

5) Regarding the camera, I would tell that it again impresses me. It sports an 8 MP camera which gives an impressive clarity. Under normal conditions, it is awesome and the single LED flash does its job fairly. And, it takes videos at a resolution of 1920x1088 resolution (full HD) and it plays full HD videos like a breeze. I could even take some pics and videos clearly in full dark and foggy conditions :D. It has some nice features with the camera which was provided in Android 4.2 and hence, it makes the camera even more better :D.

6)Battery is of 2000 mah. It gives a backup of about 1 to 1.5 days with decent usage and should give good backup if we switch off GPS and Data Usage when not in use :)

7)This set is new. So, I couldn't get a flip cover from the store when I bought it. Now, online stores have started to sell some covers but the original and decent looking flip cover is yet to come in the local/online stores. Hope that they hit the stores within a week or two.

8) This may be a con or not, I found the back cover to be having a very glossy "piano black" finish which looks good but attracts finger prints.

9) Regarding the epic Samsung vs Micromax battle, I would like to tell that each brand has its own pros and cons and its the specifications which matters and believe me, Micromax is not inferior than Samsung. Its gaining popularity rapidly. :D

I had considered handsets like Nokia lumia 520,Lumia 620, Lumia 720, MMX canvas HD A116, Canvas A250, Canvas A117, Canvas A110Q, Sansung Grand quattro, Samsung Galaxy Core, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, Galaxy Grand, Sony Xperia M and L, LG optimus L7, HTC desire and many other handsets. After lots and lots of reviews, videos, unboxings, walkthroughs, I finalized my handset :D

Hence, as a conclusion, I would suggest you all to seriously consider this handset if your budget is around 10 to 11k INR. It has the value for money you are shelling out. Keep it up Micromax. Also, if you guys can extend your budget comfortably, you all can go for Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 :D It is also a very good phone.

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32 out of 32 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
Thanks Flipkart For Making Christmas Special !!

Firstly let me thank Flip-Kart for delivering the Phone on 25th Dec when I had placed the Order on 23rd evening even tough the site mentioned "no Deliveries for 25th Dec".

It was a Surprise Gift for my Dad and I was expecting it to arrive on 26th, however I was even more Surprised than my Dad when it arrived on Christmas! Made it Special, thanks FlipKart.

Now about the Phone :
This phone is an Awesome piece of technology...

Pros :
1.Screen is huge & and display is amazing. (which helps for elderly folks getting used to a smart phone, like my dad)
2.Touch is good,
3.Build quality is really good and the phone looks elegant (which is why I hate to see it in a cover)

Cons :
1.Camera is decent compared to other phones in the market (not really a con).
2.Speaker is not that loud.

Conclusion : Overall I would definitely recommend this product, if you like a Phone with a huge display look no further. Worth every penny !!

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23 out of 23 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
A Great Product,best Features And Minor Cons ....!!!!

i have purchased this product from thanks to ws retail only they deliver to my location and also in just 1.5 days now to the mobile phone when i opened the box found nothing extra like flip cover screen guard but for the price the phone was awsome here are some pros and cons

1)nice display but screen resolution could have been better
2)nice call quality the incall speaker is loud than other nice
3) the new chipset mt6582 is just made for gaming the mt6589t is clocked at 357mhz i.e used in canvas magnus but this is clocked at 412mhz i have confirmed it
4)camera is decent but not that good
5)performance is really really smooth like as jelly free ram is also much due to qhd diaplay
6)customised android interface
7) launcher is also bit different then that regular launcher in other handsets

1) light sensor does not works
2)the back and front aatracts dust all the time
3)as regular cheap quality headsets with all micromax phone
4)battery backup is not good but it will last 1 day with normal usage

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19 out of 21 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: 91mobiles.com
Value For Money

In comparison with similar level models, A114 has the best features. Sleek design , good camera quality, good speed


Good features and value for money


battary back up should have little more

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17 out of 17 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
What To Say!!!

What to say.. with the mediatech 1.3GHz qaud core processor and MALI-400 MP GPU (just like a graphics card in laptop), is simply rocking its way. Benchmarks are awesome and so the performance. the only con is the camera n build quality(which i say is still enough gorgeous).

buy this particular phone and i can promise nothing will go wrong. trust me . the mali-400 gpu n the quad core processor with q-HD display makes the best phone, what i believe for a budget phone. Dont think, your everyday tasks will b done in the best possible way.
Display is good, camera is decent, Gamers will have true Fun, And no storage problem. :)

11K can be best spent in this way, by buying the device.

approx benchmark scores:
Antutu- 17100
Quadrant- 6000
Nena Mark2- 57fps
Vellamo HTML5- 2000
Vellamo Metal- 530
and it has 5 point multi touch(it can read 5 fingers on the screen)

all games are running. Asphalt 8 was running in medium graphics, which is very good. just play and have fun guys..!!!

Comming to flipkart. Awesome service....... as always i have bought 5 phone from here n they are always ready to give u the best service..really happy.. :) thanku flipkart

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13 out of 13 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
The Worst Phone I Had Ever Seen

Buddies plz dont buy this phone. I had bought this mobile on 17th of January, at that time the price of this mob @ flipkart was 12,500/- but I bought this from a shop @ Delhi as the price was only 11,500/- (2 days after buying this phone flipkart rreduced the price to 10,500/- :( ). The phone which i received stopped working as I reached my home, I had returned the product to shop but he directed me to the service centre, I went over there and they had given me a replacement as it is within 7 days of purchase. Stopped working in the sense the mobile hangs sometimes @ Micromax boot logo, sometimes @ Canvas logo and sometimes while working. (Even God cant judge when this fails. :D ). Aah, I got the replacement and it worked til 20-04-2014, without any flaws. It was an amazing period. But on 20-04-2014 Its stareted showing its real face. The same issue which i had faced with my replaced mobile. Now i had gone to service centre, without examining the mobile he had sent for a software reinstallation. My battery was drained out and it was there closing time so i was forced to take back the phone to my home without checking at that day i had submitted my handsfree for replacement as it was also not working. The phone worked the whole night without any problems, the next day morning the same scene the same issue. :( . I had taken the phone back to service centre that day itself, I was really shocked by the reply from the service centre. They told me that, as I had submitted the handsfree last day I wiil have to wait for another one week for repairing the mobile, they will not receive the phone or neither they will repair my phone for 1 week. So i had taken back the mobile with me, had no option. Now while typing this review I have my A114 rt next to me in a dead state. Dont rely on these phones dears. I too had gone for supprting the INDIAN MArket, but INDIAN Market Loved me alot, so that I will always have to run behind them to make my phone work.

The features of this phone is amazing, but bro whats the use of these features if its hanging more than workin time... :D

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11 out of 11 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
Poor Service

Micromax phones are really good in look and features, but have any 1 thought of service from them. here is my experience for micromax canvas HD A116. i purchased last year 4month i used and its display gave up. i gave it to service center they took 20days to replace the display. once i got my phone i used it for 2days and noticed my battery is not getting charged i rushed to service center again here the real story starts with lots of frustration and waiting. NO 1 WILL BELIVE THEY TOOK 6MONTH TO RECTIFY THE PROB and the 6month of period i called so manytimes to service center all non sense ans from customer care. long story but in cut shot i finally after 6month got my phones back :). WHATTTTT oh no again display is gone after 1day. again rushed to service center again 20days they took to place the display phewwww. finally when i got my phone back i had lost warranty by keeping phone in service center and lost intrestd in phone too. so i sold that phone with the loss of 5000 + may be 1000 by calling customer care + 500 by visiting service center + frustration = 6500 + frustration = NO MORE SHITY MICROMAX... suggestion... Dont take these products which look cheap coz its really cheap with uneathical customer satisfaction... or else ALL THE BEST with your micromax

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10 out of 10 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
Such A Wild Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello,my name is navneeth i bought this phone it gave me a good results if u like this phone just go for this do not ask anyone itz good:-

-hmm a good battery life
-hd recording come alive {1920-1080}
-1.3ghz with quard core is such a big thing
-n 1gb ram with 4gb rom is much speeder
see if u have 1.2 ghz with quard core processor u should have a ram of 1gb but this phone is having 1.3ghz with 1gb ram does not hang,,,,if u belive in this phone or my wordings,,,,,go for this----------------
-oh my god bluetooth transfer speed is unbeliveable

-camera is not too dull not too bright itz good for a above average usage

soooooooooo,,if u have a budge of 12k just go for this n good delivery also,,,...,,,...
flipkart rockss,,,,,

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7 out of 7 found the following review helpful Reviewed On: Flipkart.com
Lesson Learnt By Blindly Trusting Micromax

Micromax Mobile = Defective = Waste of "Money" = Waste of "TIME" = Cause to Frustration = Leads to NO peace of "MIND" = "10K hard earned bucks = Nothing but "ASH"

1) The piece i bought was good for the initial 2 months and started showing its real Face from month 3 (bought on 5th June) It gets switched off on its own, The mobile hangs on its own. Hangs on apps installation.. Generally every one takes control of their mobile but in the case of MMX it takes you into its control.....

2) Took it to MMX authorised Service centre - They said mobile software needs to be updated - They have done something gave it and the same is the issue after reaching home the same day...

Again gave back to service centre people ans they took mobile saying that it needs to be kept under observation for 15 days, 15 days completed - Called service centre - they responded like - because of the festive season they still need 1week.. ok.. 1 week completed called service centre again - They replied that the device was sent to bangalore for some parts replacement and need another 4 days. Ok called after another 4 days went to service centre and he boasted that parts have been changes and mobile works fine - After reaching home Same is the issue again - HOLY CRAPPP...!!!

Some one in a position like this feels like they had made a big mistake.. Revolving around the service centres.. Follow up.. God knows what the service centre people does..!! Tired and got sick of these service centres.. I dont know what to do now..!

3)Though flipkarts delivery was good and as assured, Got fed-up with its price games and manipulations - bought @ 9,775 current price being 7,939 - Readers of this review decide - Is it fair? Dont u feel u lost 2k buks just like that..?

Moral I have learnt : Dont get lured by specs - All your pennies are hard earned - Ensure that your every penny is worth investing it - Go for Good brands though few bucks extra u derive peace of mind and happiness..

MMX has put me down.. Lost Faith..!!!

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