Micromax X50
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Rs 2,999
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Micromax X50
Expected Price
₹ 2,999
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naam bade aur darshan chote

battry backup very poor, gps not working, calling sound quality poor


good featers, sound quality very gud


p0or beatry backou, gps not working

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Great phone

I just bought it, its very upmarket, strongly built and the os is also very smooth.. great value for money...


Super value for money


nil for the cost

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Awesome Phone At very cheap price on HomeShop18

This phone is very very strong.. Shockproof, Waterproof and true survivor..!!


Really a Kombat phone


Looks just a bit like nokia 2626

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should be a last resort phone only

I did not buy this from Flipkart. The screen is large,the display resolution is decent, the interface is easy-to-use and everything runs fast. The body is a sturdy plastic, but a hard fall might crack it. The volume while on call is very low and unclear. Cannot increase it and have to ask the person at the other end of the line to constantly repeat everything. I thought initially it was the network, but calls to several different networks produced the same result.

My main gripe with the phone though is that it seemed to have some kind of inexplicable glitch with the audio. It refused to play audio files from a memory card (tried many file formats), but it played FM radio just fine. Any other sound emitted by the phone including ring tones, alarms and SMS alerts was accompanied by a "krr krr krr", like a noisy cricket was inside trying to scratch its way out. No amount of tinkering with the settings would help.

My mom had a Micromax, another model, and the button 4 and 6 stopped working for no reason after just two months. Slowly, bit by bit, it started to deteriorate altogether. Even that one had very sucky sound quality while on call.

Micromax tries hard to incorporate plenty of features into low-cost phones. But they are a business, not a charity. So you have to accept that they will try to cut costs wherever they can and that often means a compromise on quality somewhere or the other. I'm not generalizing here. Just stating a fact.

In conclusion, I returned the phone and got a refund. I think for this price, something by Nokia, Samsung or Motorola would be much more reliable.

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do not buy this phone

I used this phone for 1 month, and whenever i used it for more than 10 minutes i got a terrible headache and felt dizzy and nauseous, i changed my phone and these symptoms stopped automatically, so if you value your health and dont want a brain tumor don't buy this phone

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