Milagrow TabTop 7.4 MGPT04 16GB WiFi and 3G
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Rs 14,990
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User Reviews for Milagrow TabTop 7.4 MGPT04 16GB WiFi and 3G

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Milagrow TabTop 7.4 MGPT04 16GB WiFi and 3G
Expected Price
₹ 14,990
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Milagro Tabtop

I got this tabtop two days back, so far its good. One problem is tht mine is not recognising wifi signals, had contacted the customer care. Hope they will respond quickly.


Good screen quality, touch sensitivity is cool, applications are loading fast


No bluetooth, No sim slot(need to use external dongle),camera quality is low

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Worth the Price

Milagrow is the best thing to happen to Tablets in India, I think. It brings features which bigger brands do not want to give because they want to sell things expensive. It also does not fall into the cheap, cheaper, cheapest game and hence gives accessories which even 'Apple' will be proud of. Its service guys are awesome. The USB modular charger with a dual headed cable is great. The real leather case is so sleek and high quality. The 60 applications, dual screen HDMI, 4000 mAh battery, 1 TB external hard disk connectivity, multiple device connectivity, offline email are great too. I can also run Autodesk and AutoCAD....the bluetooth receiver functions too. I wish this company all the success it deserves.

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Best Tablet in this price range!!

I really appreciate the technology used in this tablet, everything just fits nearly perfect! Its multitouch screen is sensitive enough to be called great, all tablets have the same touch and the graphics are great too. HD Videos work flawlessly. Wi-fi works well too. Here are some points abt the tab..

Firstly its OS, ICS 4.0 is awesome and user-friendly

I really like the five-point multi-touch screen, sensitivity is great

Graphics are awesome for both gaming and videos and/or movies..

Network access is good too (talking abt Wi-fi), Dont have a 3g data card so coudnt try that..abt 2g network i cant understand how to access it, but that doesn't really matter!!

Front camera is a decent one atleast while calling you dont have those hazy pictures and bad sound like we have in Micromax.. Video calling is good enough with the 1.3 MP

The best part is the battery backup which lasts for almost 5 hours with continuous use otherwise upto 10 hours..and yes the 55 pre-installed apps are worth it..

Using it since 20 days..Overall, I would like to give it a 4.5 rating as the tablet hangs up sometimes for a very short while which is irritating at times but that just happens for the first 5 mins after its switched on..and it does not have GPS, though i will again call up Milagrow to confirm whether it can come or not..

I would definitely recommend this product as its the best product in this price range stuffed with great features and stylish looks..Other tablets with higher pricing have similar features so why not go for this amazing tab..!!! :-)

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Its Amazing

I recently ordered this tab, according to the specification sounds good. The main feature of this pad is A+ Grade screen quality which is best in its class.
Its nice to have latest Android 4.0.3.
3D film decoder is great

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Good product

I had ordered this product through Flipkart after reading the reviews on various websites. ALl the reviews are good and mine as well.

What's good - Indian co., HDMI & USB ports, can connect a mouse & keyboard, Also can connect external HDD up under 500 GB.. Plays all kind of movie formats, access to play store, Ice cream and is upgradeable

What's bad - Screen should been little more brighter.

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