Milagrow TabTop M8 Pro 3G
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Rs 17,940
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Milagrow TabTop M8 Pro 3G
Expected Price
₹ 17,940
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Milagrow M8 is the best Tablet PC in India

I recently bought the Milagrow TabTop M8 from Flipkart. The Tablet came in the slimmest of boxes and a designer one at that. The body finish is so attractive that it will beat an ipad or samsung hands down. the speed of processing...quadcore cpu and a quadcore gpu with a 2 gb double channel ram is just too good. The battery is monstrous with over 12 hours and the ability of the tablet to support a 64GB card and a 2 Terabye Hard disk is a boon for any traveling sales person like me. The HDMI mirroring, wireless is also a very convenient feature for presentations.


9.4 inch display
Rockhip 3188 A9 quadcore 1.6 Ghz
Quadcore GPU
16GB internal, 2GB Double channel Ram,
10 finger touch panel


Camera should have been much more powerful
USB charging should have been given.
Right now it supports through DC jack only

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Milagrow M8 is the best Quad Core Tablet in India according to me

I got my Milagrow M8 yesterday, i.e within one day of my order to you. I was pleasantly surprised on receiving it. The tablet comes with a very thin ply box not more than 15cm thick. It is unbreakable and designed to be carried in your handbag. The accessories come separately. When I opened the box, I was delighted. The slim design and sheer look of the product designed in note book form is awesome. When I switched it on the colors were very vivid, the brightness was better than my ipad and the viewing angles from all sides were almost 180 degrees. I wanted to quickly check the connections with the 2 terabyte external hard disk drive which the various technical reviews had mentioned and yes there it was. All my hard disk data was easily opening on the tablet. The 2nd thing which I wanted to check was the wireless display on the smart TV. I put on the wireless display and the M8 paired easily with the TV and here I was role playing a powerful presentation to a client of mine. The battery has lasted me more than 12 hours already and it still shows the 10% left. All in all this tablet PC from an Indian company Milagrow has delighted me beyond words. Thank you Amazon, Thank you Milagrow

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My words after using it for a month

Firstly, I am not a gadget freak and, I am not interested in latest specs/features. And, this is my first tablet. I bought this for use of entire family. My experience of using this tab in the order of my priorities:
1. Browsing - 9.4 inch screen is comfortable for browsing without frequent enlarging of the page. I am using both Android browser as well as the Chrome. I felt Android browser is more smoother and faster.

2. Reading - documents, ppt's, pdfs - options available for viewing and they are good. I have downloaded Kingsoft office for xls support. It works seamlessly. Favorable points here are less weight of the tab, thin physic and bright screen that help in reading comfort.

3. Games, for kids - My kids started playing subway surfer and temple run. Even I tried my hand in there. Never felt a lag or slowness in response. Despite of two to three hours of continuous play by my two devils taking turns the tab did not heat up.

4. Movies, music - I did not watch one complete movie but my kids are watching lot of you tube videos. Video and audio quality are superb. Though I have set my expectations for video quality, audio quality is really a surprise for me.

5. Connectivity - I think this feature cuts across all the above. I have tried all kinds of possible connections.
a. Wifi - no flaw identified so far. Very smoothly connected to my internet router. I have even tried connecting to my mobile via portable hotspot feature, the connection was very smooth.
b. 3G - I found it difficult to insert the SIM into the tab. I have struggled for about twenty mins to fit it right. Once understood the trick now I am able to put it in place in no time. I found the connectivity was not that smooth. It may be a problem with signal strength at the place where I tried this. I need to further experience this feature to conclude my view.

6. External memory - Connection to my 32GB pen drive was smooth and I played few video clips from the pen drive. I also tried opening documents from there. The Explorer is very handy in browsing through files (either on external memory or on internal memory). In fact when I played the 'Bolt' movie from the pen drive the speed at which movie started playing on the tab was amazing and forwarding & rewinding operations have faster response on this tab when compared to playing the same movie on my laptop.

However, one point to note here. I am not able to connect to my 1TB external hard drive. When spoke to Milagrow support, I have been told that the external hard drive needs to be externally powered. My WD hard drive is powered through USB. I do not have one that is externally powered, and I could not test this feature. So, I cannot say anything at this time on this feature.

7. Standby time - Initial ten days or so we have operated it for longer times (out of mere enthusiasm of using it) and, it required charging once every day. Now, the usage came down to daily 2 to 3 hours (it will further reduce soon). Now, battery stays for around 3 to 4 days.

Last but not the least, I am not able to find a case to fit my tab. It is not available in flipkart and in any of other e-retailers. It is not even available in market in Hyd. Especially as my kids often use this, my heart rate goes up when they use it as the tab does not have any cover. Not able to find a solution for this.

Overall, I am satisfied with the product. And, hoping that its performance shall last in this manner for ever.

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Poor performance stalls hangs doesn't turn on

The tablet kept hanging and switching off. At times it wouldn't turn on even though the battery was charged. I returned the product within a week of receiving it.

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This is a bad product

Do not buy Milagrow. This is a bad product
I bought one, the Wi Fi was not working
i tried to get it repaired, but impossible.
the screen is dull and for the same kind of money you can get much better products

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