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Motorola Moto X Play 32GB
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Good Good Good

It's a very good mobile.

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heating while taking video

it is horribly heating while taking any video even for 3 min.

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best phone under 20000

All what i need in a phone. The best thing it is waterproof ,good battery,gorrila glass and 21 mp cemra. A complete smartphone.

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Honest Review From a Moderate User

First of All, Flipkart Let me down this time, They cancelled my first order abruptly after making me wait for 10 days and i did not got any offer which i was supposed to get. Second order took 8 days to be delivered
So 1/5 Stars for Flipkart.

I have been using my Moto x play (32 GB version) for a week now...
and Here is my Review about it.

Note :The default aspect ratio is 16:9 which gives only 16MP but if we change it to 4:3 it gives 21MP
I think Most people comment Bad about camera is because they expected a DSLR Quality photo from a Mobile Cam when they hear about t 21MP

From my View The camera is really good for Outdoor Photography and Well Lit Interior Photos
But Its NOT good in low Lit interiors... Pictures show some grains when zoomed in.
May be this could be fixed with an OTA upgrade ,I don t know.


This is interesting experience for me.
Motorola site says it takes a dozen of full battery cycles for the battery to reach maximum potential . and I think its quite right.

Because first day i was really disappointed and got only 10 hours of battery life with Medium usage.

But Its been a week , Now Battery stands upto 22 hours with medium usage (I use full time wifi, Streamed many you tube videos and played games like CoC and Asphalt etc.
All my accounts like gmail, fb are all on full time auto syncing mode ).

So Battery is really good for a moderate user like me.


For me I have NEVER felt any lag or slowing down so far.

But performance of android totally depends on the Apps that we install. If we install Badly designed apps which drains ram and battery ,i think it might lag.
I am saying this because i have a friend who have 40K phone which lags because of all the stupid cheap Apps & widgets he installs in his phone.


It warms a little when playing games for long or when streaming videos for long. But only a warmness not overheating. I find it very normal for phones with large screens .

Those who whines about over heating either don't know what overheating means or they got a faulty phone from flipkart.

Special FEATURES :

Moto Voice Assist is very effective. I don't use my hands while in bed we can use our voice to unlock phone and read messages or search google.
First time i ever experienced a phone reacting very well to my voice and my accent.

Moto Display : this is feature instead of notification LED and i prefer this.
Moto senses When we take our device in hands it automatically shows time and other notifications for small time and goes back to sleep again and It uses very little battery only.
I really liked it.


While reading all the above you have to keep in mind you are using a 20K phone not a 30+K phone.
and Also the Brand. Motorola have lot of service centers and Customer service support. and will be getting Android updates first after nexus.

For a MODERATE USER this is a GOOD PHONE at this PRICE ..

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Super Awesome mobile

Super Duper Awesome MOTO X Play

I ordered it very first day on 15-Sept...and i am very happy on next day 16-sept flipkart delivered me My MOTO X Play. I ordered MOTO X Play White 32GB

Performance wise:-
-In starting i install bulk of apps to check its lagging and performance...surprisingly not found any lagg...its still working too smooth...
-Bcoz of pure android 2GB ram is much ore enough to play games.
-Ram almost available never lags.
-Can play high end games, ya temp rises but lightly.
- I am in chennai(Hottest city) and if chennai mobile is working fine that means its fine for all other states.

-Fabulous looking.
- I purchase white one. awesome finishing...
-Back side is tooo gooodd.
-outer and corners are safe and good.

-Fab Camera 21MP (4:3), u can select 16MP(16:9)also.
-Front cmer is tooo god for taking selfie.
-Screen is good
-awesome feather type touch
-lots of softwares provided by Moto X.
-work over my voice...even mobile is sceen off.....very good feature.
- speaker is good.
-Battery is too good...(Saturday, today....i charge mobile at 9am use whole day over wifi and download songs and watch youtube...approxx 6-7 GB date over wifi is used.....still it have around 20% battery on next morning ).
-works well and fast with 4G.

According to me its best mobile under 20k.

I waits for this mobile to launch in india...but rumors told that its launch 25k plus...on that time stll i am thiking if its launch around 22K i purchase it..But when its launch..m very happy....and i ordered 32GB verson in 19,999....

To good mobile
Main thing is its MOTO and Pure android which helps to get updates firstly and helps in improving laggs, battery life, free ram etc...

101 out of 100......... :) :) ;) ;)

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