Nokia Asha 201
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Rs 3,799
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Nokia Asha 201
Expected Price
₹ 3,799
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A boon for those who keep losing highend phones

I bought this low-budget phone simply because my high-end phone conked off and I lost the next one. But it turned out to be an intelligent choice because it contains everything and exactly what I need: I didn't need double SIMs, check. I wanted Hotmail, Gmail, FB and Wassup - check. I wanted Qwerty since Touchscreens aren't sturdy enough for my usage (hee...hee) - check. I wanted a cool looking phone - check. I need good music player and a decent camera - check. Above all, I got the white color - double check. This phone's more than worth it's budget. It loads Wassup application a tad bit slow. But then, once its loaded, it runs. I find its functionality just fine. I miss a few features that my high-end Touchscreen provided - small things like sorting the various sms to delete at the same time. But there are workarounds to that too. It's comfortable; it's decent. But that's just my personal view. There are so many gadgets out there, compare this phone versus all against your budget. If nothing else clicks, be sure you have this to rely on. :)

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One Irritating Flaw

This is a very good phone. It's great especially if you are sick and tired of onscreen keyboards. This phone has probably the best phone keypad I have ever used. And you get the usual Nokia goodies such as excellent battery life, durability and so on. All this is very nice except for one glaringly idiotic design decision... nnThe numbers painted on the keypad are painted in dark golden brown lettering on a black background which is barely visible when the keypad's backlight is switched off which happens a few seconds after you stop typing. So good luck finding the "1" key when you hear "For English press 1" during an IVR exchange. You can press any key to turn the backlight on but that key counts as input.

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Nokia Asha 201 Worst & Stupid Phone ever

Hi people, i got this phone in the month of January 2013,and it start hanging in same month, i m using 2GB memory card and this phone does not support that too, i am not able to view the pictures even, whatsapp also not working properly, Tottaly Waste of Money

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I come back to Nokia from Xperias. Xperia series are superb and premium and sexy, but as smartphones their battery sucks big time.nSo, here I am. This phone is packed with useful features. I am happy that I can change the screen brightness. This feature is missing in cheaper nokias and I hate bright screens. Anyway, there are home screen, tons of shortcuts, all kinds of message and call settings,.... etc,.. etc. The best part is that the battery last 3 days even under heavy usage. Under light usage it would last 1 week. I would have loved some basic wifi support, but, still the best phone for around 3.5k.nHighly recommended.

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Nokia Asha 201 Hangs every now and then

The Nokia Asha 201 I have purchased stops responding now and then for no reasons.nAt time refuses to come on after a switch off. Kept giving warning "Low Memory".nFinally I bought a 8 GB Memory Card and now everything seems o be okay!!!!nnI like the phone very much. But if you plan to buy Nokia Asha 201, make sure you buy a decent Memory Card too....else you will have issues.nnFlipKart Delivery : 10/10nProduct Features : 7/10nProduct Looks: 9/10nnGo for it if you are looking for QWERTY....else for 500-600 more you can get ASHA Touch phones with more features...

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