Nokia 206
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Rs 3,544
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Nokia 206
Expected Price
₹ 3,544
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good looking mobile phone that nokia provides in asha platform

not bad. make a new revolution




camera needed to be provided in atleast 3.2mp

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in this mobile dual sim ,slim type but 3G is suppoerted very nice............ pls tis mobile add 3G network sir..........


slim type


no 3G

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A gem from Nokia mines

This phone will be a reason for celebrations for nokia.
Referred to as a homage to Nokia6300, the bestseller of its time, this phone lives upto those expectations.
Lets discuss its Pros first
Big crisp screen (2.4")
Dual sim
Extraordinary talktime - 20 hrs
Nokia slam - no hassles of pairing to transfer files through bluetooth
Memory expandable upto 32GB
Lots of apps n games preinstalled
Good looks in Budget price (a rare in Nokia)
And yes! The Nokia Reliability

Cons are minor and are not going to matter for anyone.
Camera could have higher resolution for a few bugs.
It would have been better if it was dual sim active phone.

Overall its a great phone to buy at this price.

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Hang On Here is the true and Authentic review by a common man !! D D

Hellow Friends,

Here are the true reviews about this phone:

Used : 3 Months

Pros: The Good & Advantages
1) Express browser, Its true that it reduces 30-40 % of internet usage, very good speed cant expect better speed than this with 2G, Sites opens fast and supports all most all Mobile sites. (Dont expect desktop site pls )
2) Screen Size and Body: Big, nice and clear screen, with correct match to the Body and key pads. very Nicely built. Looks killer (white )
3) Camera : U cant , yes I Mean u cant expect a better camera than this taking into consideration the fact that camera is only 1.3 MP . Very nice ..same u can compare with all other phones in the Mkt.. But u cant match with this 1.3 MP camera ...
4) WHATAPP & FB : Again this is a gift for all the users as it has got preinstalled APPs. But BUT Note : This is a BASIC VERSION OF WHATSAPP dont expect rich and updated version.. its so basic u will more experience as sending SMS chat rather than whatapp wich you do on android phones. But u can still send and received PIC and Videos.. Wich takes so much time
5 ) YOUTUBE man YOUTUBE : yes you heard it rite man.. u can browse videos... only in the begining it buffers but once its started.. it will runs so smoothly ..BUT dont expect grt quality of videos.. u can watch vidz thats it ..

COns : The Bad and the Ugly disadvantages. :
1) BATTERY BATTERY : yeah its was a shock for Me :O ... really.... I never expected this from a basic BAR phone.... Battery drains in within some hours of use if you keep ON the Date (internet connection) and Battery chargeable time is 3 Hrs.. yes u heard it rite...
and after continueus usage of internet (whatsapp) for 2 hrs.. Battery drains up ..
Even if u keep the internet in ON mode.. with in some hours it comes to final Point... Very disappointing ...

2) VERY Basic Phone : While using this phone u will definetly get a feeling of using a Classic black and white (Feature and theme wise ) Nokia phone... All the apps are old and not updated... Which we used 7 years ago.. very basic..
3) Slow WHATSAPP , FB : Thought this phone has got these APps preinstalled .. but you cant expect speedy things in it.. u need to keep on waiting for opening , viewing , downloading wathcing the IMAGEs/ VIDEO sent on the phone.. Pheww.....sometime its so slow that You will b forced to lock the phone and get to work.. SLOw man Slow...
4 ) ULTRA SLOW System : Oh God.. I never seen such a Slow phone..E>G If you open the images folder to view the pics ... U have to always wait for open view n close... Phew...VERY SLOW>>>>>>>>>>>PHONE
5) VERY LOW INTERNAL MEMORY : Oh god.. its a mess .....if you chat with your frnds on SMS or even on WHATSAPP for long .... A notification keeps on flashing... Memory low memory low ..then u need to delete all SMS and WHATSAPP Chat.. Sad part is if you like to read the old msgs /chats of GF/BF again ..then no use.. bcoz after a long chat Phone memory fills and ask us to delete the memory... :( :( :( very sad.. and inhuman activity it is
No USB : no usb b port...

Conclusion : If you are user a basic phone user and want a decent chating on whatsapp/sms with limited access to internet and browsing THIS PHONE IS EXCLUSIVE MADE FOR YOU....Just go and grab It today itself... dont think for a second....
But if you are a young blood and want a speed in life , lot more to do on a mobile.... Then please avoid this TORTOISE SPEED PHONE... as per my suggestion .. unless you dont have much to spend on MOB. ..Rest upto to you.. and these reviews are as per my sole usage and experience with this Machine :-P

Hope this review will help atleast a single person in the planet...

And at last : Dont underestimate the power of a common man. !! :) :)

Hv a grt day :-) :-)

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Super Value for money !

One thing each mobile maker has forgotten that THERE ARE people who need mobiles for basis purposes. And who are not capable of using touch screens.

Thankfully, Nokia seems to have keep this in mind and they are still producing instruments with NUMPAD.

Excellent build quality. Slim and sexy.
Super loud speakers.
Freebies like free music and games.
Super bright and big display.
Ergonomic keypad, so easy for even elder ones. (Bought this for mom, she loves it)
Battery - as always, Nokia's biggest plus point.

Only one - Camera. It could be 2mpx atleast, as Nokia already offers that camera in this price bracket.

For Flipkart :
Amazing follow up of the order. Shipped in just 3 hours after placing the order.
And all the way from Delhi to Kutch - they delivered in just 46 hours !! Keep it up guys !

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