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Nokia Lumia 920
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bad battery backup (12)
awesome display (12)
awesome phone (78)
value for money (7)
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great sound (5)
hanging issue (6)
heating issue (29)
wireless charging (20)
optical image stabilization (9)
build quality (26)
talk time (3)
flash (17)
low light (9)
camera lens (33)
dolby (5)
screen protection (18)
reading (11)
features (76)
gaming (67)
beautiful (11)
recording (6)
panorama (3)
big screen (5)
screen brightness (5)
water resistant (3)
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Just make some good games

Using lumia 800 and it gets bored due to unavailability of games like , temple run, highway racer, unicorn dash etc.File transfer via Bluetooth is a big issue behind lumia 800s failure.U can say iphone also dont have the provision but they have the jailbr. And what is the harm to keep a memory slot God knows.


Everything is there. hope files can be transferred by bluetooth


No memory card slot, No good games.

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worst phone ever i saw in my life. i dont know the reason why nokia is launching phones in windows platform while others are releasing in android platform is a bull shit platform, for which you dont understand any thing nor learn any thing always think that, customers are like goats, they will follow what they will launch and explore.but it is 2013, every one is aware about the things and nokia have to pay a huge price for there decisions in smart phone making.previously nokia brand stands for user friendly phones, right now it stands for worst phones in the world.


no positives except camera


All negatives

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dual sim not mentioned

i want dual sim in lumia 920





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Dear Friends,

I do agree for few of his points that he has mentioned but not everything is true/apt.

Regarding Application Availability-

1) You just need to wait for couple of months to get all the top apps that are now making waves on Android. I'm sure they will work best on Windows Phones once they are made available.

2) Do you still think Google Maps is better than Nokia Maps/Drive. If so, then you need to give a try and you'll be surely amazed by the precision and the way Nokia Drive works offline.

3) All the apps developed by Nokia and Microsoft are best. You really don't miss anything that you'd have used in other OS. (As mentioned earlier Temple Run and other top games would be made available on Windows Phones very soon)

Regarding the weight issue-

1) Did you know that Note's weight was almost similar to Lumia 920? Yes it is and i understand that was a bigger phone. But you must know that its made out of cheap plastic and not of polycarbonate that gives premium look and feel with great reliability.

2) Nokia's PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack display is much better than any phones available in market. Checkout to know the differences.

3) A few grams more to make a sturdy phone with a bigger battery which is most needed should not matter in anyway.

Regarding the memory-
<br> 1) I'm sure you know that memory cards slows down the performance of the phone and wouldn't need much when you have SkyDrive. Create multiple Hotmail/Outlook accounts and store all your content on SkyDrive (each account gives you 7GB of storage).

2) People buy 8GB Phones paying over 35k and 920 is much better than those.

Kindly request you to visit the stores, play with it and buy if you feel it has impressed you. It did impress me and i'm very very happy and satisfied.

Thank you

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Unbeatable performance, Unmatched Built Quality and the Big Daddy of all Smartphone cameras!!

The Lumia 920 and Windows phone OS is an Addiction!!

You don t know what it really is and what it is capable of doing!!
Windows phone 8 is an amazing Mobile OS by itself, and it has been mastered with Nokia Quality and attention to detail! what else does a man need?? :-P

Nowhere on the planet can you find a phone better built than this one, in every way it outsmarts the entire lag infested, crappy Android phones!!

Well the windows phone 8 OS need a little Getting used to but once you do, you ll be laughing!!

You ll be laughing at everyone around you thinking in your mind Ignorance Is Bliss how ppl holding ancient androids and iPhone s, and have no idea about the level of comfort and joy you re experiencing with your Nokia Lumia 920, and the Windows Phone 8 OS!

I have a Lumia 800, running on Windows 7.8, and I m addicted!! It s a slightly lightened version of the windows phone 8 OS. and Runns so smooth!!

It is simple a phone with an unbeatable Built Quality and OS Stability!!
with Amazing Features!! which no other phone on the planet have!!
coming to the camera, Are you Serious?? :-P Like you dont know?? :-P
the whole world knows whose daddy!!

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