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OPlus XonPad 7
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Does not worth the money

This product is not a reliable one as per my experience. Though the back of it looks like premium metal, its not in reality. It came partially opened and as a result, when I inserted the sim, it just slipped into it. Customer support people of this company should start introspecting their design and manufacturing processes instead of suspecting the customers.


Auto focus on front camera
More cores for gaming


Fragile design
Bad sim card slot - do not blame customer, improvize design
inaccurate positioning of front camera
Problems with touch, hyper sensitive screen in my case
Low sound volume and quality
Problems in outgoing 3G calls
Poor video clarity -

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great phone that is under 10k

great phone bagging 5mp&1.2ghz quardcore & gpu sgx s554 something great antuate rating favourite device ya....


5mp camera in


sound clarity is slightly dissappointing

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Lean Mean Machine Gareebon ka iPad !!!! Buy It Without Second Thoughts

Its been a week since I am extensively using this product hence my review and feedback is purely on a weeks usage. This product is not an Amazon Fulfilled Product but still I received the order in two days through Blue Dart Courier. XonPad 7 is shipped from Noida.


1) Price 9990 (Plus 10% Cashback if you tend to hold an Amex Card)
2) Screen Resolution (1200 x 800) One of the Highest under Rs 10000
3) Great Battery Life. With GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi ON full time; the battery lasted for 14hrs. Takes 6 to 7 hrs to get fully charged again.
4) USB On The GO (OTG) works seamlessly.
5) Plain Stock Android 4.2.2. No Oplus Interface, NO additional gimmicky Apps etc.
6) King Soft Office: Comes bundled with free full scale Office Suit called KIng Soft Office. One of the best Android Office Suit.
7) Sensors: Comes with Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer or G-Sensor and GPS
8) Record Call feature
9) Virtual home button instead of a physical one along with that the best part is virtual Screen Shot button, virtual Volume Up and Down Button.
10) Camera: Moderately better rear camera when compared to tablets of same value and resolution. Rear camera comes with auto-focus limited to a distance of 4 feet. Front camera though 2MP but renders good image and video and you dont look bad at all on a skype call. Camera comes with additional options/modes like HDR, Smile Shot, Portrait etc and various frames etc.
11) Games. Played Temple Run 2, Subway Surfer, Fruit Ninja, Frontline Commando etc with absolutely no lag.
12) Played multiple HD Videos, paired XonPad with YouTube App on my blue ray player and it was easily able to cast the YouTube videos on my TV.
13) Blue Tooth and USB transfer works without hassle from Windows and Mac Laptops
14) Tethering and WiFi is smooth and 3G works fine.
15) Look and Feel brilliant at that price.
16) I even installed the Chrome Remote Desktop App released yesterday (16th April 2014) and using the Tab I accessed my home PC and it worked perfectly fine.
16) Last but not the least. The IN-Ear headphones provided are excellent. The Base, Tribble and the looks of it is very premium. It also comes with 3 pairs of additional ear buds for a perfect in-ear fit.


1) Though its lean and a 7 inch but 300+ grams starts getting heavier and heavier after 45 mins of use. So I advice to buy a flip cover with stand etc.
2) The screen attracts finger prints and its very evident and its very reflective too. So I advice to get a Matte screen protector that helps to avoid finger prints and glaze.
3) Lacks Magnetometer. That means we cannot use any Compass specific Apps.
4) The Speaker grill is right at the right hand side back corner. When you place the XonPad on a Table or on a Flip Cover the speaker grill gets shielded hence the voice get muffled.
5) Though the rear is a metallic cover but the front and the sides are plastic and the one that I got makes a squeaking sound when I hold the tab from the side.
6) Micro SD Card Slot and SIM Slot are exposed. Hence might attract dust or in case of accidental spill of liquids etc . Hence a cover specific to XonPad is a must.
7) Currently being very new, there are no accessories available like Screen Guard, Protective flip covers specific to XonPad.
8) The shift from Land Scape to Portrait mode takes a little longer. You will only make that out provided if you have used high end Samsung or Apple iPads. At times you might have to touch harder on the menu icon to populate the menu. Though this issue could be specific to my tablet.

Hence In a gist the Pros are far more than the Cons and with a price like this I guess as of April 2014 this one wins among many other as this comes with a built in 16 GB (12 GB Usable ) + support for additional 32 GB Micro SD card.

I called the XonPad/Oplus Support team for enquiring about Magnetometer and they said that the tablet does not have that sensor, But they provided me with an updated 512 MB firmware update file along with the steps to upgrade and post that additional features and apps got enabled. The support staff was courteous and willing to help. So no complains on that front too.


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Worse Product Even worse Service

Don't Buy this tablet, If you believe your 10k buck are hard earned! Think twice.. thrice.. n times before buying this. Battery is worse. After 3 months of usage the battery stopped working(full charge -10 minutes backup). When you send it to the service center, They say battery is swollen and you will have to pay for it. Customer care service is the worse and the whole process is quite painful. You keep on calling them and you will not get proper information from them @ proper time.
Its better to buy some reputed brands like lenevo, apple etc rather than these.

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no warranty

no warranty is provided for other accessories....................so plz dear buyers beware??? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ?????? ???????? ??????? ???????? ????? ???????????/

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