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Panasonic T11
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A branded low budjet smart performer 1 GB RAM for below 10000

Its only one week I am with my second smartphone panasonic T11, my first one was samsung galaxy ace. So I can only compare T11 with ace. The interesting thing is I paid 4000 Rs less for my T11 than the ace(8900 for T11 and 12500 for Ace). But I got a ram which is 4 times that of ace(256MB in ace), 4 times the storage (ROM, only 158 MB in ace) , 4 inch screen (3.5 in ace), a 1.2GHz quad processor while in it was only 800MHz. Thanks for the technologies. After long research only I buy this phone. So many options was there in my hand, below I am listing those options and why I didn't go for that.

1. Sony xperia M-(Almost Same configuration as T11, but only 1GHz processor and cost is 4000 higher than T11 )
2. XOLO play- acutually I reached the payment page of XOLO play, was so much interested in the nvidia processor (But was not satisfied with the brand)
3.Nokia Lumia 620- (First and the main thing is not android, and the 2nd is the RAM only 512MB)
4. Micromax canavs HD A116- One of my friend is having micromax he is satisfied with its performance (Cost wise its on the higher side, I was not interested in BIG SCREEN)

I didnt tried for samsung (They got enough money from me- I think I am a communist)

Now coming to the point:

Look wise T11 is having a classic feel, when I shown to my friends every one was impressed by the look. I am having a full black one, me too impressed by the classy look. T11 looks strong because of the chrome finishing in its sides.

Performance wise its proves that the configuration whatever in the book is true. Absolutely brilliant. Till now friends I never feel a lag in T11 (thanks for the RAM). He is a brilliant performer.

Screen wise T11 is not as good as my ace (Must remember its a gorilla glass in ace and TouchWiz), sometimes I felt some miss match in the sensitivity. But its not that much to worry. Some lags I felt in my ace also.

Battery, this is the area where T11 disappoints, 1500mAh does not drain, its actually rains like a monsoon when I am gaming in T11. For a 1.2 quad core 1500mAh is not enough I guess. In full charge also Du Battery (An android application for battery management) shows 17 hr remaining. Truly I don't know about the battery backup of other smartphones which are currently available in market. When compared to my ace which was having only 1350 mAh this is less(Less processor speed and less display size should be noticed), so I bought one power bank (But not used till now).

So overall I am satisfied with my PANASONIC T11, my suggestion is if you are frequent traveler, this is not the phone for you only because of the battery backup. But you if need a smart performer for a small budget then you are at the correct place.

NOTE: You wont get 1 GB RAM below 10000Rs for any other brand. (This I am writing on 11 October 2013 don't know what happens tomorrow).

Foot note: I am still having my samsung galaxy ace, now he is safe with my wife and she use to complain that I always use the new one, I think that is true.

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Please do not purchase ANY Panasonic product

This is the worst phone ever had or seen. Excessive heating problem could not be handled / repaired by the (?) service points. Please don't purchase ANY product of Panasonic. Their after sales service is very poor.

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Excellent product but with no flip covers available.

Unlike samsung phones this doesnt sport a flip cover which is more protective. else this phone has greatest configuration in its class.

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Panasonic Phones Branded Chinese Phones

I purchased T11 in March this year, and phone started showing problems in few days.
The receiver sound was very bad, and always had this crackling noise from start. Few days back it gave away, and niether the ear receiver, not the loud speaker was working. Battery backup was extremely poor, and even after night long of charging it still only charged half. There were really major issues with phone, which I never expected from a brand like Panasonic. I only chose Panasonic though it is new in mobile arena, only believing it would better than other OEM chinese phones that Micromax, KArbonn, Spice etc sell. Little I knew Panasonic is doing nothing different.

To top on this I am extremely appaled by poorest customer service from their Service Center - Shree Services, Patil Plaza.
I had given this phone on 5th August (Job Card : KJASPMH498814K1905), and today been 11th August - still there is not a single call from the center in regards to what the problem was, and whether its resolved, and whether I should collect or not I tried on the numbers 02069331234 and 9158009892 - it is seldom answered and attended by
very unprofessional staff. Nobody gives a definite answer of whats going on.

I am totally disappointed by the product and by the service. For sure, I will never buy Panasonic phones again.

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Very bad experience

I had purchased Panasonic against all advices from friends and family.
I ilked the feature, it has everything I wanted and price was very reasonable.

But just within two months it got display problem. Nothing was visible on screen.
When given to service centre in Borivali (Java Telecom) they said it will take 25 days to repair it.
I asked for replacement, but they denied.

When i received my phone from service centre, display was repaired but it got sound problem which was not there earlier. I could not hear anything. I had give it back to service centre. They repaired it.

After 8 days it again got sound problem. The voice was not clear. So I called Panasonic cutomer care and told them everything that happened and requested for replacement. Customer care simply denied the replacement and diverted me to service centre. Service centre had already denied replacement. So now I have to survive with faulty phone or buy new one.

Overall very bad experience with phone and also panasonic after sales team

Not recommended to buy (Zero star is not allowed in Amazon, otherwise I would given that)

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