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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
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Practically flawless phone

My first android phone was of Samsung, worked great and still working great. Before buying any phone we must go through the bus speed of the processor and then RAM, internal memory. After my first Samsung (Galaxy R) i bought Sony Xperia C and Micromax Knight. Because i have used Samsung so wanted to try something new. But believe me friends, with average specs, lookwise Sony Xperia C got charms, specs wise micromax Knight gave me much more (more beautiful and at less price) but the actual performance alongwith charm is reflected in Samsung Note 3 Neo. May be i am used to Samsung, but this set gave me satisfaction quality wise. Also tried core, grand and quattro of samsung, they were really pathetic! I have been using it for 10 days. Practically if you ask me, this phone fits my hands, awesome clarity, doesn't matter if it doesn't have full HD display, compare with the NOTE 3, you wont feel much difference but the price has got a big difference. Phone is worth buying...


Speed, smooth transitions, played asphalt, awesome performance, stylus becomes very handy at times, nice size, not very big not very small, Samsung apps gives a feeling of premium user, very very useful and impressive apps.


The body part, from distance looks cool, if you open the flap, you will be disappointed by the material!
I put a very beautiful back cover, so never mind what the back lid says!

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Very Good

I am fully satisfied . without hang problem.


very Good


Very Good

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not up to the mark

i purchased this cell phone on 11 of dec the phone is good excellent all on features and camera too but this device have a heating issue.......


camera looks display battery s-pen configuration


heating issue

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Perfect Phablet in this range

This is my first Android phone and I am completely satisfied with the performance after using it for quite reasonable time.


Camera quality, Smooth Performance, Display


Absence of FM Radio

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Don't review before knowing technical terms, Specs do not decide performance

Hello Geniuses!

1) Don't compare it to Note 2. It leaves note 2 in dust in almost everything. Its a real hexa core device, not upto Snapdragon 800 standards, but still able to hold out on its own as all 6 cores can work simultaneously.

2) There is no lag on the device, don't make assumptions just by looking at the spec sheet. Any device with 2 Cortex A15s is easily able to pump out enough juice to get android working smoothly, let alone 4 Cortex A7s joining it.

3) Due to lower resolution, the device gives exact same battery life of real Note 3 (74 Hrs with 1 hour of browsing, video watching, calling per day).

4) Also the gaming benchmarks EXCEED original Note 3, mainly because of the beefy GPU (Mali T624 can handle 720p resolution at breakneck speeds). Note 3 (1080p) gives 24 FPS in TRex and Note 3 Neo gives 25 on-screen. In Epic Citadel, Neo again tops Note 3 by 2 FPS (49 vs 47).

So the only downsides of Neo are 720p display, and lack of 4K video recording. 720p display is a blessing in disguise actually, its reasonably sharp (Damn, its a Super AMOLED) with punchy saturation at 267 PPI. Not upto Retina standards but still its very decent even for power users. Besides lower resolution display is much less of a hog on both battery and GPU, due to which they both give exceptional performance while keeping the costs down.

Also, 4K video recording is probably of no use for anyone buying Neo as someone who can not shell out another 6K for Note 3 isn't likely to have a 4K television at home either, 1080p is exceptionally sharp for almost all occasions and 8 MP snapper is more than enough for anyone but a photographer. Remember, in still shots, its not megapixels which determine quality (they determine size), its the quality of sensor which does and thankfully, Neo's camera quality is pretty good.

So stop comparing Neo with Note 2. It blows away Note 2 in literally everything. Both are in different leagues and hence the price difference is there.

If you want an estimation of raw performance (gaming, snappy navigation), never go on specs, always look for benchmarks of that particular smartphone. Then make a point about its power. Note 3 Neo is a Note 3 sans a few blings which result in lesser price and I think its reasonable enough.

Edit - Before comparing it to LG G2 / Nexus 5 / Z1, remember, they do not have that S Pen. Its not a fancy bling, but a highly useful tool for a lot of people, mostly professionals.... Also, as far as the status symbol is concerned, Nexus 5 / LG G2 won't get you as much attention as anything related to a Note 3 will. In India, Note line rules and gives one a lot of respect.

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