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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
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best ever mobile yet

samsung provides best features with best performance and camera clarity , awesome mobile ever in samsung note


high performance , awesome clarity , features, sensor etc


no colors, very high cost, common design no different look little bit curved look which is not safe

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Note Edge 2 Months Review

I picked up Note Edge two months ago in Seoul, Korea, where I am doing an exchange semester. Though the price was a bit less at around 60,000 but with insurance, original cover, no extra accessories and no difference in street price and MRP, it costs roughly the same.Unlike apple where the pricing is a lot different in the states and India, samsung, thankfully has not engaged in any such activities.Moving on to the product itself, the price seeing the recent market trends is completely justifiable. The curved edge of screen does not only look great but adds a ton of functionality. It is easy to look at it and call it a gimmick but till you don't try it out for yourself you won't know what you are missing out on. The edge screen is pretty useful for quick opening up apps and adds a lot of functionality in apps like flipboard, camera app and the default video app. Furthermore, tools like voice recorder, stopwatch,timer, torch and scale can be used without unlocking the device. For people who worry about durability, the phone feels good in hand and gives a good grip thus eliminating any worries regarding it slipping from your hand. The screen is also durable enough including the curve, you probably won't get a glass protector for the curve though. Finally, addressing the biggest fear, no you won't accidentally open up apps from the curve screen, nor is it uncomfortable to hold. I have been using it for two months now, never have I accidentally opened up any application or had any difficulty using the edge screen, it is as responsive as the main screen but has some added features which ensures it know the difference between a palm and a touch. I won't write about other things like the screen, camera or processor because it is the same as note 4. I do know for a fact though that the fingerprint sensor works better on my edge than on my friend's note 4, although my girlfriend's iphone 6 beats both when it comes to fingerprint technology. Final words, the phone looks good, feels good and works amazingly, if you want android this is as good as it gets, I won't include, Vertu and Tag Heur mobiles for obvious reasons, if you are confused between this and iphone both are good but it comes down to your preferred OS, this one just might have the wow factor and will give you the edge you are looking for (pun intended) ;-)

P.S. Owners Advise: I don't know if the original flip wallet cover is on sale yet because in Korea it came around 2 weeks after the phone but do invest your money on it, it is of great quality and does add protection but also makes sure that the edge is usable, it also adds a feature called "style clock for flip wallet", which works well and adds style.

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Not satisfies

Touch is not working properly and return page is also closed worst site and seller

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One Star

Defective product

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i'm very disappointed

got damaged item... i'm very disappointed

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