Samsung Galaxy S2
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Rs 25,123
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Samsung Galaxy S2
Expected Price
₹ 25,123
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Wrong price

samsung said it will be between 30-35 k donot buy if exceeds 32k


Every Thing



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Learn NOKIA learn

while da other brands have crossed the 1ghz mark years ago & now moved on to dual cores, da most popular brand in da subcontinent NOKIA is still proud of their 600 mhz trashes. hopeless!

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For all those who have the Samsung Galaxy S2

Guys and Gals... First off, there are two variants - Galaxy S2 I9100 and I9100G...

Those who have I9100G - Well I have nothing to say, but you just ended up in the wrong side of the table. I don't want to say anything about this model.

Those who own Galaxy S2 I9100 - This is the best DualCore smartphone that you can look out for. The only problem is the battery backup. But again, there are many ways to improve it. I customized in such a way, that I get 1 entire day battery backup with normal usage. Look up on the internet on the way to do it.

ICS 4.0.3 still have issues. Its not entirely bug free. I am waiting for its next update to resolve few known issues.

Also, when I did the upgrade from GB to ICS, I initially regretted as battery lasted only for 5 hours. ICS is powerful and it functions differently than the GB editions. that's why it consumes more power. It takes time to calibrate the battery as well (well wish Samsung included a 2000mAH battery). So have patience and learn about its features and functions to get the best use of it...

By the way - All Super AMOLED screens have limited life span. So don't expect the life expectancy of a NOKIA 3310.
Don't use bright and colorful screen. Go for a grey scale or less blue colored screens. Else you will end up burning some pixels in a year time.

Once again, Smartphones are for Smart People. Don't expect 100% satisfaction just out of the box. You need to learn about it and customize it.

Flipkart rocks! Keep it up!.
Thanks !! Adios!

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Samsung Galaxy S2

Samung Galaxy S2 Review


1) Super Fast Processor

2) 1GB RAM one more plus

3) Excellent Display (Adjusts display brightness according to conditions).

4) Excellent User Interface for phone calls and Android apps.

5) Camera is Good.

6) Music System Rocks (SRS Effect)

7) 16gb Phone storage is good

8) Touch wiz 4.0 is really good; I feel it s equal to Apple. (It s Butter ly smooth)

9) Battery Backup is good.

1) Best in smart phone category (Considering the display Size of this phone)

2) Battery Backup Depends on Signal Strength, WIFI usage, 3G/2G Connectivity

10) Most Android apps are free unlike apple apps.

11) 180 degree viewing angle

12) Browser is Damm fast

13) Multi-tasking is one of the greatest features. (Unlike apple)

14) HD movies are Dammm Good.

15) Video Recording is also good. (Video Quality)

16) we can carry additional battery (unlike one battery in apple which is fixed)

17) Excellent wizard to switch on of switch of GPS Navigation/WIFI.

18) Identifies your location in Google map with super fast processor.


1) Don t expect HD photos using this camera.

2) Email client is complicated.

3) It takes some time to understand user interface. (Not as easy as apple).

4) Would have been good if the class is scratch proof.

5) Charging of battery taking a bit of time.


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Please read before you buy!

This is the best phone YOUR money can ever buy.

First of all to all the users who are crying about the phones performance and battery, it is always advisable to get a little research done before you put in your money. We no longer in 80's and 90's when there were no tools available. Use the WORLD WIDE WEB a little rather and spending time behind comparing prices on other retailers.

Talking business...
I will try and talk as much as possible in a COMMON MAN's language.

I have been using this phone for last 6 months and have not encountered a single problem with it whatsoever.

It gets a little tricky!
There are two variants of Galaxy S2 available in the Market.
1) Galaxy S2 9100 (Older version - now phased out)
2) Galaxy S2 9100G (Newer version - too many stories about why it was launched)

I have used both the versions and there is a hell lot of difference in terms of performance. So please check that version you are using. Is it G or Non-G.

Now there is no difference in looks, price or specifications of the phone.

But when we deep dive in the the REAL TECHNICAL ASPECT, there two phone have different PROCESSORS and GPU.

Galaxy S2 9100:
This is the phone every hardcore android enthusiast would love to use at least one.
> The processor for this phone runs at the full allotted capacity 1200 MHz.
> Has a better 3D performance.
> Better performance and no lags on multitasking.
> Heats up a little on a heavy usage.
> Poor battery life compared to the other counterpart (9100G)

Galaxy S2 9100G:
Now this is the Greatest Smartphone for an ORDINARY MAN.
Yes, it would suit you if you have a fairly low usage and not a HD Game Freak!

> Compared to its counterpart, this phone seems to be CLOCKED/LOCKED at 1000 MHz, hardly runs at its full capacity
> Inferior 3D performance
> At times tends to lag and freeze
> A slightly better battery life
> Doesnt heat up

For people who crib or cry about battery life, there are some applications available which will help you get a better battery life.

The best one so for with over 10000000 downloads through Android Market, JUICE DEFENDER is best thing to save your battery. Help the developers and once you are comfortable BUY the paid version.

Be it a software or a hardware (phone), spend some time to learn it before you cry about it.
Remember guys these smart phones are just like mini computers, so surf the www and learn the tweaks.

Overall I would rate this phone a 5 for its sheer performance and value for money!

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