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Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB
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Best phone from samsung

People often don't like this phone because they haven't used it! But trust Samsung and use this product it's worth the money! And phone like these are the need of all people! From fashion to official! Only it has minor problem of battery backup! But still it's very minor! After using my first Samsung phone I forgot what was apple !

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Impressions, pros, cons, and a detailed writeup!

Alright, after two weeks of heavy use, I can call myself qualified enough to write a review, and I shall try to be as objective and subjective as possible, simultaneously. Please bear in mind that all the photos except of the phone itself will be taken with the Galaxy S6 (My old Moto G 2014 now currently in my sister's little hands will capture this thing's beauty in the meantime, or attempt to, anyway).

First off, the box. Nice and compact, it's as sleek as the phone I eventually uncovered with shaking hands. The box contained everything promised, a list of which is below:

*The phone itself: Slick, cool, and absolutely stunning finish. The finish is named Black Sapphire because of the bluish sheen it attains when viewed against light. The phone itself had no need for cheap, factory-installed screen guards or any sort of protective tape except a thin PET cover that's disposed of in seconds (Came wrapped in Gorilla Glass 4). Not that I wanted it to be that way for good, so I picked up a Spigen Capsule case and Crystal PET screen protector to complement it.

The headphones: Surprisingly good quality for something you get as a freebie, included a microphone and a remote for the usual headset functions, I'm using a pair of SoundMAGIC E10s without any of that jazz though.

The sim ejector tool: Self-explanatory. Push to eject the metal sim tray.

The heavenly godsend:The adaptive fast-charger complete with a USB cable from Samsung which lets you get like 20% charge in 15 minutes, and 90%+ in an hour. Crazy stuff. Once you use it, you can never go back to normal chargers. Ever.

Apart from that, manuals, a quick-start guide, and nothing else worth mentioning.

When I held the phone for the first time, I felt really scared.

The polished (Chamfered, they called it) edges were the only way to grip the phone, while the glass-clad front and back were very bad in terms of inducing confidence when trying to get a secure grip. Definitely buy a case or get a skin for the back panel if you're not Spiderman.

Booted up the phone, started in less than 3 minutes (Usually first boots take ages).

Setup the fingerprint scanner, disabled the bloat and got to tuning it, removing bloat, setting it up, making it mine. Took me an hour to get fully familiar with the feel and handling.

At the end of the day, it felt like a premium offering, and it was surprising that Samsung made the move to glass and metal. Smart move. The phone looked beautiful and was like a supermodel walking the ramp.



* Great looks. I mean it. The glass and metal coupled with the phone's shimmery finish is going to attract eyes whenever pulled out.

* Fingerprint scanner works pretty quick, Marshmallow coming up in less than 60 days will make it even faster at fingerprint recognition with the PayPal certified scanner.

* TouchWIZ is pretty lightweight these days compared to 2 years ago. Felt really natural, even though it didn't suit my tastes.

* The best camera. It's not even the fact that it packs 16 megapixels. It's the software optimizations that Samsung baked into this thing's sensor, it's just amazing. Evidenced by the casual photos I took below, and it still comes out looking great.

* Fast charging will save your life one day. Count on it.

* Phone is fast, smooth, and fluid. Use Nova Launcher, forget TouchWIZ.

* The screen is the best I've ever seen. 577 Pixels Per Inch, no jokes made. You cannot distinguish reading something on it from reading the pages of a book, it's that crisp.

* The best hardware money can buy at the moment. If you've got the courage to root, this thing will fly. Period. 65000~ points on AnTuTu after an hour of customization? Bonkers.

* Sound quality is great. The speaker is good for a single loudspeaker. Clarity is good. Easy to muffle with just a single stray finger though.



* Really, really slippery. whether you're trying to grip the glass or the metal. Use a case. Please. Also, the little camera "hump" at the back is also one more reason why I bought a case to cover it up.

* You get 25 GB of free space on the internal storage right out of the box (On the 32 GB version). While it doesn't matter to most users, some power users might want to get the 64 GB version.

* Battery life is bad, until you debloat using Package Disabler Pro and disable things you will not use. Everything counts, all you need is a little googling and the effort to tweak it like it's yours, and truly make it your phone. Lasted me approximately 12 hours until I got back from work with 1% battery left. It was the only time I didn't take the fast charger with me, and after that, no sweat. A charging session while you have lunch, and it's ready to go the distance.

* The back of the phone is the only part that overheats, and that's only when it is charging. Otherwise, nada. The Exynos chipset at work on the 14nm architecture really shows its bearings here. Slight heating when multitasking extensively or benchmarking.

* The in-call speaker is somewhat quiet, but remedied by turning on an option when in-call ("Extra volume" as Samsung calls it).



The phone feels, looks, and runs like a flagship, period. Go with your heart and buy this beauty. I was sorely disappointed by OnePlus, but that was after I bought this after enough waiting, and I'm glad I bought this beast. It's a great phone, and will last you at least two years while being a great performer, no sweat. It's nice and compact at approximately 138 grams (Lighter than my older Moto G2), and has a great 5.1" quad-HD screen that is so crisp it pops up at you.

Samsung has done it, and in what a style.

I do not regret buying this phone. At all. Once I root, that'll just be reaffirmed. Solid purchase. Amazon's One Day delivery was on point as usual. Got the phone by next evening at around 4 PM.

Ask questions below, and I'll be answering them whenever I can. Fire away!

Images here, if you wish to view them, since Amazon wouldn't allow me to upload 16 high-res images:

AnTuTu score as of today:

If you found this information helpful, please hit "Yes" below to encourage me to write more reviews! :D

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vikayacha ahe pramod jadha

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Awesome mobile... what a quick response.. best mobile for 2015

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