Samsung Galaxy Star
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Rs 3,756
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Samsung Galaxy Star
Expected Price
₹ 3,756
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call Recording facility not working

I was demanded a mobile which supports the ''Automatic call recording Facility''.The Samsung mobile dealer "S.S.COMMUNICATION & SERVICES,KOlhapur " given me SAMSUNG -S-5282 IMEI NO.358304053051821 on 29/09/2013 by showing call record facilty but there are no such facility in this model.





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Samsung Galaxy Star S5282

फोन स्पेसीफीकेशन्स -ड्यूएल सिम स्लॉट. -अन्ड्रॉइड ४.१ जेली बिन ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टीम -५१२ एमबी रॅम -४ जीबी इन बिल्ट, ३२ जीबी क्षमता -३ इंचाची स्क्रीन, २ मेगा पिक्सल कॅमेरा -४.० ब्ल्यू टूथ -१२०० एमएएच क्षमतेची बॅटरी




3 G

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waste phone

in a few months screen was lost. voice in call is not clear. recently i encountered another problem like internet is disconnecting very frequently. its better to buy china phone not this phone





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Nice Phone and Whatsapp is working fine

Dear All,

I have ordered the phone on 4th June and got it on 6th June, the delivery is as fast as ever and with reasonable price. You may get the lesser price then flipkart but flipkart service is awesome, the products are genuine and on top of that 30 days replacement guarantee but still you can use your discretion and buy from wherever you want.

I start with those who believe that whatsapp is not working with this phone. (First of all you need to understand that if whatsapp is not working in this phone means whatsapp has to modify their application not the samsung who has to change their handset coz samsung is a bigger brand then whatsapp) Anyways lets not get into unnecessarily discussion.

You may not be able to install whatsapp thru play store but you can download it thru watsapp website to your phone and then run it or download whatsapp.apk file to your computer and transfer the apk file to your phone and then run the apk file to install whatsapp. Its running.

There are number of people who are complaining about the screen size of this mobile. I really wonder ain't they checking specification before buying or samsung is claiming 4" screen for this phone and when actually they get the handset they get 2.9" screen? As it is mentioned in the specification the screen size is 2.9" only so you will get 2.9" only. (so in the price of peanut you will get peanut only, if you want to buy gold in the price of peanut means you are mad) People who want bigger screen, i request them spend some more money and go for a bigger screen phone or buy a cheaper brand phone with bigger screen if they want big screen in same budget. I am also using MMX A25 with same screen size in 3k only and that also a good phone.

It has no 3G as mentioned in the specification, but I dont know how many people who buys 5K phone and using 3G?? People using 3G must be using more than 10K phone (Predominantly - not always but majority)

- It has internal storage of 2GB with 512MB ram (Checked),
- One of the latest version of Android
- USB tethering & wifi hotspot (for those who knows what it means) so I take data plan for one phone and run 2 phones (My samsung and MMX) at home (or at same place) but on 2g only
- Google maps and navigation
- Almost all inbuilt Google services like Gmail, Gtalk, G+, Gmessenger etc.
- Camara 2MP but still decent for people like me (Again if you want more, pay more)
- If you are buying the phone for gaming then the screen is really small for that (though hardware is strong enough to support heavy games), but then i really dont understand the purpose of mobile coz i think mobile is for communication not for gaming, and if you want bigger screen for gaming buy a tab in 3k, i can give you the good brands of tab in 3k
which will give you 7" screen.

Its a good branded 2G phone in less than 5k with really good specifications. You will not get better than this in this budget in current date (May be after 1-2 years you may get). If you want branded phone with 3g & Big screen then pay more or else go with some Indian brands with same budget. (Though Indian brands are also not bad, the only problem in 5k - they do not offer high internal storage, if you want more internal storage you have to pay more even in Indian brands)

Though I am not that techno savvy to resolve you queries but still you can reply me on

P.S. - Regret for any spelling and grammatical mistakes, so plz do not draw my attention toward that.

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Feeble chipset and screen Good OS and price and Its from Samsung

Yes, it is lowest priced Android smartphone by Samsung, but for that they made the hardware feeble. It is powered by a SC6820 chip from Spreadtrum (single-core 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A5 with Mail-300 graphics). Naturally it doesn't support 3G. None of the Spreadtrum's processor support HSPA standard used for 3G in India. So you are stuck with 2G or to search for a Wifi connection. Now a days cost of 3G service is comparable with 2G and 2G is really slow. It will be hell to download any app in 2G.
The screen is small for a touchscreen only mobile and that too of low resolution. Its really tough to type on small onscreen keyboards, or to view a website. Anyway you will not be interested to surf internet on slow 2G. The Lack of 3G and the 3" screen with low 320 x 240 (QVGA) resolution is the main weakness of this set.
Performance wise it is not so bad.. at least comparable with previous budget Galaxy sets. Samsung has giving Android Jellybean 4.1 instead of turnkey Android by Spreadtrum, so they have made it by themselves, and so it is expected that the SW is optimised for the device and 512 MB RAM is OK for it.
Actually don't expect something spectacular but the phone runs Android 4.1.2 fairly well. Games like Temple Run 2, Stick Tennis run satisfactorily..for the price.
At this price this is the best from Samsung.. They are not going to leave their profit anyway.. Now if it fits your requirement and bill is to be decided by you.. You are getting a smartphone with proper OS at the price of a feature-phone and its from a reputed company Samsung :-)

1) Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung customization and motion UI
2) 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage and Micro SD support up to 32GB
3) Dual SIM
4) Wifi
5) Low price
6) Support network - Its from Samsung, a reputed brand

1) Small 3" screen with very low 320 x 240 (QVGA) resolution
2) No 3G (Now a days cost of 3G service is quite comparable with 2G)
3) Feeble chipset
4) 2MP camera (Well, OK for this price)
5) No A-GPS chip present.
6) 1,200mAh battery (but with moderate use it should easily last a day)
7) This handset support only Micro SIM. You need to cut your existing SIM.

Note: Whatsapp works in this set. For Whatsapp to work download it from its website( and then install.

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