Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 3G T231
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Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 3G T231
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it is of no use

waste having it no use camera is vry bad....


waste of buying


please do not waste money on this product

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Worst customer service and service center ever !!!!

Hi All,

I have brought a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 T211 on October 2013. Performance of tab is very poor. Frequently hanged or switched off.

Currently tab is in warranty period . 2 week Before suddenly tab got shutdown .

I submitted the tab to service center . They replied that they will repaired the tab writhen 1 or 3-4 hrs and will inform me.

After 2 days they called me and informed me that it has liquid damaged and I have to pay 5000k for that with very rude behavior .

I called customer service but they have the same tone , that you have to pay 5000k.I am trying to convinced them that it is not my fault and they are not opening the tab in front of me. How can I be so sure that it is water damaged not there fault for earning money .

After 4 days they replied that I have to pay for the motherboard damaged.

I am so much disappointed with there behavior .

I am not goanna buy any product of Samsung.

Average product quality with Worst customer service .

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Awesome looks Disaster Battery Life

I had Tab 2, then I got Tab 3 for My Dad, and now Tab 4 for My Mom. Overall, We are Tab-Family ;) So I feel I can best comments after compare these Generations.

Wow about Tab 4 :
1) Awesome looks: Very trendy
2) Amazingly light weight;
3) Too good touch screens and Interface;
4) Offcorse, Android 4 Kit-Kat

Bad about Tab 4:
1) Battery Life is total disaster. You may have to charge at least twice a day even if You are a optimal user;
2) NO Earplugs ? Damm

Total Rating :2/5

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Three Stars

Camera performance not good

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Among the best in the price range

The Samsung Galaxy tab is a pretty decent buy for the price we pay. It has been a couple of weeks since I got it and here is what my comments are

1) Display is decent.
2) Response time is good.
3) Played most of the regular games with no lags shown. I do not play with the really graphic intense high end games. But Subway surfer kind of games were fine
4) Battery needed recharging every 2 days with wifi and BT on most of the time and averag usage of phone and tablet.

1) Clarity of videos is not upto the mark. Pictures do not appear as sharp as they could be for the pixel density. This was especially for HD video of YouTube.
2) Of there is one thing that could really need improvement then it is the camera of this tablet. With normal indoor lighting the picture is not even of acceptable quality.
3) This may be a problem with KIT KAT based devices, but is surely an irritant. Documents stored on SD card cannot be edited by applications like your office software. You will need to edit the documents on the phone memory and manually sync the SD card and phone storage.

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