Samsung Primo
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Rs 5,187
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Samsung Primo
Expected Price
₹ 5,187
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not so good

strong design good battery backup 3.5 really fast but worst browser which supports nothing video player too bad if you are looking for a 5mp cam long battery backup phone this is it ,but otherwise you will be disappointed.


5mp cam


no apps and mp4 normal video not supported

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Above average phone

Above average phone


light weight, simple UI, good looking


wifi missing, keypad make little noise on key press

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Best Buy............... Most Recommended..... S.D

If u want a substitute for Nokia X2 of switch to Samsung then go for it. It is the best phone under Rs.6000.

5 MP Camera with Led Flash and Auto Focus
Brilliant 5.1 channel sound Quality
Big and Bright Screen
Facebook and twitter app preloaded
Mobile Tracker
Application lock like message, call log, gallery. This feature comes in all samsung phones.
White Colour Earphones
Aluminium body so that it can survive if the phone falls from hand.
Samsung Apps

I didnt like is that the following things are not included in the box :
No Data Cable
No Memory Card
No Cover

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For Full Specs, please see the gsmarena site
I am going to write some other aspects of the phone which I could not find there.

More than great battery backup. Will last more than 4-5 days on decent use.
Amazing ear-phones. Loved them. 3.5 mm jack port. So they do not disconnect on slightly moving the cell, as in many SOny ericsson phones. Come in small, medium and large sizes. They are insertable into ear, so no outside noise. Also did morning jogging with them, they do not fall off even while sprinting. Cool white color. ear-phone cord, great elasticity. Doestn jumble up much on putting in your pocket.

Good Camera. Delivers nice pics as a 5 MP camera. Do not expect digi-cam level clarity but its pretty good.
Bad speakers. Not so good volume output by the speakers, when you put a call on LoudSpeaker mode. Although music's volume is decent.


Change to many themes. As with most Samsung phones, only 3 themes available. Tried searching on net, but could not find many. Someone who has found any, please tell me also.
In built music player is not very good. Not in terms of sound n all. Sound n all is perfect with many options like 5.1 speaker effect, auditorium effect etc etc but I have complains about the way songs are organized. They are not organized based on the folders in which they are. Let s say I have organized all tracks on the memory card by my choice, say fast, jazz, really slow, senti, romatic etc , the tracks in the music player wont be in the same order. They will be mixed up. So it makes it tough for me to organize them into a playlist. In my previous cell(Sony ericsson w700i), I was able to get the songs folder wise from the memory stick, so it was pretty easy to make playlists based on how I had stored the songs. This is a big drawback as per me.
In case the phone is locked, a call comes, you pick it up, end the call after talking, the phone doesn t goes to lock state as it was when the call came. It becomes unlocked. This is a unwanted thing as per me. It should stay locked.
So far hav nt found a way to put a numbered lock on cell keypad. Please let me know if there s a way.
When in incoming call is coming and its on vibration or melody either, there is no way to stop the vibration or melody without picking up the call. You have to either pick up the call or reject it to stop the vibration or melody. BIG DEAL-BREAKER for me.
Even if you have saved some contact s birthday, it doesn t automatically buzz an alert on his birthday. It should. You have to explicitly put an alarm or task for that day.
Can t turn on T9 predictive output permanently. Every time you write in some writing interface, like sms or task or memo, you need to explicitly turn on the T9 by pressing hash key. A big botheration as per me.
While writing an sms or anywhere else as well, the speed of deleting the words does not increase if you keep pressing the clear or erase button. I mean it clears the written text at the same pace, even if you keep pressing the clear button. As per me the speed should increase and it should clear faster. This is a big headache when you want to clear a large text.
No uniformity in the numbering of menu options. For instance in some menu, the shortcut number to delete something say an sms or some file is 4. DELETE, but in some its number 2. DELETE. This is a bug, since majority of people try to and tend to remember the shortcuts rather than navigating with

Do let me know in case you find a way to do the things mentioned in Can't do section.

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minimalistic rockstar.

absolutely perfect choice for you if:
1)battery life concerns you - full charge gives around 3 days with avg use
2)you dont use your phone for much of emailing - though it has 3g, alphanumeric keypad for emailing is a royal pain; texting on the other hand is fast n breezy - good storage capacity for sms freaks
3)you like an intuitive-no nonsense UI: the user interface is one of the best parts for me about this phone - no lags whatsever, super fast and really suble but smart things like automatically adding your words into predictive input etc...really neat UI - shortcuts configurable - one click application usage - brilliant!
4) u like listening to music: the only phone after sony ericsson where the music quality can actually be compared to mp3 players - lovely.
5) cam - nice but no zoom - so overall just about good.
6)occasional net surfing - google search embedded...even without 3g - the edge gives a liveable response -gets the job done in case u want to do a basic google search or download apps - but on the other hand, compatible apps r only a few due to the small screen size - so net users better stay away.
7)its suc a peace of mind to have this one; if ur past experience with blackerry drained you, or if ure just too done with being always connected, and looking for a phone that is RELIABLE, sturdy and easy to live with, look no further!!

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