Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman
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Rs 9,999
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Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman
Expected Price
₹ 9,999
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better android phone than a walkman



good sound, one of the best midrange android phones.


poor browsing speed

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live with walkman, not yet released in india

wrong info by, live with walkman, not yet released in india





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I would like to clarify few of the popular cons...

1. Video call not possible using GSM. Possible only through GTalk or Skype. - What moron tries video call in GSM network? 2G "DOES NOT SUPPORT" video call. It supports very primitive data rates. A data rate for a video call cannot be satisfied completely by GPRS or even EDGE. Only in a HSDPA or 3G or LTE network do u get data rates enough for smooth video call. And if someone is not using 3G and still wants to make a video call then obviously he has to use GTalk or Skype..which then becomes a data service..not a voice service.

2. RAM 512 is not used fully or Game running slow - Do you tell the handset how much RAM to use? Depending on the app, beckground apps, storage location, battery left, etc the processor decides it. Did u know a game in ph memory runs a hundred milliseconds faster than one stored in a micro SD card??!! Maybe the game itself has failed to tap all the available RAM. Its definitely NOT the handset.

3. Data sharing with PC via Wifi/Bluetooth not possible - Its perfectly posssible. sanding and receiving files via bluetooth is a breeze. Are u sure ur PC even has bluetooth dongle or in-built bluetooth? Wifi protocols and authentication must be setup properly (not like a lousy couch-potato) to do the same. Configure the darn wifi router.

4. Poor battery - Yes a 1200mAh battery is a bit disappointing. But hey have u first checked out other ph batteries in this range? How many Androids do u people juggle at the same time? If more than 1 then seriously get a Net-book. Stop wasting ur father's hard earned money.

5. Small screen - Well do u guys want a freaking 42-inch LED on ur darn phone???? That too at 14k????

6. Android upgrade - Sony (not Sony Ericsson anymore) recently confirmed that all its Xperia handsets will support upgrade to Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. Guess what..LWW is the O-N-L-Y non-Xperia mobile which will supprt this upgrade. Sony is conglomerating Android 4.0 with its OS nd thats why its takng a bit time. But hey, atleast u can upgrade...others can't!!!

7. Motorola Defy is better - All crap. A 800MHz poop with ancient Android 2.1 aka Eclair cannot truly be compared to 1GHz and Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (yes i can get that old guy). Well lets say Moto just Rolled over and died.

8. Media Player supports only mp4, 3gp, wmv - Well which freaking handset supports mkv,avi,vob,dat,mpg etc??? Stop misleading people. Everyone downloads a media player for those. Thank god its Android. Symbian does not even has a decent media player.

9. Bad camera, bad snaps in low light - Its a wonderful camera. Do u expect DSLR like snaps with 5MP? If yes then get a DSLR instead. What is the flash for if u dnt use in low light? A lot depends on the darn photographer!! Just think..will Karan Johar let u film (that is shoot on camera) his movie? Why not? Lolz.. Get real.

Any more..???

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Walkman Spirit, Android Inside

Fact 1: Samsung Galaxy Ace has been tenaciously holding on to the mid-range for quite some time now.
Fact 2: Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman is keen to change that.

A list of specifications that would put most top-dogs of yesteryear to shame is a good base to start from. Indeed, Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman comes with mouthwatering hardware (and latest android software) considering the price tag hanging over it. Add to it the planned upgrade to ICS and it probably becomes a seemingly irresistible package, or does it? The pros and cons will put us in a better position to answer that.

1. A 1 ghz ARMv7 processor coupled with 512 mb ram is rare for an android device at this price. It sure assures smooth handling of the OS.
2. Adreno 205 gpu.
3. Planned ICS upgrade is a huge plus. It means your phone is highly unlikely to get outdated in the next year or so.
4. HD video recording (although not perfect, it is way better than what most competitors have to offer).
5. Walkman lives true to its name, provides excellent audio output.

1. The screen is smallish, has poor contrast and inadequate viewing angles.
2. Video player handles only mp4 and 3gp format (the stock video player). It can handle 720p videos though.
3. The all plastic build and 14.2 mm waistline do not scream premium. To be fair, it was never meant to be a premium device after all.<br> 4. Battery backup is uninspiring.
5. 320 mb internal memory is a painful restriction. It means you cannot install a lot many apps (as quite of them have to be installed on the phone memory itself).

At the end it is about getting your priorities right. If you want the latest android on a good processor on the cheap, look no further.
The most obvious alternative would be the Ace duo. Samsung galaxy Ace has been selling well. It has a 800 mhz processor and 256 mb ram. Its internal memory is low as well. Video recording is as worse as it gets but it has 0.3 more screen estate. Ace plus will now be rolling out soon. It ups the ante with a 3.65 screen and a 1 ghz processor combined with 512 ram.

Nokia 603 comes in a similar price and with very competitive hardware too. The HD video recording on board 603 is far better, as is the Nokia Clear Black Display screen. Although it beats Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman on many other counts as well, Android ICS and Symbian Belle are not quite in the same league.
Nokia 700 is another alternative with a 3.2 inch AMOLED CBD display and very attractive profile. HTC Wildfire S is also worth a mention.

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Awesome Supercool gr8 Value Phone

I bought this phone yesterday ....I dont have any regrets buying it.
Pro :
1.Phone is super cool.

2.Timescape UI is excellent.

3.Touch Screen is extremely respnsive

4.Sound quality is mind blowing. It is too loud when u use xLoud.

5.Few ppl say sound distorts in xLoud....i dint hear any distortion.

6.Sufficient internal memory u get to use around 296 MB.

7.Phone is lightening fast with 1 Ghz Scorpion processor.

8.All apps u will need r avalaible though i had o download Documents to go as it doesnt give u a document editor.

9.I wont agree that display is dull.
U get a walkman worth rs 3000 free which will not make u miss even sound of a "pin drop".

10.Call voice quality is very clear.

1.Battery drains quite quickly ....more than expected...but this is a problem in all smart phones i cant really call it a con. but i m disapponited with the battery.

2.Camera qualtiy is avg. Though is 5 MP i felt as if its 3.15 MP

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