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Sony Xperia U
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features (120)
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xperia u

this is an awesome phone from has good look, which is further enhanced by its beautiful bar of colours.It has on 1gHz*2 which means a dual core phone.It is capable of running hd as well as thd flawlessely.People question about its battery backup its battery backup is actually very good.People who say battery life is low are BULLSHIT.If u continue to use the phone without stopping the n of course its battery will drain.DUMB PEOPLE FORGET TO CLOSE THE APPS RUNNING IN BACKGROUND DUAL CORE WILL RUN ALL THE APPS IN BACKGROUND BUT AT THE COST OF BATTERY AND DUMBER ARE THOSE WHO USE TASK KILLER OR BATTERY SAVER APPS INTELLIGENT ARE THOSE CLOSE APPS IN BACKGROUND BY LIMITING THE PROCESSES. SONY PHONES ARE VERY AWESOME WHICH MAKE THEM DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS.THATS THE POWER OF SONY LOVE U SONY


good smooth performance pixel density


just memory nothing else

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review of my sony xperia u mobile phone...

i got my xperia u 3 days before and the phone is simply supper, frnds go for it u will enjoy the mobile.





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Avoid this....

I bought this last week.Though the features are good and may attract you but the sound and battery is very bad.Headphone sound is quality is good but the ringer sound is very low.If you are in a noisy place then surely you will not able to hear the sound.Vibrator is useless. Battery lasts 10-12 hours after full charging for me.I am an average user.I downloaded battery saver apps but it also doesnt help. The specifications may look very attractive but ultimately when you have the phone in hand,you will regret. I bought it from Flipkart and faced problem in delivery.





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horrible mobile from sony till date

bought 15 months back, the touch screen went wrong in 7 months, the mobile was in warranty and got it replaced 4 months later again the same problem is there and the service centre ppl are asking 5000 rupees and zero warranty.


good internet speed


don't buy it

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ignorant people stuck to memory

specially @yuvananda praveen, u're talking as if someone is forcing you to buy this phone. flipkart has other range of dual cores with removable battery with card slots, go buy them. this is for budget concious people who want a dual core. and being the ignorant person you are, you wouldn't even know that the chipset used by sony in the u is far far more power efficient than other chipsets....this will easily last longer than a sgsII with a 1650 mah battery. educate yourself on tech matters before spewing hate comments and influencing the prospective buyers.

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