Sony Xperia tipo
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Rs 5,084
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Sony Xperia tipo
Expected Price
₹ 5,084
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just buy it....nnscratch resistant glassnVERY LOUD SPEAKERn1500 MAH batteryn512 mb ram n800 mhz processornAndroid 4.0nnYOu won't get these features at any branded smartphone at these price......................

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Hmmmmmmmmm,THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys this phone packs with the premium ANDROID ICS software,and comes with all that funky sony stuffs. The touchscreen is just mindblowing,the music is fabulous,camera is good but not the best. As always Sony does it, this boy comes in a premium sony design. Very comfortable in hands and I think 1gb internal storage for these kinds phones is more than enough. U get a micro sd card slot expansion for upto 32 gigs and Sony gets u an online storage of 50gb for lifetime. U also get an free screen protector from Sony Unlike Samsung sony gets an update of 4.1 for this buddy boy later this year because as we noticed an entire sony 2011 smartphone line up got an update to ICS. Guys I found many of them complaining about the battery issues and heating of the mobile. I would like to advice all of you to use this app battery power saver recommended by Sony,the app tells you on how you can consume Your phones battery wisely and prevent unnecessary heating of the phone. Guys I can say just go for it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just go for it!!

About the phone: Well this phone is a steal for the price we get it. Android ICS, great speaker output, good feel while holding in the hand and great battery life. About Sony: I hear people still saying that Sony is not good at mobiles because of the joystick and keypad problems they had with the old generation Sony Ericsson phones. But believe me guys, the XPERIA range is in a separate league of its own. No flaws here. In-fact these phones have one of the best touch screens among all. So go for it and feel the difference.

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Absolute Nightmare..

I bought my sony xperia tipo off flipkart as soon as it came out, as I was extremely excited about it. It is my first smartphone. I bought a 32gb San Disk MicroSD card too since i like my music and sitcoms. Anyway, it worked absolutely beautifully for about 4 weeks or so when it suddenly started giving me huge problems.. The phone would hang once everyday, which could be solved temporarily by taking out the battery, placing it back and turning it on, but after a week my it completely gave up and would hang at the "SONY" start-up screen itself. I deposited my phone to the Authorized Service Centre in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, where they upgraded its software and the phone was partially resurrected but only briefly for a period of 4 days when again it started giving even bigger problems. The Music Library and both the Photo Galleries were suddenly gone. The phone refused to read my SD card, which was functioning perfectly fine as i checked it on another device. The problem was clearly with the phone. The service staff was utterly dumbfounded and had no idea why this happened. Their only diagnosis was to replace the phone's Motherboard with a new one (which had a different IMEI numb er too). As I had no other choice i agreed. After a period of nine days I was texted to come and collect the phone. And remarkably even with a NEW MOTHERBOARD, the phone again REFUSED to read data on the SD card! Both the Xperia gallery as well as the android gallery crashed within seconds and I could not access my music library at all, as Music would "Not Respond". I've tried changing it to MSC from MTP (as was suggested on a forum), but without any success. The most annoying thing is that it has completely ruined my delightful experience of whatsapp and facebook and a host of other apps where you can share photos. I'm EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with the product, which worked oh-so-perfectly for one month, i was absolutely in love with it.. But these headaches are proving to be too much. The One Year Warranty is utterly laughable to say the least. Sony should be SUED for selling such a defective piece at such a large scale! This phone is UTTER GARBAGE. Plan to sell it off and keep the SD card, use it on a better phone. Never buying Sony again. Steer WELL CLEAR of this product. It'll work perfectly for some time, but inevitably will fail.

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SAR value is very high

The SAR value of this phone is very high...1.62w/kg... Phones having high radiation absorption rates are not recommendable. So while checking configuration of phone have a look into the SAR value also.

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