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Swipe MTV Slash 4X
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MTV Slash 4X The MorethanValue for Money Tablet

I purchased this Tab after analyzing more than 30 tabs in Indian Market. Though I was apprehensive about the Brand since it was not popular in India, the features have attracted me. With Android JB 4.2.2, Quad core 1300 processor, 1GB Ram and 7" IPS OGS Display, this was the best choice, I felt.


Reasonably good Display.1 GB RAM, Quad Core Processor, Android JB 4.2.2, 4GB ROM, Slim Body, Impressive Metallic finish Backside.Excellent customer service feedback.


The OGS is a bit risky. Even a slight pressure may result in a crack, as I had faced. When I tried to fit it in a flip pouch, the screen cracked and had to be replaced. Volume is very low as the speaker quality is not so impressive. So, we have to either

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First Rate Performance, Third Rate Build Quality

I received this device within 24 hrs of ordering as I opted for quick delivery. The packaging was great & possibly the best I have yet seen. Kudos to Amazon for the same. Now to the product review. This is an honest assessment after 1 month of use:


1. First up, let me get this out of the way. The performance is superb. Of course, do not expect flagship experience ala, Snapdragon 800 class devices. An MT8382 quad core CPU clocked at 1.3Ghz may not inspire confidence, however, as an avid gamer, I can vouch that there is no current game in the Play Store out there that this device cannot play smoothly at high settings. I have installed & played Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4, Dead Trigger 2, NOVA 3 & Real Racing 3. The device is yet to skip a beat on any of these & I like to turn on all the bells & whistles. Ofcourse, the very average resolution of 1024*600 means that the Mali 400MP dual core GPU has less pixels to push.

2. 1 GB RAM, while not of the fastest variety, ensures lag free performance while navigating through the UI, browsing the web or having 3 or even 4 applications open. However, when playing a game, especially a high end one, make sure to close every other application. High end games do take a longish time to load, but once loaded, the performance as stated above is really smooth. The UI is basically stock, save for the bundled MTV apps which I was easily able to uninstall. While still bloatware, its thankfully not of the unremovable variety. And you don't need root access to remove these pre installed apps. Speaking of root..

3. This device can be rooted in one click using Framaroot version 1.9.0 which can be downloaded from XDA website. Please remember that doing so voids your warranty instantly. So bear that in mind. I rooted the device to extended the amount of RAM. I basically allocated 1GB of my sd card to be used as additional RAM, effectively doubling the total available RAM to 2GB. This undoubtedly helps in the smooth gaming performance I am experiencing. This can be done only with root access enabled.

4. Though the device comes with just 4 GB of space, it accepts external memory cards upto 32 GB. More importantly, you can install apps on the sd card & through "Settings" menu, you can set the sd card as the default write disk. This means, any app or game that you download from the Play Store will directly get installed on the memory card. Again for an avid gamer like me, this is a huge boon.

5. Though a 7 inch device, its footprint is amazingly small. Its one of the most compact 7 inchers I have seen. I am currently using this device as a phone. Its not much bigger than the 6.4 inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra & that is being sold as a phone.


The build quality is pathetic. Some reviewers on the web have noted the back panel to be metallic, but I strongly digress. The plastic used on this phone/tab is of the cheapest variety imaginable. It is so flimsy that I can actually feel the battery inside VIBRATING, when I pick it up while it is charging.

The device CREAKS constantly when in the hand, which is a sure sign of being put together in a haphazard way without any quality inspection. There is no way that such poor build quality could have passed even a moderate level of inspection.

The device gets really hot when charging, and again, when playing heavy games. Strangely though, it is quite cool when doing normal stuff like checking mails, listening to music or web browsing. So, if you are going to use this device for only these purposes, you should be just fine. Gamers beware - The blazing performance can be enjoyed only in short bursts, as the device gets increasingly hot during a prolonged gaming session, forcing me to give it a rest as I genuinely fear that it might explode at any time.

And that, ladies & gentlemen is my honest to heart review. The device offers great performance for the price it retails at. However, the build quality or lack of it, makes one wonder, how long it will last. Finally some benchmark scores :

Antutu 4 - 17,114
Quadrant Standard - 6,300
3DMark Ice Storm - 3,420
Nenamark 2 - 63fps
Epic Citadel@High Quality - 44fps

Make a wise decision & enjoy your purchase

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Naace Tab

After using it for 16 days...


1}Superb battery back up!

2}Amazing front speaker audio quality/clarity!

3}Mp3 quality through 3.5 mm headset jack even more better than speaker!

4}can pair very easily with bluetooth version 3.0 enabled wireless headset!

5}Sexy Manly Looks! Especially the all black in color one! I just loved it!

Thank folks!

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Best Tablet under 10000

What i needed -
1.A tough rugged tablet. I am careless.
2. good battery life. I am tired of charging my old phone 2-3 times a day
3. fast processor I am not that much into mobile gaming when I order my phone to open an app it should do it in blink of eye else its dead mister.
4.I also needed a good display and good sound quality I love music and a little show off among friends,
5 a camera good enough for casual use mostly for instagram and facebook.

What I get:
1. A 1.3 GHZ quad core, opens my word files, internet and music all at the same time.
2. Great 1 GB of ram means fast
3. Good 7 inch HD display at this price (though not the best compared to samsung but resolution is HD better than KARBON,micromax)
4. 4 GB (3 gb available to store music videos) internal storage more than enough
5. Battery easily lasts 2 days
6. WIFI , voice calling 3g

Plus flipkart delivery as as usual quick

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I love this tablet!!

I bought this tablet 20 days back and i am in love with this. The tablet is quite fast as it has a 1.3 Ghz processor. The Android 4.2.2 offers a lot of apps for free. And the memory is good as well. Furthermore the resolution is pretty good. Also i wanted a tablet with a voice calling feature and this tab has not disappointed so far. A must buy for everyone. Great features at this price!!!

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