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Excellent phone

Really nice phone loaded with Android upgradable to ICS. Very good performace (loads web pages faster than my iphone 4s) and nice design with right size. Plays full HD videos and can be connected to TV. Also the burst mode camera is great.


Superb performace, nice graphics, decent battery life, great camera with burst mode


none so far

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price is under 20k

xolo announce this mobile price as 22000. but it will come down soon


good camara



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Great phone Just go 4 it




Memory not expandable

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Good 1st phone from Intel !!

I have been using the XOLO X900 Intel phone for nearly a month now (bought it immediately after launch, obviously not through Flipkart) and am pretty satisfied with it. To set the context, my previous phone was Nokia E72 and I also have a Iphone 4s at home, so I have the required perspective on what is a good smartphone. Here is my quick review on this one.

LOOKS Good with a neat & polished finish chrome finish on the sides & the rubberized back finish are quite nicely done. Extremely lightweight but good grip.
PEFORMANCE is blazingly fast & powerful yet to observe even a single instance of a lag/hanging of the phone.
PRICE This is in the class of Samsung S2 & Iphone 4s (with a few drawbacks ofcourse, see CONS), but much cheaper than both. I don t think there is a comparable phone at this price.

CAMERA the images clicked by the 8MP camera could have been better. The images are dull & the colors are faded, there is a huge difference when you click the same scene with the iphone. But the videos turned out much brighter & better. Fortunately, I am not too big on clicking photos, so I don t care about this at all.
LOUDSPEAKER not loud enough to hear music or watch youtube videos on loudspeaker mode, especially outdoors. When compared to the iphone, it is downright embarrassing. However, the call clarity & the headphone modes are quite decent.

Neither PROS nor CONS
BATTERY LIFE Easily gets me through the day with moderate usage. With really heavy usage, I am required to charge the phone in the evening itself instead of the usual overnight charging. But I see that pretty much all the touchscreen smartphones (including my iphone 4s) have similar battery life. The only point where my old trusty Nokia E72 was better .
ANDROID OS Unfortunately the phone doesn t ship with ICS 4.0 out of the box, but it is not a big deal since Gingerbread is quite good by itself & will be upgradeable soon. I am yet to encounter any app that doesn t run on the x86 Intel-based system & I am quite a heavy user of the Google Play store, with purchases/downloads across all categories (however I do see one example being called out in another review here).

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if your budget is like 20k, you should go for it...

Well for me, after an week of overnight research, I finally shortlisted Xolo X900, Moto Atrix 2, Samsung Galaxy S-advance, Sony Xperia Neo L, and Sony Xperia Sola. Among the others. Some of which's the rounded shape I didnt like and others were kind of heavy(Moto atrix 2 and Xperia Neo L). None of my friends were using this set, so it was kind of a bit risky decision to have go with this phone(not from flipkart though).

To be honest, in this range, I think Motorola Atrix 2 is perhaps the best phone, but my issue for it were its shape and the weight. After using Xolo for 4 days now, here are my views on it:

1. The display quality and resolution are really good.
2. The GUI and touch is good
3. The display works quite well in sunlight

1. Video quality is the best.
2. It supports Full HD videos. Haven't tried the HDMI converted quality yet.
3. You can position your cursor anywhere without any delay the video works
4. 3D panaromic view works quite well

1. Volume is not superb, but it has enough volume though to make an entire room listen
2. Quality might seem a bit flat, but its not bad

1. Internet surfing and browsing is great. It does support HTML5.
2. Someone commented flash doesnt work, but for my set it does work, and works quite well.
3. The maps and GPS works good.
4.Sometimes network goes, but after I think it happens with many other sets

1. The camera might not be upto the standards of what you expect from an 8MP camera, but it is not bad though.
2. It captures really well, burst mode is quite effective and it even motion pics are taken well.
3.It supports FHD video recording, and that kind of resolution no set will offer you in this range.
4. Zooming is a bit of pain for me till now, because not having external zoom switches(in previous nokia set, the volume key could be used for zooming)

1. The battery is an issue maybe, but as I have come to know almost every smartphone cant run an entire day with heavy usage. 2. With 3g you can't run long more than 8-10 hours
3. You can't remove the battery or carry a spare with you(its an inbuilt one). The charger cord is a bit too small though :(

1. you can't you use memory card for external memory. But so far 16gb(11gb user usage) seems pretty enough
2. It has got a really strong processor and ram, so the phone never hangs
3. Yeah the phone does get heated up, maybe because of the processor
4 Sofar I havent felt any compatibiliy issue with important apps. Intel promises that the non-compatibility thing wont even remain once the ICS update is out.
5. Personally I felt at this same size of the set, maybe the screen could have been a big bigger(Neo L wastes almost no space and at 4inches screen its significantly smaller in length than this one)
6. The Xolo guy said, it has door to door servicing. The phone has one Toll free number in it, so if you call incase of any trouble, their people will reach your home within 3-4 hours for repairing. :o
7. Hope that ICS update will arrive soon
8. I dont think, you'll get accessories like back case/flip cover or even a screen protector specific to this set :P

I think you can go with this set. There is not much to regret about it. Even some sites have rated it considerably high in the range of S3/Iphone ;).

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