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no messengers work on this phone, ive tried downloading various messenger like whatsapp, go chat, viber, skype none of them work, im unable to figure out a way to fix this


amazing phone


messengers dont work

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tablet pc nxg

I got to know that NXG is coming with the new version of its Xfab called the Xfab 2 which will have a dual core CPU, 12MP camera, 4.7 inch IPS screen, 1GB RAM & Jelly bean. You will be able to see the detailed specs on their official website very soon. Also it wont be more than 13K :)





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Wait, what?

Is puneeth high? Intel only has two phones out, the Xolo x900 (also known as orange San Diego and some other Russian phone brand) and the Motorola razr i. Xolo in an Indian company which helped brand the Intel phones (made by gigabyte) and sell them through lava marketing partnership. Sadly, that was the only good phone it could produce. And I saw good because I'm typing this from my x900...uncannily fast for a single core android phone. All the other phones are going to be Chinese rebrands... Similar to what micro max, karbonn and spice do. This, is a rebranded Chinese phone... Don't fall for dual core or 8mp... You won't be able to play games like most wanted on these dual cores what you can run on a single core HTC (talking about the one v here)... And the camera though high on pixels, doesn't have any back light sensor, or a decent enough module. You can expect 3mp images (obviously sharper because of the high resolution) which you can edit later with the apps from the market to make them look good... So that isn't that bad. My point of typing out this entire stupid thing? Don't go for Xolo just because it bought out the x900...that is something else. It's current line up is nothing compared to that. Save a little more. Wait for ces and mwc 2013...a lot of new cheap phones will come and some existing ones will get price cuts too. You can of course go for it if you want a basic smartphone without much hassle... Happy shopping. :)

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Bang for the buck

As a personal policy I don't spend more than Rs 10,000 on a mobile. So when I thought of changing my Nokia 5230, I started looking for a decent Android phone. Almost bought MMX A110 but backed-off bec of large screen size. Then I narrowed down onto XOLO A700. I wanted to experience the phone before buying it, so went to a local seller. There I saw both A700 & A800 and got 15-20 mins on each mobile. Also after purchasing I got to compare it with my brothers SGS2. So here it is what u get for the price:
1. Build (7/10): Plastic doesn't look cheap at all though build is not very solid. white color looks beautiful. Don't like the thick bezel at bottom but can live with it. Back is beautiful matt finish. Sometimes it feels as if the mobile will slip out of your hands when taking out of the pocket
2. Display (9/10): the display just rocks. fell in love with it. can compete with maybe SGS3. Legibility is good even in sunlight.
3. Storage (7/10): comes with a 8 GB SD card apart from the standard. I swapped it with a 32 GB card by paying Rs 1000 extra
4. Android version (10/10): this I give 10 bec it is upgradable to JELLY BEEEAN (so it says on the box). even the shopkeeper was unaware of it
5. Camera (8/10): takes pretty sharp pics. much better than A700 (lots of grains). pics are sharper than even SGS2 when I saw on full zoom (much less grains and noise than SGS2). however, the pics are less bright so I give only 8/10. but I use a third party app (pixlr express) to make the appear brighter. Also pics are a bit over-saturated but acceptable. Records 1280 X 720 videos (720p)
6. Video playback (7/10): plays 720p videos very well but doesnt support full HD.
7. Sound quality (7/10): pretty clear sound during calls though spkr during calls not good. sound during video playback loud and clear.
8. Dual SIM (8/10): is dual standby. but both sim slots support 3G. sim 1 supports WCDMA also ( though I have not tried it)
9. benchmarks are same as A700 and can be seen on youtube video recently uploaded by someone. no lag felt during day-to-day use. Little lag I found was almost similar to SGS2. may become a bit laggy when lots of apps running in background. much less laggy than LG optimus 5
10. Games: temple run plays very well. others not tried yet.
11. Battery (8/10): lasts decent amount of time. after using it for a whole day during which talktime ( around 1 hr 30 min), wifi with surfing and downloads (1 hr 30 min), fiddling a lot with the settings (as it was first day), 20 % juice still remaining at the end of the day
Overall: just go for it. anyday better than A700 even for the extra money. thoroughly satisfied.
hope this review is useful. its my first review of any mobile but thought might as well do it since no detailed review was available for A800.

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Abhyk is right!

I know about processors and chip sets and Mr. Abhyk here is 100% right.
The processor in this phone is not an Intel processor but a "Mediatek" instead. Its the Mediatek 6577 1Ghz dual-core to be precise. The 6577, though its based on the Arm v9 platform isn't nearly as powerful as the processors produced by Qualcomm, Samsung etc. They have this CPU on all the low-end dual cores out there, Be it the Micromax a110, a90s etc. They are not performers when it comes to graphics and are strictly meant only for basic Multimedia. The gaming performance will only be sub-par with the snapdragon single core powered handsets out there, with the aging adreno 200 GPU.

More about LAVA: LAVA doesn't produce their own smartphones. They don't even have a software R&D department(strangely, Micromax has one). They import Cheap chinese products and market those instead, Thats the reason you don't have their logo on the phone, While companies like Micromax and Karbonn atleast have the courtesy to do that.

Buying the phone means: you won't have any software updates and no support or assistance.

Wait until Q1 of January and you'll have an Intel powered budget friendly device for a cheaper price.

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