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XOLO Q1100
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My First and worst experience with XOLO Q1100

I bought this mobile on 08/03/2014 from an outlet. Everything worked fine without headphones. The worst experience is with the headphone plugged. And when you make a call you get a beattle/buzzy sound (similar kind of sound when you place your phone near to a TV rxr or any speaker),and that sound lasts throughout the call. Even when you lock the phone screen we get this sound.nAfter calling to customer care they said to reset the phone,but no use. I walked down twice to the care center and he gave me a note to replace.nAnd successfully i took replacement on 12/03/2014.nYa.. now what I felt as an electronic engineer is..that could be a minor problem which happens rarely and I trusted XOLO for the second time and again took same mobile on replacement.nIt worked fine for 5,6 days.nyesterday ie 19/03/2014 i used my mobile for just 15 mins for voice calling.nYou know what...the problem started again...nthis time even worse..neven the songs played on music player come with this irritating sound. dont even try to call with headphone plugged.Then I reset my mobile on 20/03/2014.nWhich resetting it took almost 10 mins and another 15/20 mins to update(used wifi connected). the battery temp rised to around 46.5 deg.This is not something usual just for 10 mins of wifi for updating your phone on first time.nwith all this the problem still persists..and all my effort goes in vain..nBeing an INDIAN i thought to encourage an INDIAN company.nBut now I understood why people go after a BRAND...nYa definetly I regret buying XOLO Q1100.npoor workmanship.npoor build qualitynThough processor(Mobile) specs seems tempting its slow..definitely..nnI do not understand what kind of testing was done before releasing a mobile into the Market. Poor QA & QC of XOLO.noverall I rate this mobile 2/10.(1/5)nBasically A mobile now-a-days ALL -IN-ONE,the basic requirement is to make a call peacefully. If that is failed no need of rating even your mobile.nNow -a-days due to radiation and all other reasons everyone use headphone. Giving this that extra extra.. first make mobile ie basic communication call and message IDEAL(with zero errors)..then add extra features.. Otherwise ALL your efforts on establishing a company and making such products goes USELESS...nI do understand problems occur in electronics,software,firmware...but if the same problem is repeating another device purchased by the same person...Then there is a serious problem in the Mobile itself.Please recheck, RETEST, the design,the firmware whatever best you can do.nCustomer support and customer satisfaction should be the MOTTO and PRIDE of ANY INDIAN COMPANY.. not just earn money..nnOhhh.. quite a lenghthy essay..nHa this is the peak of frustration levels.nThe journey in redhot climate to the customer care twice almost 70km ride (to and fro) made even worse..nAtleast opn more number of customer care centers in big cities like hyderabad,just one or two that too somewhere too far its too annoying.

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Xolo is evolving.... and that's a good thing!

I bought this phone a week back... and it surprised me.nI own xolo q800 since about six month and I was in need for another smartphone. After doing a lot of research and as I have good returns from my xolo q800, I decided to go for this phone over MotoG. Surprisingly, I can see that this Indian company is evolving (I see the difference in xolo q800 and q1100). Well let me tell you about the Xolo Q1100.nnLooks: As far as looks are concerned it is a stunner. Mat finish at the back and 5 inch screen with black glossy bezel give the device a premium look. The volume rocker and lock push keys are conveniently placed and can be accessed with flip-cover included in the package. Phone is light and easy for the one hand operation.nnProcessing: 1.4 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon processor is definitely an advantage over the mediatek processors. It is fast, stable and durable. Adreno 305 GPU gives good support to the processor as gaming is smooth.nnCamera: First thing you will notice is the app UI is different, very similar to nexus 4. I find it a little annoying but may be that's because I am used to vanilla UI. The performance in well lit condition is awesome; details are surprisingly good with nice colour saturation. The camera performance falters as light gets low. As compared to the phones in this price range the camera is superb. Front camera is 2 MP fixed focus and is decent for video calls. Flash performance is nice too.nnUI: It has stock android 4.3 with full OpenGL 3.0 support. I think it is awesome as the transition animations feels refreshing and lightening fast, that to butter smooth. Some amount of custom UI tweaking from Xolo is there but it is icing on the cake and it is not annoying like some other phones (eg. Gionee, Intex etc.)nnStorage and telephony: Device comes with 8GB in built memory, with 5.4 GB available for user. The apps can be installed on the internal memory only, but 5.4 GB is quite sufficient for the apps, I think. Other media files like movies, audio, pictures etc can be saved on external memory card. Voice calling is superb with good noise cancellation. There is no dropping of calls or signals until now. Speaker is loud enough to hear in moderately noisy environment.nnCons: The screen doesn't have Gorilla glass 3 protection (Gorilla 1 and 2 are not good enough as they cant protect your screen from breaking). Phone seems to be delicate although build quality is good. Battery is standard 2000 mAh.nPros: You get magnetic sensor for full navigation support. Battery guru app is included which help to extend the battery life upto 30-36 hrs with moderate usage with 3G and ~4hrs of WiFi.n nVerdict: I think it is a good choice over expensive smartphones although it has one down side as the screen is not Gorilla glass 3 (GG3) protected. I picked this phone over MotoG because of the larger screen size and expandable storage. If you are willing to get over GG3, I suggest to go for this beauty blindly.

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The worst company XOLO, beware of these cheap companies

I received the phone on 4 apr 2014 and immediately noticed an issue of cell broadcast where every 2 -3 min a message containing operator info came. There was no way to switch it off. I contacted Flipkart and was asked to contact xolo. Xolo on the other hand had no answer for it. Other issue is it gets heated up very often even after 10 mins of use. Also battery us just poor, it lasts Max 2.5 hrs of wifi\3g or gaming.n In the meantime I had to go out of station and could not followup with Flipkart. On 10th May (on my birthday incidentally) the LCD screen broke ( from inside) by itself (poor manufacturing material or manufacturing defect) while there is no scratch on outside screen(touchscreen). I was using the phone when it suddenly developed cracks. I went to xolo care and they are saying that its physical damage and not covered under warranty and asking for rs 6500 for repair. nI called up Flipkart on the issue however initially they denied accepting the claim since 30 day replacement period was over. After a long conversation and request I was told to get DOS or DOA from xolo for getting the replacement of my xolo phone.nI contacted xolo immediately and was told that DOA can be issued in first 7 days of purchase only and that too in case of manufacturing defect. They are not ready to give any certificate now. The LCD screen is cracked from inside and outer screen is scratchless. The screen cracked by itself maybe due to the excessive heat that the phone produces during use.nnNow both Flipkart and Xolo have refused to help. and I have waisted 12000 bucks on cheap company Xolo. Have ordered Moto E now (7000) a new phone equeal to teh repair cost of cheap Xolo Q 1100.nPls do not buy Xolo, do not be fooled by Indian name, Xolo imports cheap phones from China and rebrands them. God Curse Xolo !!!

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A indian mobile takes on international brands.

Xolo q1100 First indian mobile comes with Android 4.3 which is complement by 1GB Ram.it features 8 GB internal memory with a option to expand it through SD card.It is a dual sim phone.The phone is powered by a powerful snapdragon400 1.4Ghz processor bit better than moto g(1.2Ghz).It features a decent 8 MP shooter with BSI sensor and HDR as well as a front cam fo v-deo calling where Moto G comes with only 5MP main shooter. It comes with proximity,compass and accelometer sensor. It comes Preloaded with innovative apps such as Transpic,qucik charge( 75percent fast charging than any other phone).Look wise it posses premium design and quality. Thickness of phone just 8.2mm so it is sleek and slim device. It comes with 5inch 720p hd display bigger than Moto G. Connectivity wise it features a bunch of options 2G,3G,HSPA ,Bluetooth,Wifi,AGPS,OTG(not sure about OTG) This phone is available at the price range of 13999-14,999Rs. A good smatphone to purchase considering the price and specifications. It is a value for money smartphone by Xolo.It will competite against Moto G,Micromax canvas Magnus,Karbonn Titanium S7.!! Good buy if brand doesn't matter.!!!


Android 4.3 jelly bean
5inch 720p display
Qualcomm snapdragon400 Cpu clocked at 1.4Ghz
Premium look and design
Comes preloaded with innovative features
8MP primary shooter.


Not a scratch resistance device like moto G
Bad After Sales Service of Xolo.

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superb phone......

its slim, having good screen, well build, good camera and just awaysome..........


good screen, well build, good camera


battery should have more power

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