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XOLO Q2500
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Awesome phablet....just 1 issue

I am using this handset for last 15 days +. You guys must have read the specifications and technical reviews from various places hence would not like to re-invent the wheel. In terms of usage, screen display, performance, battery backup, features this XOLO Q2500 literally impresses and stands out from the rest phablets. The only one small issue that I found is that the standard 3 buttons/keys (back,home,menu) that normally are outside the screen and on the phone front body beneath the screen , are placed inside the phone display. hence though 6 inch, but due to the constant appearance of the soft buttons on screen, one gets bugged because each time you have to press back button twice in order to come out of the present screen... this is irritating while using WHATSAPP especially when you want to insert few smileys/icons... the writing panel disappears and you have to touch the back button in order to see where and what smiley has appeared. Also a problem while playing GAMES. you cannot access the the back/home/menu button unless you call them on screen which would not have been a problem if they were outside the display screen.


screen, battery, features, battery backup,


the same issue of the basic 3 buttons/keys inside the display screen.

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Nice phablet..

Everything works great in this device...all HD games HD movies....Apps... N one more thing pls do correction in your site abt dis device...its Quad core not dual core...pls check it...


Build quality... Premium look...Great display...good battery life...


Same three buttons inside display.. No mhl support..

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The next level seriously....

Huh so xolo q2500 Pocket pad
We all can see the specs ...so I don't want to repeat those quad core or HD & bla bla..
Come to the point now..
Display - 10 on 10
Speed - 10 on 10
Battery - 7 out of 10 ( for moderate user it is not an issue )
Viewing from every side - 10 on 10
Calling - 8 out of 10
Sound quality - phone sound is good
Headphone ( which is given )- 3 out of 10
U have to buy a good one then - 7 out of 10
Camera - 9 out of 10
Front camera - 8 out of 10
Design- 10 on 10 ( I personally prefer square phones )
Built Quality - 10 on 10
Premium feel - yes definitely
Handling - u have to use two hands cz u r going to choose 6 giant inch screen
Touch screen - fabulous
Gaming - hardcore gamer this is not your phone ...bt u can run most of the games
Video watching - brilliant with HD IPS display
Accessories- Head phone- Pathetic (buy a good one from local market ) u will get one flip cover one otg & one screen guard - every single thing is great
Price - just 13500 ????.... Yes it is
After 6 days use I think this is a great phone sry phablet oh srryy....!!!!this is a great Pocket pad
Thank you xolo
I am the 1st person to write something on Xolo q2500....!!!!!!hmnnn that's cool

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Mobile specs and website description doesn't match. So returning the next day of delivery.

Placed an order on 22/07/2014 and the order was delivered today. Kudos for faster delivery.
Opened the box a few minutes b4 and checked the phone specs and found that the total internal storage is 1.75 GB (i.e 2 GB) and not the promised 4 GB.

Decided to call the customer care and for the first time I really felt pathetic abt the Flipkart customer care. the blunder which i made bcoz the executive didnt understand what i meant. he just says that the internal memory is used by apps. I told him that,
Total space available : 1.75 GB
Available : 1.74 GB
Apps : 208 kb
Audio : 144 kb
Cached data : 80 kb.

But he still says the remaining 2.25 GB is used for apps. God Help me. I was promised for a call back from his supervisor in 20 mins. Its been more than half an hour but no calls.

Ordered the phone with loads of expectations.... but need to return

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Planning to buy this one.........................

Awesome phone as per specs, 6inch monster with a gr8 gpu, mali 400mp, 1gb ram but the camera is a bit low..
Benchmarks are great
Vellamo HTML-1930
Vellamo Metal-58.5
overall solid phone in a good price range..

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