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Yota YotaPhone
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I am a Fool

Guys , Day 1 : I was so happy to buy this product ... So Creative and Good Looking ...

But Now after few days ... :( :( :( sorry cant add tears to this ...

Problem .... This is first set in my life which did nt started and had to be charged but Ok Manageable.

After 5 Mins of continuous talking you cant keep it on your face .. Ohh It s really Hot...

Almost 50% of applications crashed , even contacts ...

My Friends could reach me bcoz my phone was not reachable ..

The back screen bottom touch works and some time not ...

Last now .. after 4 days of usage .. phone hanged and touch is not responding... so finally back to my old note 2 ...

Moreover ... Got an message that seller will not return it ... may i ask why ????

Plz dont get fooled and waste your money on this crap ...

This sucks .....

I want my money back ... not even discussing free e book commitment

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YotaPhone Not worth Rs 23999, but can get better phone for current price..

Hi guys, -- 140 days of Usage Review...

Battery - Half day for full 3G usage.

Android Software - Needs an update, still running on Android 4.2.2.

My Experience using this phone :

I restart the phone at least once a day.

The software starts reacting itself, start calling those who are in the frequent list.

Camera : Only Good in places with bright light, 13 Megapixel not worth it...

Planning to change my phone.

The worst part is the price drop.

Thank you...

I am not an expert, but a new user of this phone.
I have just used 5 hours of this phone till now.
The feel is solid.
As usual android OS, so no complaints.
Takes little time to learn to use the e-ink second screen.
Instead of Back button they have introduced Slides for navigation for both screens. Works good.
Just bought it because it was different, hope it works good...
Will update about the battery status and other info after 2 days of use.
As of now the phone is good.
Thank you...

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No utility, useless innovation

Bought this few days back
This phone is not as per my expectation I bought this phone thinking that I can read books of my choice on the back screen which is e ink display l but that is not the case there are selected books available to read and I can not buy any new book what's the point in having this phone then?also there are only few selected app which work on back screen.
So phone fails on its USP. All other hardware is good but that u can get with even cheaper android phones.
If buying for showing off something new this phone is good but dont expect utiity .

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Stand outs off the crowd

Received this phone today noon. The first look of it makes you feel very good and as you keep on using it, you get to know it's a solid phone. A different design and the fact that there is nothing else in the market like this, makes it stand out in the crowd. The back panel e-ink reader is very pleasant and a quick notification area which saves time and battery life as well.

Overall very happy with my purchase.

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Booked the phone and Friday and requested a one day delivery. It was delivered on Saturday by 10:30am (Quick Delivery). The phone is good and handy, looks different from the rest of the phones in the market.

1. there is no notification if the phone is charging.
2. Back screen is not touch screen
3. Contact list is not user friendly as you need to scroll all the way down to call someone with the name starting with x, y or z
4. No Option to delete multiple home screes, or even put the apps to a folder in the menu itself

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