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Aadhaar, A Proof Of Identity For Connection In AP: Vodafone Says

|October 12 2012 |Vodafone

Vodafone is the official Authentication Service Agency (ASA) and Authentication User Agency (AUA) of Unique Identification Authority of Indi (UIDAI). In a new directive, Vodafone has announced that Aadhaar identity is only required for the issue of new connection in Andhra Pradesh.


Vodafone Stores at S.P Road in Hyderabad and Bandar Road at Vijayawada have initially started the service. The inaugural function was attended by Govt. of India top bigwigs including DoT, UIDAI, TRAI, and the TERM cells of Andhra Pradesh along with key officials of Vodafone India.

According to the company’s sources, the new directive will activate prepaid and postpaid connection immediately. Therefore, they said it would be eventually convenient for customers. The customers do not require separate proof of identify but to produce Aadhaar letter and the connection will be instantly validated. The company has also demonstrated the entire process in the function.

At present one Vodafone store has this facility where a customer can come with the Aadhaar letter and walk out with a pre- or post-connection without a hitch. First, the bar code on the Aadhaar letter will be scanned followed by a biometric authentication. Once done, UIDAI will send a message authentication to the customer, which will be the proof of identity. The process is simple, fast and will take just few minutes to complete.

Resident Director, Regulatory Affairs & Government Relations Vodafone India expressed his joy, saying they were proud to be the chosen ASA for starting this initiation as per DoT’s directive. He further said that this would save the time of activation and helps the customers.

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