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App Review : Evernote for Android

|April 22 2013 |applications

Evernote is an Android application that allows you to take notes of things to remember and organize documents. You can create text, photo and audio based notes in Evernote to remember stuff later. You can access all your documents you have in your Evernote account using your Android device. It has a good user interface and cool features. It also has some good premium features that can be accessed after paying monthly or yearly fee.

Evernote Android Review

Features –

Evernote allows users to take notes of anything they want. You can create a text document and save it to access later. You can take snapshots of things you want to remember later. You can also record voice message or and put reminders. This is a good way to organize and improve your productivity. In other features you can create a To-Do list to kick start your day and check them later. Evernote also allow you to synchronize notes from all the devices you use, either it’s a computer or your tablet.

You can arrange your notes by saving them into notebooks and by putting tags. You can easily create text notes, to do lists and much more. It also allows you to share your notes anywhere you want. You have many ways to use this application to improve your productivity. Like, take snapshots of notes, whiteboards, meeting plans, schedules, notices etc. and access them later. You can easily create a grocery list before going to the market.

Premium Features – There are some premium perks in this application that you can access via paying a monthly or yearly fee. Premium features allow users to access notes offline. You can also allow other people to edit your notebooks. Putting a PIN lock on the application is also one of the premium features.

User Interface –

Evernote is having a nice user interface. When you first use the application then you will be prompted with a tutorial. You can easily take notes with its simple interface. Tap on text, photo or audio button to save a note. Tap and hold on any document or note to access other options like sharing, email and many more. Its interface looks pretty good on tablet devices too. Its home screen widget is also having a nice interface.

Performance –

Evernote doesn't require a lot of processing power while completing the tasks. It performs very well on most of the Android devices. There are no glitches while saving documents or taking notes with this application. There is no problem in the performance of the app, its actually pretty good.

Pros –

  • Excellent features

  • Cool design and interface

  • Premium features

  • Efficient photo uploading features

  • Good free service

Cons –
  • Search option in Images is not efficient

Verdict –

Evernote free version allows you do to a lots of stuff. You can take notes of almost anything you want. It has good sharing features like emailing notes and sharing them via a note URL on Facebook etc. It has a nice user friendly interface. Go for the free version and if you use it a lot then buy a premium account. Recommended note taking application.

Our Rating – 4.6/5

Download Link

Screen Shots –

Evernote Android

Evernote Interface

Evernote Notes list

Evernote Widgets

Evernote Landscape view

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