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Apple iPad 2 to be unveild on March 2

|February 23 2011 |Apple iPad

The Pioneer of Tablet computing devices Apple would be unveiling its next generation of iPad on March 2,2011 at Yerba Beuna Centre of Arts, San Fracisco - Apple's traditional ground to unveil their break-through products! Allthingsd confirmed about this story in their blog today. The original iPad was unveiled in the same location on January 27, 2010. Since then 15 million iPads has been sold and a whole new Tablet culture has born. Today, there are many choices for tablets thanks to Android operating system. But the iPad still has a charm that is hard to replicate. iPad 2 is all set to take the appeal to the next level.


iPad 2 is one of the most discussed and speculated product on the internet. iPad 2 is going to be thinner, lighter. iPad 2 is going to have a high resolution display, might have a dual core processor, will have a front-facing camera, advanced graphics processor and high memory capacity.

Though iPad 2 would be officially unveiled in a week's time, the shipments may not begin till June 2011. Whether Steve Jobs will present and unveil the device is still not clear. He is currently battling against the pancreatic cancer. Steve has a sheer brilliance when it comes to launch a product and talk about it. Let's see if we get to hear from the legend this time...

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