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Confusion over Galaxy S II shipment at LetsBuy

|June 10 2011 |Editorial

Letsbuy is fast becoming a favourite online electronics retailer of India. Their growth has been stupendous. Ask any successful online retailer around the world and they would say without blinking that the core of the success is "Customer experience". Letsbuy seems to be going through some rough patch on this...

Letsbuy started taking pre-orders or pre-bookings for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S II. They also offered lot of freebies for those who are pre-booking. The Samsung Galaxy S II is now launched and available across all retailer stores. But looks like Letsbuy has not shipped the Samsung Galaxy S II to the customers who pre-ordered!

This particular status update in facebook is filled with comments from angry customers who have not received the shipments yet. Some customers have also noticed that the order has been cancelled without any prior intimation. Also, the price of Samsung Galaxy S II was slashed by Rs. 2,000 within a span of 3 days. Customers who ended up paying more are frustrated now. Letsbuy has however compensated them by giving a Rs. 2,000 voucher code.

One of the many complaints

Official LetsBuy Reply

This is sad on multiple fronts. First, Letsbuy is a very promising online retail. The company is backed by brilliant folks who know the industry well. However, if the customer satisfaction and consumer experience is not taken and provided correctly, the long-term growth may have some impacts. We have never ordered anything from letsbuy so far. So, we are not in a position to comment anything. However, I am sure there are loads of happy people who have purchased from letsbuy. We sincerely hope that letsbuy improves on the customer support aspect and become one of the India's beloved brand.

Flipkart also took pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S II. Flipkart also has more number of fans (almost 8 lakhs!) than letsbuy has (1.3 lakhs). But surprisingly, Flipkart's post about Samsung Galaxy S II does not have even a single negative customer or complaint. This seems quite improbably. Either Flipkart is doing a really outstanding job on the customer support front or their facebook page administrator is doing an awesome job in moderating the page and removing the negative comments or complaints. We are not sure which is the case. However, it's commendable on letsbuy's part to not moderate the angry user comments and reply to them in public.

It's very hard to judge on who is performing better at customer support front. Flipkart definitely seems to have great customer experience...

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