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Dual SIM - Different usages

|November 10 2010 |Fun, Dual-SIM

Ever wondered about the motivation and the need behind a dual-sim user? Does every dual-sim owner use the phone in the same way? What are different usages? Instead of guessing, we decided to lean on to some measurable results. Nokia conducted a poll regarding the same few months ago, and we decided to blow the dust off and go over the results again.

#1: Separate work from personal life

Yes, this is the most popular reason cited by dual-sim users. The need to keep personal life separate from work-life is the major driver. “I wont pick up work calls when I am home”, “I am busy at work honey, so I am not picking your phone now” These are some of the major thoughts running behind most people. Dual-SIM phone lets you have two lives! 36% of users voted this!

#2: Different networks – Different plans

Mobile subscribers are smart! Vodafone gives a great talk-time during night, Airtel offers an excellent tariff for messaging and sending SMS…Well, let’s have both on a single phone! Yes, customers are trying to optimize their spending through wise choice of tariffs and plans. Dual-SIM is a great enabler. This would make a case for those triple-sim and quad-sim users too!

#3. Desi and Videshi

International travelers, world explorers often end up travelling a lot. So, the need to have one world-sim and one home-sim is imminent.

#4. Voice plan – Data plan

This seems to be an extension of point #2. But makes sense because of the emergence of 3G. One SIM can be used for browsing needs and another can be used for talk-plans!

#5. Save pocket space

Convenience. Why carry two different handsets? I have seen many professionals and business people running around with multiple phones in their pockets. For them, this is a great option to have both the sim in a single phone.

# Funny reasons

The need to live a ‘real’ life and a ‘fake’ life. The need to have one sim for wife and another for affair are some of the funny reasons quoted. Sure there would be many other interesting reasons. We would love to hear them..

There has been few television commercials that promoted the Dual-sim concepts. Reproducing few of them here. Some really cool and funny ads! Captures the essence of Indian!

Some video ads nicely illustrate these concepts. We loved the concepts behind each ad. Especially the one from karbonn gets the message really nice!

Samsung Guru TVC #1

Samsung Guru TVC #2

Karbonn TVC #1

Karbonn TVC #2 (In Tamil)

Nokia C1 TVC

Why do you use Dual-SIM?

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