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Game Review – Flow Frenzy for Android

|May 9 2013 |Mobile Apps, Games

Flow Frenzy is a new game on Google Play Store for Android devices. It is a great pick and play game with a lot of puzzling levels. It is basically a match objects game in which you have to solve a level by matching different objects. It is a free game that comes with 1500 puzzling levels. The game is suitable for both kids and the adults. Check out the full features of the game below.

Flow Frenzy Android Review

Storyline – It is a simple puzzle game without any storyline. Well, these types of games don’t need any story to relate to.

Game Play –

Flow Frenzy is having puzzle based levels which requires attention of the mind to solve the game. Its game play is easy in the starting which gets tricky as you progress further. There are total 1500 huge number of levels in the game. For free users only 450 levels are available but it’s a good number of levels to enjoy the game for free. In each level you will find different color balls on the screen. You will need to connect matching color balls to compete a level.

You can’t cross a line which is already been covered by matching two balls. You will need to think again to match all the same balls. There are two modes of gaming in the game. Free play mode allows you to complete several levels and in time travel mode you race against time to solve a puzzling level. Overall it is having a great game play filled with tricky puzzles to solve.

Graphics –

Flow Frenzy is having a colorful graphical environment. This type of games doesn’t need much animations and visuals but Flow Frenzy looks pretty good. It is having HD graphics support for the tablet devices. Overall the game is developed using a lot of colors and you will enjoy playing it for sure.

Audio –

The game starts with an electro background track that continuously plays till you quit the game. It doesn’t changes when you select and play a level. There are different sound effects in the game for matching the balls and crossing over a line. You should play your own music and then solve the puzzles.

Pros –

  • 1500 levels

  • Lots of hints

  • Create your own levels

  • Share with friends

Our Rating – 4.8/5

Verdict – If you love simple casual games then Flow Frenzy is a must have game for you to download on your Android. It is a free game that comes with a whole lot of puzzling levels to enjoy. It’s an easy to pick and play game anytime you want. Recommended casual Android game.

Download Link

Screen Shots –

Flow Frenzy

Flow Frenzy Graphics

Flow Frenzy Levels

Flow Frenzy Create levels

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